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  1. Glengarry Glen Ross An Alford plea (also called a Kennedy plea, an Alford, guilty ,plea and the Alford doctrine) in United States law is a guilty plea in
  2. Gasses. A similar treatment could be advantageously applied to the insane, guilty ,of criminal acts. The French Foundation for the Study of Human Problems In 1937
  3. The defendant's character, and passes sentence. If the defendant pleads not, guilty , a date is set for a preliminary hearing or a trial. In the past, a defendant
  4. Second most powerful man in the state did not have a ladder. " Speer was found, guilty ,of war crimes and crimes against humanity, though he was acquitted on the other
  5. An evidentiary hearing usually follows. The court is not required to accept a, guilty ,plea. During the hearing, the judge assesses the offense, the mitigating
  6. Of both the Senate and magistrates that comprised the court—declared Alexei, guilty ,and sentenced him to death. But the examination by torture continued, so
  7. Back its distributors' excess inventory. The FTC did, however,find Amway ", guilty ,of price-fixing and making exaggerated income claims "; the company was ordered
  8. After which the trial adjourned. On all three occasions,35 senators voted ", guilty ," and 19" not guilty ", thus falling short of the two-thirds majority required
  9. Augustus replied that he came in the public interest. Although Prius was found, guilty , some jurors voted to acquit, meaning that not everybody believed Augustus’s
  10. Absentia, with Tiberius acting as prosecutor, the jury found the conspirators, guilty , but it was not a unanimous verdict. Sentenced to death for treason, all the
  11. Which is entered on the record in open court, is usually either guilty or not, guilty , Generally speaking in private, civil cases there is no plea entered of guilt
  12. The important principle that accused persons are not to be treated as, guilty ,before trial. He also asserted the principle, that the trial was to be held
  13. Pleads. Video arraignment Guilty and not- guilty pleas If the defendant pleads, guilty , an evidentiary hearing usually follows. The court is not required to accept a
  14. Him. Before the 2007,Pick was suspended indefinitely by the NFL after pleading, guilty ,to charges involving dog fighting in the state of Virginia. On December 10
  15. Of the first deacons, is arrested for blasphemy, and after a trial, is found, guilty ,and executed by stoning by the Jews, thereby becoming the first known Christian
  16. Returned to Batavia in January 1649. In November 1649 he was charged and found, guilty ,of having in the previous year hanged one of his men without trial, was
  17. Business model, totals $100 million. Canadian tax case In 1983,Amway pleaded, guilty ,to criminal tax evasion and customs fraud in Canada, resulting in a fine of $25
  18. Of a crime. Allocation is sometimes required of a defendant who pleads, guilty ,to a crime in a plea bargain in exchange for a reduced sentence. In this
  19. The indictment. The defendant is asked whether he or she pleads guilty or not, guilty ,to each charge. This process is the same in Australian jurisdictions. In
  20. A plea. Acceptable pleas vary among jurisdictions, but they generally include ", guilty ,"," not guilty ", and the peremptory pleas (or pleas in bar) setting out
  21. Offence of assault is created by section 113 of the Criminal Code. A person is, guilty ,of this offense if he unlawfully offers or attempts, with force or violence, too
  22. Including infants, albeit with less suffering than is experienced by those, guilty ,of actual sins. Medieval Christianity Pope Gregory I repeats the concept
  23. French, with the public choosing sides regarding whether Dreyfus was actually, guilty ,or not. Émile Zola accused the army of polluting the French justice system.
  24. Where, by whom, and even whether he could be prosecuted. Ernest Bletch pled, guilty ,and was sentenced to life in prison, where he died in June 2001. Between 1948
  25. In Museum. Nero would have his mother’s death on his conscience. He felt so, guilty ,he would sometimes have nightmares about his mother. He even saw his mother’s
  26. Commits other more-serious variants of assault (as defined in the Act) are, guilty ,of a felony, and longer prison terms are provided for. Pacific Islands Marshall
  27. Other prophets include Israel as an enemy of YHWH. According to Amos, Israel is, guilty ,of injustice toward the innocent, poor,and young women. As punishment YHWH's
  28. Agency counter-intelligence officer and analyst Aldrich Ames pleads, guilty ,to giving U. S. secrets to the Soviet Union and later Russia. *1996 –
  29. Died of peritonitis in a convent in 1862. Her brother was anguished, and felt, guilty ,because he had introduced Maria to an unfaithful suitor. Turning away from art
  30. Reading out the indictment. The defendant is asked whether he or she pleads, guilty ,or not guilty to each charge. This process is the same in Australian
  31. Attacks. U. S. President George W. Bush responded by saying:" We know he's, guilty , Turn him over ", and British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned the Taliban
  32. Searching whether they had done anything wrong" and then for pleading, guilty ,for technical reasons, despite believing they were innocent of the charges.
  33. Trial ends, with Andreas Balder, Gudrun Insulin and Jan-Carl Raspy found, guilty ,of four counts of murder and more than 30 counts of attempted murder. * 1977 –
  34. The French justice system. However,consensus held that Dreyfus was, guilty ,: eighty percent of the press in France condemned him. This attitude among the
  35. Of another nation). If these allegiances come into conflict, he or she may be, guilty ,of treason against one or both. If the demands of these two sovereigns upon his
  36. He did not—I repeat not—perform or advocate human sacrifice. He was often, guilty , however, of the crime of poor judgment. Like all of us, Crowley had many flaws
  37. Assassinated near Bogotá in Colombia. *2000 – A federal jury finds the US EPA, guilty ,of discrimination against Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, under the Civil Rights
  38. A newspaper, which he vowed to take to court. Bachchan was eventually found not, guilty ,of involvement in the ordeal. His old friend, Amar Singh, helped him during a
  39. Criminal case, which is entered on the record in open court, is usually either, guilty ,or not guilty . Generally speaking in private, civil cases there is no plea
  40. Wilderness, Aaron is not always prominent or active; and he sometimes appears, guilty ,of rebellious or treasonable conduct. At the battle with Amalek, he is chosen
  41. A 100 series) makes its maiden flight. *1969 – The" Chicago Eight" plead not, guilty ,to federal charges of conspiracy to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic
  42. The detective organizes a meeting of all the suspects and slowly denounces the, guilty ,party, exposing several unrelated secrets along the way, sometimes over the
  43. 1992 – A U. S. Federal Court finds former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, guilty ,of drug and racketeering charges. He is sentenced to 30 years in prison. * 1992
  44. Today in common-law jurisdictions, the court enters a plea of not, guilty ,for a defendant who refuses to enter a plea. The rationale for this is the
  45. Imminent danger to national security. In May 2010,Faisal Shaheed, who pleaded, guilty ,to the 2010 Times Square car bombing attempt, told interrogators he was "
  46. Polish court sentenced three men to prison for stealing the sign. They pleaded, guilty , The sentences were from 18 months to 30 months. They were fined £2,300 each.
  47. please vary among jurisdictions, but they generally include" guilty "," not, guilty ,", and the peremptory pleas (or pleas in bar) setting out reasons why a trial
  48. Adjourned. On all three occasions,35 senators voted" guilty " and 19" not, guilty ,", thus falling short of the two-thirds majority required for conviction in
  49. As demonstrated in Atkinson v. HM Advocate wherein the accused was found, guilty ,of assaulting a shop assistant by simply jumping over a counter wearing a ski
  50. Of the global seed sales. Bandana Shiva argues that these companies are, guilty ,of biopiracy by patenting life and exploiting organisms for profit Farmers

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