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  1. July 11, 1929,about the use of penal labor that duplicated the corresponding, appendix ,to the minutes of Politburo meeting of June 27, 1929. Creation of" Gulag" and
  2. As an appendix to the new constitution. Faced with this alternative,the, appendix ,was approved, after heated debate, by a margin of 4 votes. Governor Wood
  3. System worked. Consequently, he wrote a book that listed the source code in an, appendix ,and described it in detail in the text. The source code itself was available on
  4. To, but is not the main idea of, the main text In anatomy: * Vermiform, appendix , or simply" appendix ", a part of the human digestive system * Left auricular
  5. Listed Perelman as an endangered species according to the CITES section III, appendix , which requests member governments to monitor the trade in this species. This
  6. Meaning of a text in the theory section). Foucault also states in the, appendix ,to the 1972 edition titled" My Body, This Paper, This Fire" that Derrida's
  7. The limited field it covers, may be judged by the aid of Eberhard Nestle's, appendix ,to the 6th issue (1880). Besides this may be mentioned editions of the New
  8. Successfully in sanctioned AQUA events, the horse can earn its way from the, appendix ,into the permanent studbook, making its offspring eligible for AQUA
  9. American Quarter Horse. The resulting offspring is registered in the ", appendix ," of the American Quarter Horse Association's studbook, hence the nickname.
  10. To discover she's been dreaming. Mark Twain devoted a chapter and much of an, appendix ,to Brigham Young in his book Roughing It. Notable descendants * Richard
  11. With slight revisions, and added comprehensive end notes, an index, and an, appendix , Religion and world view Witnessing sectarianism and strife in 19th century
  12. Per second. H.263v2 specified a set of recommended modes in an informative, appendix ,(Appendix II, since deprecated): H.263v3 (H.263++) and Annex X The
  13. The first references to the constant were published in 1618 in the table of an, appendix ,of a work on logarithms by John Napier. However, this did not contain the
  14. On An Essay on the Universal Plenitude of Being, which he characterized as an, appendix ,to Reason. This essay was less polemic than many of his earlier writings. He
  15. Hilbert's" best and truest friend" — would die prematurely of a ruptured, appendix ,in 1909. The Göttingen school Among the students of Hilbert were: Hermann Was
  16. Be approved fully and without changes by the Constituent Assembly as an, appendix ,to the new constitution. Faced with this alternative, the appendix was approved
  17. World Conference removed Sections 107,109,110,113 and 123 to a historical, appendix ,(which also included documents that were never published as sections). Of
  18. By the creation of the normative Annex X. In June 2001,another informative, appendix ,(Appendix III, Examples for H.263 encoder/decoder implementations) was
  19. And of his appearances to the disciples after his Resurrection. In the ", appendix ,", Jesus restores Peter after his denial, predicts Peter's death, and
  20. Closely resembling a Thoroughbred, usually reflecting a higher percentage of, appendix ,breeding. They are shown in hunter/jumper classes at both breed shows and in
  21. Was a revelation. The World Conference of 1990 subsequently removed the entire, appendix ,from the Doctrine and Covenants. Section 108A contained the minutes of a
  22. The portion of the mesentery that connects the ileum to the vermiform, appendix ,The Alcántara are a group of radiocarbon protozoa, distinguished mainly by
  23. Quarter Horse or a cross between a" numbered" American Quarter Horse and an ", appendix ," American Quarter Horse. The resulting offspring is registered in the "
  24. Quarter Horse Association's studbook, hence the nickname. Horses listed in the, appendix ,may be entered in competition, but offspring are not initially eligible for
  25. 1922 Fermi graduated from Sculley Normal Superior. In 1923,while writing the, appendix ,for the Italian edition of the book The Mathematical Theory of Relativity by A.
  26. As an" objectionable aberration ", Schopenhauer sarcastically concludes the, appendix ,with the statement that" by expounding these paradoxical ideas, I wanted to
  27. Building and Organ Playing in Germany and France" ( 1906,republished with an, appendix ,on the state of the organ-building industry in 1927) effectively launched the
  28. Performed as definitive treatment for appendicitis, although sometimes the, appendix ,is prophylactically removed incidental to another abdominal procedure.
  29. Wizards as per their contract with Chromium. Chromium included d20 stats as an, appendix ,in three releases (see Lovecraft Country),but have since dropped the" dual
  30. A progressive telencephalisation: the telencephalon of reptiles is only an, appendix ,to the large olfactory bulb, while in mammals it makes up most of the volume of
  31. Appendix, a conical pouch on the left atrium of the heart * Right auricular, appendix , a conical pouch on the right atrium of the heart * Appendix of the epididymis
  32. And exile *Utterances from the time of Zedekiah (see § II. ), with an, appendix , the last connected prophecy of any length, in chapter 35,treating of the
  33. Or simply" appendix ", a part of the human digestive system * Left auricular, appendix , a conical pouch on the left atrium of the heart * Right auricular appendix , a
  34. Edition of The World as Will and Representation (1856),Schopenhauer added an, appendix ,to his chapter on the" Metaphysics of Sexual Love ". He also wrote that
  35. Mele) in the human body, as well as of days in the year. The author of the, appendix ,to Tertullian De Praescr. Her. (c. 4),who likewise follows Hippolytus's
  36. As a replacement for the Catholic" votive antiphon" commonly sung as an, appendix ,to the main office to the Blessed Virgin Mary or other saints. Although anthems
  37. Of the bowels ". It is believed that he died of peritonitis from a ruptured, appendix , He was buried at Salt Lake City Cemetery. Works * LDS Church
  38. An archand in 1675 published an encrypted solution as a Latin anagram in an, appendix ,to his Description of Helios copes, where he wrote that he had found" a true
  39. cross-references to the Joseph Smith Translation (JST),as well as an, appendix ,containing major excerpts from it. However, with the exceptions of Smith's
  40. David's Warriors, group of biblical characters explicitly singled out by an, appendix ,of the Books of Samuel Other uses * King David (film),1985 biographical film
  41. The additional Psalm 151,and the Prayer of Manasseh) or are included as an, appendix ,(like the Greek 4 Maccabees, and the Slavonic 2 Eras). Reception in
  42. The main idea of, the main text In anatomy: * Vermiform appendix , or simply ", appendix ,", a part of the human digestive system * Left auricular appendix , a conical
  43. Appendix testis, a vestigial remnant of the Müllerian duct * Epidemic, appendix , one of several small pouches of fat on the peritoneum along the colon and
  44. Force air into the confined spaces of underground workings. It contains in an, appendix , the German equivalents for the technical terms used in the Latin text. It longs
  45. Appendectomy -- Surgical opening of the abdominal cavity and removal of the, appendix , Typically performed as definitive treatment for appendicitis, although
  46. outside the series of the canon ". The 1609 Douay Bible includes them in an, appendix , but they have been dropped from recent Catholic translations into English.
  47. Can become acutely inflamed and require an emergency operation. Ruptures of the, appendix ,and small bowel obstructions are other common emergencies. Laparoscopic surgery
  48. And Typesetting series have titles that begin with the letter identifying the, appendix , * The Art of Computer Programming, volume 3 (1st ed.) has an index entry "
  49. CDs, including not only the entire score as originally written, but a lengthy, appendix ,of songs cut from the original production in tryouts. Julianne Boyd directed a
  50. Hayek wrote an essay titled" Why I Am Not a Conservative" ( included as an, appendix ,to The Constitution of Liberty),in which he disparaged conservatism for its

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