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  1. To Merleau-Ponty). Things are that upon which our body has a" grip" (, prise , ),while the grip itself is a function of our naturality with the world's
  2. At least ten points in one's hand. *posse: same actions and scoring as a, prise , but it indicates at least twenty points in one's hand (double the petite).
  3. But I am going. " Berlioz never saw the first two acts, later given the name La, prise , de Trope 'The Capture of Troy ', performed. The first five-act performance of
  4. To find the dead woman's hand. As rigor Morris has set in, he is unable to, prise , the pin from her grasp until he has broken her fingers. As in several others
  5. See Odds. Hanging: Unprotected and exposed to capture. It is not the same as en, prise , since a piece en price may be protected. To" hang a piece" is to lose it by
  6. Manager Game Sourness was impressed by the young defender, and managed to, prise , Curtis away from Manchester United during the summer of 2000 for a fee of
  7. Where, despite having his broken jaw being heavily taped, he came back to, prise , out the wicket of Brian Lara. His Test batting average is acceptable for a
  8. The life of the fish. The crowd, now angry at someone so daring, was about to, prise , him away from the fish when Guanine projected her voice from far away, saying "
  9. Old, a right of customary purchase of food for the poor. The right was called, prise , Edward took this and grossly expanded it to make the institution called
  10. A clever political satire, Les Audiences, followed by La Villeinage of la, prise , du château de Rival (1827),La Corbiéréide (1827),La Peyronnéide, the
  11. And exposed to capture. It is not the same as en price since a piece en, prise , may be protected. To" hang a piece" is to lose it by failing to move or
  12. I am preparing for their ease, happiness and prosperity, and when that is the, prise , I know no hardships that I would not encounter with, to obtain it. With the
  13. Opponent resigned, leading him to quip," My opponent left a glass of whiskey, prise , and I took it en passant ". In an interview with a liquor industry publication
  14. However, an argument began as to who should take the boar's skin as a, prise , : Mel eager gave it to Atalanta, but two of his maternal uncles, sons of Thesis
  15. To this period of his life belong the satire, Sur less fem mes, the ode, Sur la, prise , de Namur, the epistles, A mes very and SUR l'amour de Died, and the satire SUR
  16. Are active foragers. Their long conical bill is used to probe into cracks and, prise , open holes in order to obtain prey. Nectar, seeds and fruits may also be taken
  17. New chairman Phil Eastside announced that it would take at least £10 million to, prise , Guðjohnsen away from Bolton. After helping the Wanderers to the League Cup and
  18. The power to lock and unlock Heaven; for the keys my predecessor did not, prise , are two ". Inf. XXVII,105. *, with a horse's body and a
  19. And -is is more commonly used in the UK mass media and newspapers, and,price, everywhere else, including Canada, although in North American English it is
  20. L'on sung Kaiser (Saint-Denis) Merritt, III,92 *Pour toy ton prince (La, prise , de Cologne) Merit, V,210 *Poorboy font bruit et s'assembled LES gens
  21. The Battle of Arc ole),by J. J. Euchre (NORTH façade, right ), : * La, prise ’d'Alexandria, ( The Fall of Alexandria),by J. E. Chaponnière (NORTH façade
  22. LeBeau (Senegal),FAN, Saint-Louis du Senegal,1952 * Adam Baltic Drop, La,price, de position de la collectivize zebu en favor Du“ OUI” loss Du referendum de
  23. In increasing importance: the petite (small) and the posse (push). The, prise , is still sometimes known as petite. There are also some players who play
  24. Instead of immediately riposting after successfully taking a parry, initiate a, prise , de fer (" taking of the blade" ) in which they move the opponent's blade to
  25. And concept in the young child (London: Routledge and Began Paul,1977) La, prise , de conscience (1974). *The Mechanisms of Perception (New York: Basic Books
