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  1. 7th century. The ecclesiastical leadership exercised by abbots despite their, frequent ,lay status is proved by their attendance and votes at ecclesiastical councils.
  2. To state and territory conferences (usually held annually, although more, frequent ,conferences are often held). These conferences decide policy, and elect state
  3. The monks. But by the 10th century the rule was commonly set aside, and we find, frequent ,complaints of abbots dressing in silk, and adopting sumptuous attire. Some even
  4. all the controversial agreements have been announced after Parisian’s, frequent ,trips to Moscow, without prior public discussion.
  5. Have ... The Kurosawa film flows over the cut, as it were. ” The director’s, frequent ,crew member Terry Noemi confirms this view. “ Akira Kurosawa’s editing was
  6. Recognition. Children with high-functioning autism suffer from more intense and, frequent ,loneliness compared to non-autistic peers, despite the common belief that
  7. Decryption techniques to be applied usefully to the daily changing cyphers. A, frequent ,misconception is that Turing was a key figure in the design of Colossus; this
  8. S canals, held on the first Saturday in August. The Gay Pride event is a, frequent ,source of both criticism and praise. The annual Upmarket is a three-day
  9. Otherwise it can damage the kidneys and the liver, causing violent and, frequent ,vomiting, and will lead to death in a few days. Antimony is incompatible with
  10. Carolina portrait). He endorsed products, appeared in commercials, and made, frequent ,celebrity guest appearances on television shows and in films (he appeared in
  11. All the principal is invested conservatively outside Alaska. This has led to, frequent ,calls by Alaskan politicians for the Fund to make investments within Alaska
  12. Themes The master–disciple relationship Many commentators have noted the, frequent ,occurrence in Kurosawa’s work of the complex relationship between an older and
  13. As waves or the form of brooks or running water. Bells and candles are also, frequent ,symbols. These are symbols of film, sight and sound, and Tarkovsky's film
  14. Blake),and Heaven and Hell. Some of his writings on psychedelics became, frequent ,reading among early hippies. While living in Los Angeles, Huxley was a friend
  15. But can cause significant disruption when they occur. Snowfalls are more, frequent ,in the northern suburbs of the city. Mount Parish creates a rain shadow for
  16. Of the music, the work is one of his early masterpieces. Despite his, frequent ,travels from 1718,the Pietà paid him 2 sequins to write two concerti a month
  17. For Human Resource Management, said: Criticism Employment The ADA has been a, frequent ,target of criticism. For example, a common claim is that individuals who are
  18. On Martha’s Vineyard caused by the founder effect. It afforded almost everyone, frequent ,contact with sign language. It was said that 1 out of 155 people on the island
  19. Vertical currents initiated when the Mediterranean air is uplifted also cause, frequent ,thunderstorms. Many of these storms are accompanied by high local winds and
  20. History of her time. Miss Marple's acquaintances are sometimes bored by her, frequent ,analogies to people and events from St. Mary Mead, but these analogies often
  21. Is notorious for hot, dry summers, and cold winters with occasional fog and, frequent ,frosts. Many of the higher mountains in the territory's south-west are
  22. With the caregiver. In the second and third years, autistic children have less, frequent ,and less diverse babbling, consonants,words, and word combinations; their
  23. Over only one community. The rule, as was inevitable, was subject to, frequent ,violations; but it was not until the foundation of the Clinic Order that the
  24. As a key moment in the development of his persona. Some have suggested that his, frequent ,refusal to comment on his work, to speak about himself (confining himself in
  25. That males have only one copy (that is, they are homozygous),they are more, frequent ,in males than in females. Examples include red-green color blindness and
  26. Urban Legends. In addition to all this, the Analog Brothers continue to make, frequent ,appearances on each other's solo albums. Discography External links *
  27. Running half-hourly or more frequent ly during peak travel times. There are, frequent ,long-distance bus services from Andorra to Barcelona and Toulouse. Bus services
  28. The place is often" misrepresented as a Zoroastrian fire-temple" due to, frequent ,association of" fire temple" with the Iranian religion of Zoroastrianism.
  29. And economic studies at the Pacific Research Institute, adjunct scholar and, frequent ,speaker at the Ludwig on Miles Institute. * Jan Harrison: professor of
  30. Written by Rabbi Simon bar Rocha close to two thousand years ago, makes, frequent , and lengthy references to reincarnation. Angeles, a righteous convert and
  31. Remove the blocks. Much ACLU work is done in the political arena where it faces, frequent ,controversy as well. *The ACLU has been a vocal opponent of the USA PATRIOT Act
  32. Be traced, far more than to the arrogance of abbots, rendered it increasingly, frequent , and, in the 6th century, the practice of exempting religious houses partly or
  33. Which had previously rendered the countryside north of Bern a swampland through, frequent ,flooding, was diverted by the Hag neck Canal into Lake of Bienne. From the upper
  34. Stressful things are manysandthousandsandheaps!: Here Aristophanes employs a, frequent ,device, arranging the syntax so that the final word in a line comes as a comic
  35. Arthritis has severe limitations in function on a daily basis. Absenteeism and, frequent ,visits to the physician are common in individuals who have arthritis. Arthritis
  36. The Birmingham area is per year. In the southern Gulf coast, snowfall is less, frequent , sometimes going several years without any snowfall. Demographics The United
  37. Of CD-ROMs and 3½" floppy disks containing their software. They were the most, frequent ,user of this marketing tactic, and received criticism for the environmental
  38. Can be seen in the use of carrots and tomatoes. Native Chinese cuisine makes, frequent ,use of Asian leafy vegetables like BOK chop and Kaitlin and puts a greater
  39. Often very prominent, but for those who had power, it lay primarily in their, frequent ,speeches and in the respect accorded them in the assembly, rather than their
  40. Contributed to soil erosion on some parts of the plateau. During the summers, frequent ,dust storms blow a fine yellow powder across the plateau. Locusts occasionally
  41. Liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. Writings Carnegie was a, frequent ,contributor to periodicals on labor issues. In addition to Triumphant Democracy
  42. Meaning" ill" are also more frequent in American (these meanings are also, frequent ,in Hiberno-English) than British English. Regional differences While written
  43. Logic seems to have emerged from dialectics; the earlier philosophers made, frequent ,use of concepts like reductio ad absurdum in their discussions, but never truly
  44. Topics concerning Lincoln's beliefs and philosophy; e.g. whether Lincoln's, frequent ,use of religious imagery and language reflected his own personal beliefs or was
  45. Baghdad. Embassies to Rome conveying the English alms to the Pope were fairly, frequent , Around 890,Sultan of Haitian undertook a journey from Haitian on Jutland
  46. Who had never or rarely flown before became regular fliers, even joining, frequent ,flyer loyalty programs and receiving free flights and other benefits from their
  47. Angry ", smart meaning" intelligent ", and sick meaning" ill" are also more, frequent ,in American (these meanings are also frequent in Hiberno-English) than
  48. Married woman in her late twenties. The film's open portrayal of sexuality and, frequent ,rude humor, as well as the politically and socially relevant asides, made the
  49. However, her relatively flat, high-risk ground strokes tended to produce, frequent ,errors, and her serve was sometimes unreliable in singles. Kournikova plays
  50. Commonly include symptoms of insomnia such as difficulty in falling asleep, frequent ,nocturnal awakenings, and early morning awakenings. Sleep problems are

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