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  1. Muhammad's daughter, Fatimah, that,according to them, ended with her becoming, angry ,with Abu Bakr and refusing to talk with him for the rest of her life, she died
  2. Of view. " * President Richard Nixon, in a speech to Parliament in 1972 was, angry ,at Trudeau, declared that the" special relationship" between Canada and the
  3. Leviathan with a fishhook. God then rebukes the three friends and says," I am, angry ,with you .... you have not spoken of me what is right. " The story ends happily
  4. Direct reference to in the Quran. Fatima, the daughter of Allah's Apostle got, angry ,and stopped speaking to Abu Bakr, and continued assuming that attitude till
  5. Is an Indian film actor. He first gained popularity in the early 1970s as the ", angry ,young man" of Hindi cinema, and has since become one of the most prominent
  6. That if something was called specifically and failed, Bill could be easily, angry , " On the kind of relationship Bill had wanted with his co-star, Brandon also
  7. Press Release. Thousands of, angry ,Sirius KM customers began a campaign on Facebook and other social media to
  8. Hector. Achilles even engaged in battle with the river god Salamander who became, angry ,that Achilles was choking his waters with all the men he killed. The god tried
  9. Namath recalled that in the days leading up to the game, he grew increasingly, angry ,when told New York had no chance to beat Baltimore. Three days before the game
  10. Callisto had been transformed into a she-bear, by Zeus' wife, Hera,who was, angry ,at Zeus' infidelity. When he was grown up, Arcas met with the she-bear and
  11. Grandson and prepared a meal made from his flesh. Zeus noticed and became very, angry , transforming Lyon into a wolf and gave back life to his son. In the meantime
  12. Often involving Twelve Red-Bearded Dwarfs before Mr Justice Cockle carrot. *, angry ,exchanges of letters between characters such as Florence Gurgle and her
  13. Throughout myth for such wrath: in Aeschylus' play Agamemnon, Artemis is, angry ,for the young men who will die at Troy, whereas in Sophocles' Electra
  14. Influence. Alabama claims At the end of the American Civil War, Americans were, angry ,at British support for the Confederacy. One result was toleration of Fenian
  15. In an attempt to trade Canada for Irish independence. The American government, angry ,at Canadian tolerance of Confederate raiders during the American Civil War
  16. Their allegiance. " -, Feb 3,1891. * Prime Minister John Sparrow Thompson, angry ,at failed trade talks in 1888,privately complained to his wife that" These
  17. Obligatory in contexts that are more formal. The adjectives mad meaning ", angry ,", smart meaning" intelligent ", and sick meaning" ill" are also more
  18. By Bixby in the pilot:" Don't make me angry . You wouldn't like me when I'm, angry ,", became a catchphrase the world over (the phrase was used again, first in
  19. They frequently employ formulaic ingredients such as star-crossed lovers and, angry ,parents, love triangles, family ties, sacrifice,corrupt politicians
  20. To Abu Bakr, and continued assuming that attitude till she died. She was, angry ,with him because after the death of her father (Muhammad),Abu Bakr did not
  21. Nine days I was as one lost, without hope of life. Eyes never beheld the sea so, angry , so high, so covered with foam. The wind not only prevented our progress, but
  22. God Zeus would make rain when he was sad (crying),and a storm when he was, angry , Pianos was a name used in Ancient Greek to refer to dark blue tile (in
  23. Joshua successfully intercedes on behalf of the Israelites when Yahweh is, angry ,for their failure to fully observe the" ban" ( harm),just as Moses
  24. André for the title loss and after shouting at him slapped him in the face; an, angry ,André responded with a slap of his own that sent Keenan staggering from the
  25. Had revealed some of the cult's secrets on stage. Other sources claim that an, angry ,mob tried to kill Aeschylus on the spot, but he fled the scene. Heracles of
  26. If he (Goldwater) might have access to the room. According to Goldwater,an, angry ,Le May gave him" holy hell" and said," Not only can't you get into it but do
  27. Asterix, Obelix,Dogmatic and Vitalstatistix go to Belgium because they are, angry ,with Caesar about his remark that the Belgians are the bravest of all the Gauls
  28. Dojos, who tells her that Lo is waiting for her at Wu dang Mountain. After an, angry ,dispute, the two women engage in a duel. Wielding the Green Destiny, Jen gains
  29. Next level once all enemies on the current level are defeated. Enemies turn ", angry ," – becoming pink-colored and moving faster – if they are the last enemy
  30. The Greeks leave without killing Ajax, despite their sacrifices Athena is so, angry ,that she persuades Zeus to send a storm that sinks many of their ships. When
  31. To uphold legalized abortion and, in 1981,gave a speech on how he was, angry ,about the bullying of American politicians by religious organizations, and
  32. Through the Diary Room/Confession Room. The results can range from violent or, angry ,confrontations to genuine and tender connections (often including romantic
  33. Walks there from his manse. The story goes that the Fairies of Down Hill were, angry ,with the Rev. Kirk for going into the domain of the Underlie court, where he
  34. Amount of time has been spent on the current level. A monster will also become, angry ,if either player collects a skull (the only negative item in the game),and
  35. That Washington, as a young child, chopped down his father's cherry tree. His, angry ,father confronted the young Washington, who proclaimed" I can not tell a lie "
  36. Ages sent him to conquer the Marathon Bull, which killed him. Minos was, angry ,and declared war on Athens. He offered the Athenians peace, however,under the
  37. That had generally preceded it and established Amitabh in a new persona—the ", angry ,young man" of Bollywood cinema, In 1975,he starred in a variety of film
  38. In Hephaestus' forge, who " busily burnished the aegis Athene wears in her, angry ,moods--a fearsome thing with a surface of gold like scaly snake-skin, and he
  39. Dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an, angry ,fix ... In October 1955,Ginsberg and five other unknown poets gave a free
  40. Danish fleet. *1863 – Richmond Bread Riot: Food shortages incite hundreds of, angry ,women to riot in Richmond, Virginia and demand that the Confederate government
  41. And 1980s. One line of dialogue spoken by Bixby in the pilot:" Don't make me, angry , You wouldn't like me when I'm angry ", became a catchphrase the world over (
  42. Of this myth tells that the women of the village where Pygmalion lived grew, angry ,that he had not married. They asked Aphrodite to force him to marry. Aphrodite
  43. Ginsberg had made editorial changes in pencil (transposing" negro" and ", angry ," in the first line, for example). Kerouac only wrote out his concepts of
  44. For friendship and alliance. -- Bergère, the faithful servant of the Lord, was, angry , with them and said,--" They will lead away your wives and sons as captives
  45. To give birth on either terra firma (the mainland) or on an island. Hera was, angry ,with Zeus, her husband, because he had impregnated Let. But the island of
  46. The bird. He saw a hunter with a bow and arrows, nearby. Valid became very, angry , His lips opened, and he uttered the following words: /*ॐ माँ निषाद प्रतिष्ठा
  47. Know it. They feel it. They try to suppress it. And if you bring it up they get, angry ,because it freaks them out. " Regarding his political views, Carolla has stated
  48. His medical records. In June 2004,the ACLU received numerous phone calls from, angry ,parents after the Dover Area School District in Dover, Pennsylvania passed a
  49. Protest. " The cover features a cartoon drawing by Camp of wildly dressed, angry ,hippies carrying protest signs with slogans like" End Camp Brutality," "
  50. See Indian mafia) and bandits. Amitabh Bachchan, the star known for his ", angry ,young man" roles, rode the crest of this trend with actors like Within

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