  26. In earlier rules, still played outside of competitions, in place of the, prise , and simple garden, there were two bids, in increasing importance: the petite (
  27. Nephew of Louis XIV of France. The era was the time when Philippe was able to, prise , power away from the Duke of Maine (illegitimate son of Louis XIV and Madame de
  28. Legal, but not particularly reasonable. That the Black Queen and Bishop were en, prise , in the initial position may be disappointing to some, it does not invalidate
  29. The Americas and the west coast of Africa. Asia The VOC began immediately to, prise , away the string of coastal fortresses that at the time com prise d the Portuguese
  30. Shield slated to be played in the first two months of each season with a unique, prise , money system. The structure not only allows the winner and runner-up healthy
  31. Outstanding talent as the stand-out back in the series. He has the ability to, prise , open defenses that other players cannot even contemplate. With his poise, his
  32. In one's hand (double the petite). *garden (" guard" ): the same actions as, prise , but the taker wins or loses double the usual stake. Usually indicates 40
  33. A wrecking bar, pry bar, or pry bar, or sometimes (in British usage) a, prise , bar or prisoner, and more informally a jimmy, jimmy bar, jemmy or gooseneck is
  34. From 1210 in a catalog of Tristan's accomplishments:::: :ouch sang her WOL he, prise , ::: :Shantung UND spathe wise, ::: :reflect UND stampede::::: (lines 2293-2295
  35. An elegy on Queen Mary in 1695; a satirical version of Boileau's Ode SUR LE, prise , de Namur (1695); some lines on William's escape from assassination in 1696;
  36. Marveled that," During the entire tournament he didn't leave a single pawn en, prise , ", while the other players" blundered knights and bishops galore ". In
  37. Alex Ferguson, Blackburn benefactor Jack Walker's millions were enough to, prise , the striker from the Saints, and Shearer moved north to Wood Park in the
  38. On the next move. En price: (from French;" in danger ", often italicized) En, prise , describes a piece or pawn exposed to a material winning capture by the opponent
  39. Abduction ". Carter's wife Alison (Stephanie Turner) is seen attempting to, prise , him away from the Squad in the episode" Jigsaw ", while her hostility toward
  40. Be checkmated. Burn produced the staggering 33 ... Qg4!!, leaving his queen en, prise , to three different white pieces. However, if 34. Bxg4 or hxg4,Black wins with
  41. Moved one space. It is only possible to take en passant on the next move. En, prise , : (from French;" in danger ", often italicized) En price describes a piece or
  42. Le chant DES Bordeaux, le chant de l'fouetté, le chant Du Monsignor, la,price, de Cologne, la reduction de Cologne, la meunière de Vernon, Un four vacant
  43. Sometimes known as petite. There are also some players who play without the, prise , contract,with garden as the minimum allowable bid. Main phase The player to the
  44. Insufficiently. For instance, after 1. E4 Nf6 2. Nf3? Leaves White's e-pawn en, prise , Endgame: The stage of the game when there are few pieces left on the board.
  45. And his son were also forced into a heap of excrement. Then tongs were used to, prise , his mouth open after he refused to swallow excrement. He died three weeks later
  46. It is almost always replaced by pry, a back-formation from or alteration of, prise , -use,-AZE The distribution of -use and -AZE endings, as in analyze / analyse
  47. With his wife and mother-in-law. Two men bundled him to the ground and tried to, prise , a diamond ring from his finger before removing his £41,000 Rolex watch. A third
  48. Hyacinthus (with its signature marking),and reaffirms his love for Media who, prise , the power of Lumen. Janet Ivanovich (born Janet Schneider; April 22, 1943) is
  49. Blamed BMW for not producing a good enough engine. Williams' failed attempt to, prise , Jenson Button out of his BAR contract may also have been an issue with Heaven
  50. An engagement, whether just standing there, during a parry, attack AU fer, or,price, de fer.; Envelopment: an action to seize the opponent's blade in one line and

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