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  1. Seats, tables,etc., these all in stone or plastered terracotta. (b) Sacred, furniture , such as models or actual examples of ritual objects; of these we have also
  2. Is out of control and causing trouble (e.g., a dog tearing up the living room, furniture ,might be said to be running amok). Such usage does not imply murderous actions
  3. The UK by Street Advertising Services to create outdoor advertising on street, furniture ,and pavements. Working with products such as Reverse Graffiti and 3d pavement
  4. Installation in the exhibition. In the early 1980s Barney Bubbles created, furniture ,designs, some of which were featured in The Face, November 1981,and in 1982 he
  5. Left to him. It features homemade floats, classic cars, motorized living room, furniture , fire-breathing dragons, marching bands, and large crowds. The parade route is
  6. Of the most important contributions of the Bauhaus is in the field of modern, furniture ,design. The ubiquitous Cantilever chair and the Easily Chair designed by
  7. Would acquire the remaining part of the lease on Balm oral, together with its, furniture ,and staff, and the couple arrived for their first visit on 8 September 1848.
  8. Used to darken quarters awn white oak in Arts & Crafts and Mission style, furniture , Ammonia fumes react with the natural tannins in the wood and cause it to
  9. Many smaller reception rooms are furnished in the Chinese regency style with, furniture ,and fittings brought from the Royal Pavilion at Brighton and from Carlton House
  10. Development in Britain and the British colonies: within interiors,Kent's, furniture ,designs are vividly influenced by the Baroque furniture of Rome and Genoa
  11. Of these we have also numerous pictorial representations. (c) Funerary, furniture , for example, coffins in painted terracotta. *Art products; for example
  12. Gaul as follows:" They lived in uncalled villages, without any superfluous, furniture ,; for as they slept on beds of leaves and fed on meat and were exclusively
  13. Abbeys of Scotland. In it, he gathered a large library, a collection of ancient, furniture , arms and armor, and other relics and curiosities, especially connected with
  14. Of residences, businesses,hotels, and many pieces of decorative art, furniture , and utensils in public buildings, as well as in private homes. The reason for
  15. Are protected, referred to as" protected assets ". These include household, furniture ,and appliances, tools of the trade and vehicles up to a certain value. All
  16. To live in was very basic. Although essential amenities such as running water, furniture ,and a limited ration of food were provided, luxury items were often forbidden.
  17. Entrance to the Park is free,Gaudí's house," la Tore Rosa," — containing, furniture ,that he designed — can be only visited for an entrance fee. There is a reduced
  18. Blackwood) from Australia, which attains a great size; its wood is used for, furniture , and takes a high polish; and Acacia omalophylla (Mall Wood, also Australian
  19. Doors, and mirrored cross walls reflecting porcelain pagodas and other oriental, furniture ,from Brighton. The Chinese Luncheon Room and Yellow Drawing Room are situated
  20. The building, but give special treatments to the interior surfaces and design, furniture , lamps, and furnishings and glassware. The Altar Alto Museum, designed by
  21. Include its use as a magnifying glass for jewelers, or as a decorative, furniture ,inlay. The Nimrod Lens is held in the British Museum. The Assyrians were also
  22. Managed, making sure that each farm house had in it a piece of antique Lakeland, furniture , Beatrix was interested in preserving not only the Herd wick sheep, but the way
  23. Like The Cradle (1872),in which she depicted current trends for nursery, furniture , reflect her sensitivity to fashion and advertising, both of which would have
  24. Used for gluing statues. The Egyptians made much use of animal glues to adhere, furniture , ivory, and papyrus. The Mongols also used adhesives to make their short bows
  25. Wooden stools, beds raised from the floor and individual tables comprised the, furniture , The ancient Egyptians placed a great value on hygiene and appearance. Most
  26. Was a Finnish architect and designer. His work includes architecture, furniture , textiles and glassware. Aalto's early career runs in parallel with the rapid
  27. She was also an authority on the traditional Lakeland crafts, period, furniture , and stonework. She restored and preserved the farms that she bought or managed
  28. In that year tholos-tombs, most already pillaged but retaining some of their, furniture , were excavated at Arena and Eleusis in Attica, at Bimini near Solos in
  29. Commercial advertising media can include wall paintings, billboards,street, furniture ,components, printed flyers and rack cards, radio,cinema and television adverts
  30. Tourism, banking,insurance and finance, construction,construction materials, furniture ,Industrial production growth rate: NA % Electricity - production: 441.9 million
  31. School, especially László Moholy-Nagy, whom he first met in 1930. Aalto's, furniture ,was exhibited in London in 1935,to great critical acclaim, and to cope with
  32. Strain of this way of work through ergonomic accessories with height-adjustable, furniture , footrests, wrist rests, and arm supports to ensure correct posture. Key guards
  33. Villages typically adopt a single product, such as wind chimes or wooden, furniture , The Arabica coffee production region is the highland region of Kinsman near
  34. From the large scale of city planning and architecture to interior design, furniture ,and glassware design and painting. It has been estimated that during his entire
  35. The vast ashlar masonry masses, not unlike the gilt-bronze appliqués on Empire, furniture , The four sculptural groups at the base of the Arc are The Triumph of 1810 (
  36. Of patents: for example, he invented a new form of laminated bent-plywood, furniture ,in 1932. His experimental method had been influenced by his meetings with
  37. A retail establishment that serves alcoholic beverages ** Bar (counter),the, furniture ,from which drinks are dispensed Law * Bar (law),in a legal context has three
  38. A connoisseur of the arts, and took a keen interest in the Royal Collection of, furniture ,and art, both restoring and adding to it. Queen Mary also had many new fixtures
  39. Interiors,Kent's furniture designs are vividly influenced by the Baroque, furniture ,of Rome and Genoa, hierarchical tectonic sculptural elements, meant never to be
  40. Head was used as a public meeting place when one was needed. Instead of using, furniture , they sat on the floor, which was covered with two layers of mats, one of rush
  41. And later in the Mycenaean towns of GLA and Idea. *Furniture; (a) Domestic, furniture , such as vessels of all sorts and in many materials, from huge store jars down
  42. Laws, in the United States that covers selling electronics, clothing and, furniture ,is found in Bergen County, New Jersey. Bergen County, part of the New York
  43. Because, Claude Ferret/Adrien Courts/Yves Saltier,1951–1954 *CUBA, wood and, furniture ,research center, A. Noisier,1998 *The Management Science faculty on the
  44. And the men busied themselves by building wooden tent floors, benches,and, furniture ,.... Alexandria was enclosed with a zigzag line of fortifications. " While Banks
  45. Family (his father, Carlo Bugatti (1856–1940),was an important Art Noumea, furniture ,and jewelry designer). The company also enjoyed great success in early Grand
  46. Forks and knives, I can't do that. It's the same thing as the antique, furniture , I just don't like old stuff. I'm creeped out by it, and I have no
  47. Were exiled by their brother to the Poutine Islands. Caligula sold their, furniture , jewelry, slaves and freedmen. In January 40,Domitian died of edema (dropsy
  48. Are being cataloged, ranging from priceless works of art to worthless, furniture , During this time, Thompson finds that he is unable to solve the mystery and
  49. Her preferences, wearing clothes to match characters from her novels and buying, furniture ,like hers. Rand was unimpressed with many of the FBI students and held them to
  50. Elements he thought would inspire learning: paintings, books,comfortable, furniture , and busts or portraits of Plato, Socrates,Jesus, and William Every Channing.

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