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  1. Each other, was inaugurated that fall, albeit without express major league, sanction ,: The Boston Americans of the American League defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates of
  2. State assembly of Lava in 1436 confirmed the" Compact" and gave them the, sanction ,of law. This accomplished the reconciliation of Bohemia with Rome and the
  3. The UK, the USA, and Venezuela. TDI leadership has maintained that they did not, sanction ,or condone the sexual abuse of children. UK's High Court of Justice found that
  4. The soul from purgatory's fire springs. " The Papal Bull of indulgence gave no, sanction ,whatever to this proposition. It was a vague scholastic opinion, rejected by
  5. Combining in Himself the rights of sovereignty ", whose rights included to, sanction ,and promulgate laws, to execute them and to exercise" supreme command of the
  6. court's order continues: once the party complies with the court's order,the, sanction ,is lifted. The imposed party is said to" hold the keys" to his or her own
  7. From the French. On 19 April 1415,Henry again asked the great council to, sanction ,war with France, and this time they agreed. Henry's army landed in northern
  8. To be entitled to this supreme dignity, must be received by all, must have the, sanction ,of Jewish antiquity, and must moreover be adapted not only to edification, but
  9. And the empire and the threat of an Angevin revival. Phillip did however, sanction ,the participation of some of his more bellicose and ambitious—some might say
  10. Isabella to become Queen. Carlos, who made known his intent to resist the, sanction , fled to Portugal. Ferdinand's death in 1833 and the accession of Isabella (
  11. He married Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg In 1881 Alfonso refused to, sanction ,a law by which the ministers were to remain in office for a fixed term of 18
  12. Of Spencer W. Kimball, the church leadership finally received this divine, sanction ,to change the long-standing policy. Today, there are many black members of the
  13. Of Christendom. Radical Reformers, besides forming communities outside state, sanction , often employed more extreme doctrinal change, such as the rejection of tenants
  14. Badge, to add to similar items he had begun collecting and to signify official, sanction ,of his patriotic efforts. Nixon, who apparently found the encounter awkward
  15. Church, and most Fundamentalist and Evangelical Protestant churches do not, sanction ,same-sex sexual relations. All jurisdictions, such as the Orthodox Church in
  16. Marriage in Canada. Canada thus became the fourth country to officially, sanction ,same-sex marriage worldwide, after The Netherlands, Belgium,and Spain.
  17. Censure, a reduction in international aid or the introduction of economic, sanction , or, as in the case of 1990 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, international military
  18. Then his own judgment or the judgment of Jews, though he wondered why one would, sanction ,the version of a heretic and Judaize. The Vulgate is also important as the
  19. Was delayed until 1522 by waiting for the Old Testament portion, and the, sanction ,of Pope Leo X. Erasmus had been working for years on two projects: a collation
  20. In to dust a cake with sugar),fast (moving quickly or fixed in one spot), sanction , ( to give one's blessing or one's condemnation),enjoin (to cause something
  21. UN against sanction s and threats made by the United States. The thirteen year, sanction ,against Iraq prevented much trade between Havana and Baghdad. Iraq has an
  22. Or, in more serious cases, imprisonment ) is imposed unconditionally. The civil, sanction ,for contempt (which is typically incarceration in the custody of the sheriff
  23. Its celebration in Saxony during his lifetime; and, though its ecclesiastical, sanction ,soon lapsed even in the Lutheran Church, its memory survives strongly in
  24. Logistics and communications. The small raids did not require any political, sanction , Tactically, the Iroquois made use of cover, concealment,camouflage, superior
  25. Movement. If the king had joined, its resolutions would have received the, sanction ,of the law; but he refused, and approached the newly formed Roman Catholic
  26. The bans held on to their hero, and the Delphic oracle provided the necessary, sanction , " Later treatments Literature *In Dante's Inferno, Hector and his family are
  27. A felony (German: Verbrechen) is defined as a crime which has a usual minimum, sanction ,of one year of imprisonment. India A partial protection against double jeopardy
  28. The guerrilla warfare now being carried on by the Irregulars is without moral, sanction ,and therefore the killing of National soldiers is murder before God, the
  29. After giving the person the opportunity to respond, the judge may impose the, sanction ,immediately. # Indirect contempt occurs outside the immediate presence of the
  30. Similar political structures where political authority is justified by divine, sanction , *Organized religion emerged as means of maintaining peace between unrelated
  31. Beard shear spearheaded the foundation of an athletic association to officially, sanction ,Iowa State football teams. The 1894 team finished with a 6-1 mark, including a
  32. On the law society. In the U. S. Overview Generally disbarment is imposed as a, sanction ,for conduct indicating that an attorney is not fit to practice law, willfully
  33. Resisted calls for Mary's death. By late 1586 she had been persuaded to, sanction ,her trial and execution on the evidence of letters written during the Abington
  34. Knives (June 30, 1934/July 1,1934). These measures received retrospective, sanction ,in a special one-article Law Regarding Measures of State Self-Defense (Beset
  35. Was by that time a half a century long tradition of Pan-Slavism and without, sanction ,of the Croatian labor, joined the Kingdom of Serbia into the Kingdom of the
  36. In 1992 NAZI became the first existing major sport diver training agency to, sanction ,nitro. In 1993 Dive Rite manufactured the first nitro compatible dive
  37. Place limitations on the bicycles that can be used in the races that they, sanction , For example, the Union Cyclists Internationale, the governing body of
  38. A Second Manifesto denying that any post-Manifesto marriages had the church's, sanction , and announcing that those entering such marriages in the future would be
  39. Were expelled, and another ten were sanction ed. This was the first expulsion or, sanction ,for corruption in the more than a century the IOC had existed. Although nothing
  40. Bishop (leader of the ward) determines whether excommunication or a lesser, sanction ,is warranted. He does this in consultation with his two counselors, the bishop
  41. To annul his marriage with Catherine of Aragon, for which he needed papal, sanction , Catherine, among many other noble relations, was the aunt of Emperor Charles V
  42. Troops (the Division Azul, or " Blue Division")—not given official state, sanction ,by Franco—went to fight on the Eastern Front under German command from
  43. Action may be warranted, beginning with those more likely to result in severe, sanction ,.: 1. Violation of Covenants: Covenants are made in conjunction with specific
  44. The present Constitution," while, according to article 6," The Emperor gives, sanction ,to laws and orders them to be promulgated and executed," and article 11," The
  45. A famous fighter, gladly assented to Albert's demands and gave the imperial, sanction ,to his possession of the lands taken from the bishops of Würzburg and Bamberg;
  46. On surviving children, and the effects of childbearing in societies that also, sanction ,infanticide. Some argue that the practice of infanticide in any widespread form
  47. To establish a rival series, boycotted a Grand Prix and FISA withdrew its, sanction ,from races. Although FISA asserted its right to the TV revenues, it handed the
  48. Inoculating himself against smallpox, a procedure that at the time required the, sanction ,of the town selectmen. Thomas Young When he moved to Salisbury, Allen met
  49. Of the Connecticut Colony or the Quinnipiac Colony was carried out with the, sanction ,of the English Crown, and they were independent political entities. They
  50. Had a close relationship with Oecolampadius, the government did not officially, sanction ,any reformatory changes until 1 April 1529 when the mass was prohibited.

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