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  1. Legitimate back-ups of protected software. Although creating back-ups was, legitimate ,under copyright law of the time, the use of such software today is of
  2. Easy catches to a stacked leg-side field. Sardine insisted that the tactic was, legitimate ,and called it" leg theory" but it was widely disparaged by its opponents, who
  3. Executed in 1649. He viewed the French Revolution as the violent overthrow of a, legitimate ,government. In Reflections, he argues that citizens do not have the right to
  4. In the signal of one phone from another and shut down some cloned phones. Some, legitimate ,customers had problems with this though if they made certain changes to their
  5. It does, but that these restrictions should not extend to what they view as, legitimate ,healthcare products. In New Zealand, alternative medicine products are
  6. System based on skin shade to distinguish themselves from the latter and to, legitimate ,their claims to higher status. In many ways, they paralleled the British White
  7. Services are funded by taxation but that the state assumes it is the only, legitimate ,practitioner of physical force. That is, it forcibly prevents the private
  8. Again and beaten Fischer in 1978. World champion Determined to prove himself a, legitimate ,champion, Karpov participated in nearly every major tournament for the next ten
  9. They thought resistance to the Crown—which they insisted was the only, legitimate ,government—was morally wrong, while the Patriots thought morality was on their
  10. The youngest of King Priam's (or sometimes Apollo) and Hecuba's five, legitimate ,sons. Despite his youth, he was one of the main Trojan war leaders. Prophecies
  11. Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates recognized the Taliban as the, legitimate ,government of Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, the Taliban government tasked
  12. He died there in 1249 and was buried at Melrose Abbey, Roxburghshire. His only, legitimate ,child and son, by his second wife, Alexander III succeeded him as King of Scots
  13. Semitic supremacy was far eclipsed by that of Sargon of Akkad (Sharkskin = ", legitimate ,king ", possibly a title he took on gaining power; 24th century BC),who
  14. S political heir as well as heir to two-thirds of his estate. Having no living, legitimate ,children, Caesar had adopted his great-nephew Octavius as his son and main heir
  15. The popular Copy II+ program were sold in stores with the purpose of creating, legitimate ,back-ups of protected software. Although creating back-ups was legitimate under
  16. Wife Adèle of Champagne. By November 1183,Androids associated his younger, legitimate ,son John Comments on the throne. A Venetian embassy visited Constantinople in
  17. A monk by his nephew Androids III Palaiologos. **Eudora Palaiologina. Only, legitimate ,daughter of Constantine and Eudora Neokaisareitissa. John VI Kantakouzenos
  18. And developmental impact is likely to be high and maximizing it is a, legitimate ,concern. All projects funded by ADB are evaluated to find out what results are
  19. In 1475, he married his niece Joan, La Beltane, whom he considered the, legitimate ,heir to the crown. Since her adulteress mother was his own sister, Afonso V had
  20. The sacramental offices, as it is considered necessary for a bishop to perform, legitimate ,or" valid" ordinations of priests, deacons and other bishops. Apostolic
  21. La Beltane, caused the separation of her parents. She was never considered, legitimate ,and, when the king was dying, no one took her as a serious contender for the
  22. Regimes. Many anarcho-capitalists admire the American Revolution as the, legitimate ,act of individuals working together to fight against tyrannical restrictions of
  23. Support is being used to give unfounded" legitimacy to treatments that are not, legitimate , " Popular press The Washington Post reports that a growing number of
  24. His successor to the Achaemenid throne. Alexander, now considering himself the, legitimate ,successor to Darius, viewed Bess us as a usurper to the Achaemenid throne, and
  25. It" is used to lend an appearance of legitimacy to treatments that are not, legitimate , " Dr. Marcia Angel, executive editor of The New England Journal of Medicine
  26. To Ravenna to proclaim that Honor was innocent, that the proposal had been, legitimate , and that he would come to claim what was rightfully his. Attila interfered in
  27. Only come about through labor, therefore original appropriation of land is not, legitimate ,by merely claiming it or building a fence around it; it is only by using land –
  28. Wives 1. Joan of England, ( 22 July 1210 – 4 March 1238),was the eldest, legitimate ,daughter and third child of John of England and Isabella of Angulate. She and
  29. Praise or admire Adolf Hitler for his killing of Jews ", that " Jew-hate is, legitimate ,within vast groups of Muslim students" and that" Muslims laugh or command
  30. With Confederate agents because he claimed the Confederacy was not a, legitimate ,government, and that making any treaty with it would be tantamount to
  31. Postal Union decides to recognize the People's Republic of China as the only, legitimate ,Chinese representative, effectively expelling the Republic of China
  32. Were labeled" oral failures ". Many did not consider sign language to be a, legitimate ,language. This was changed by William Stoke, a professor of English at
  33. Implying that Antony was becoming less than Roman because he rejected a, legitimate ,Roman spouse for an" Oriental paramour ". In 36 BC, Octavian used a political
  34. Wonder what meaning such a doctrine might have, if those with, legitimate ,ministry, according to the doctrine, fail to preserve sound Christian teaching.
  35. However, the Duke of Cambridge were to father a legitimate daughter and then a, legitimate ,son, new proposals to alter the Act of Settlement are expected to come forward.
  36. Largely academic circles. If, however,the Duke of Cambridge were to father a, legitimate ,daughter and then a legitimate son, new proposals to alter the Act of
  37. Of judicial review which were recognized but not applied by English Courts viz., legitimate ,expectation and proportionality. The powers to review administrative decisions
  38. Alfonso's late marriage and his failure to remarry and produce the essential, legitimate ,heir that should have been a dynastic linchpin of his aggressive territorial
  39. To Rome. It was necessary that an abbot should be at least 25 years of age, of, legitimate , birth,a monk of the house, unless it furnished no suitable candidate, when a
  40. King of Portugal and the Algarve from 1325 until his death. He was the only, legitimate ,son of King Denis of Portugal by his wife Elizabeth of Aragon. Alfonso, born in
  41. Through the OK phone, the ability to use the mobile phone service of the, legitimate ,subscriber whose phone was cloned just as if that phone had been physically
  42. Major opposition party, although in the knowledge that in the present regime a, legitimate ,democratic election is impossible. Although the political situation of the
  43. Of Scholastic theology, strict Orthodox ecclesiology and theology hold that all, legitimate ,bishops are properly successors of Peter. This also means that presbyters (or
  44. And they agree that a soldier who kills enemies in combat is performing a, legitimate ,duty. Jain communities accepted the use of military power for their defense
  45. And as early as the time Shahnameh was written, he was considered to be a, legitimate ,Persian king, one who was son of Arab the Persian king and Na hid (Lydia)
  46. Heirs were his eldest son, the il legitimate Resale, and his younger son,the, legitimate ,Malaria who was still a child. Resale proved incompetent, and in 511 king
  47. While the il legitimate children sired with Ines thrived. Worried about his, legitimate ,grandson's life, and the growing power of Castile within Portugal's borders
  48. In some instances, questions of personal conduct, character,motives, etc., are, legitimate , and relevant to the issue. The philosopher Charles Taylor has argued that ad
  49. Marriage with Amalia. The church ruled that Amalia and Agnes' children were, legitimate ,and preserved their place in the order of succession. Through her children
  50. Considered the" World's First Computer Programmer ". She was the only, legitimate ,child of the poet Lord Byron (with Anne Isabella Milan). She had no

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