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  1. General chapter met every three years, elected the priors who stayed in office, till ,the next chapter. There was a rector, or superior general, who was assisted by
  2. The very same dress as the men ". Moreover, said Herodotus," No girl shall wed, till ,she has killed a man in battle ". In the story related by Herodotus, a group of
  3. St Mark),and states when it will happen:" This generation shall not pass, till ,all these things be fulfilled" ( St Matthew,24:34) (or," ... have taken
  4. Declared the independence of Bangladesh, and directed everyone to fight, till ,the last soldier of the Pakistan army was evicted from East Pakistan. Swami
  5. Starting with this natural gift developed by degrees their special aptitudes, till ,their rude improvisations gave birth to Poetry. " -Aristotle # Experience of
  6. Not compar appear, having gone away to e the seas: this business is continued, till ,his return"sic. At an early period he was engaged in buccaneer expeditions to
  7. Are often crammed with people of all ages who will sing, dance and drink, till ,dawn. The Nazi () area, one of the latest in full redevelopment, is located
  8. From voting and contesting in any election for six years from December 11, 1999, till , December 10, 2005 on the recommendations of the Election Commission. After the
  9. The Land of the Lynx) was an important settlement from the Hellenistic period, till ,the early Middle Ages. It was founded by Philip II of Macedon by the middle of
  10. Deposed by him and exiled in Anthony. These appointments continued in force, till ,the end of David's reign (1 Kings 4:4). Abraham was deposed (the sole
  11. The 12th century (when it was replaced by Annunciation style),and in Germany, till ,the second quarter of the 13th century. * from 25 March 754 AUC (today in AD 1
  12. Slowly in the West, where the office of abbot was commonly filled by laymen, till ,the end of the 7th century. The ecclesiastical leadership exercised by abbots
  13. Of the palace at Mycenae. Schliemann's work at Turns was not resumed, till ,1905,when it was proved, as had long been suspected, that an earlier palace
  14. Purple; her longing eyes fixed on a game of baseball at the corner of the green, till ,she reaches the cottage door, flings down the mop and pitcher and darts off to
  15. Was used in France, England and most of Western Europe (except Spain), till , the 12th century (when it was replaced by Annunciation style),and in Germany
  16. Was called" calculus pis anus" since it was adopted in Pisa and survived there, till ,1750. * from 25 December 753 AUC (today in 1 BC),i.e. from the birth of
  17. I have certainly not been under its influence emphasis added. For up, till ,1818,when my work appeared, there was to be found in Europe only a very few
  18. Was an exception as there was a permanent snow cover from late December, till ,early March. Cityscape Berlin's history has left the city with a highly
  19. Withdrew its lawsuit against Bachchan in November 2000. Bachchan hosted KBC, till ,November 2005,and its success set the stage for his return to film popularity.
  20. Population) – Also known as Purple in Russian records. We're under Russian rule, till ,1875. First came under Japanese rule after the Treaty of Saint Petersburg (
  21. To episcopal jurisdiction, and continued generally so, in fact, in the West, till ,the 11th century. The Code of Justinian (lib. i. tit. iii. De EP. leg. XL. )
  22. Began more than 500 million years ago during the Precambrian and continues, till ,now. The Bulgarian lands were often submerged by ancient seas and lakes, some
  23. Jerusalem, he gives evening seminars, which according to Newsweek usually last, till ,2 in the morning, and have attracted prominent politicians as the former Prime
  24. Be used in the same way, as on Monday while Friday, whereas in Ireland Monday, till ,Friday would be more natural. ) * In the United States on the weekend is used
  25. Always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never be adopted, till ,after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most
  26. Representing one or two signatures),then 10,000 of the next form, and so on, till ,all the signatures have been printed. Actually, because there is a known
  27. Obtained enough to enable him to forecast the discovery of written characters, till ,then not suspected in Aegean civilization. The revolution of 1897-98 opened the
  28. The command of Moses, took his censer and stood between the living and the dead, till ,the plague was stayed (Numbers 17:1-15,16:36-50). Another memorable
  29. Fought for the sovereignty of Provence against Raymond Banger III, and not, till ,September 1125 did the war end in an amicable agreement. Under it Jordan
  30. Wrench, under the weather, jump bail, come clean, come again?, it ain't over, till ,it's over, what goes around comes, and will the real x please stand up?
  31. Museum of Alicante (MARY) are local artifacts dating from 100,000 years ago, till ,the 19th century. The collection is divided into different rooms and three big
  32. Germany. *1920 – Polish-Soviet War: the Battle of Warsaw begins and will last, till ,August 25. The Red Army is defeated. *1942 – Major General Eugene Reynold of
  33. Of that nation. They did not secure their independence nor become" abbeys ", till ,the reign of Henry VI. The Clinic revival, with all its brilliancy, was but
  34. Commune in Cefalù known as the Abbey of Thelma, which he led from 1920 through, till ,1923. After being evicted from Cefalù he returned to Britain, where he
  35. The young men of the Quraish tribe rushed at Abu Bakr, and beat him mercilessly, till ,he lost consciousness. Following this incident Abu Bakr's mother converted to
  36. Bachchan from selling off his Bombay bungalow 'Lateesha' and two flats, till ,the pending loan recovery cases of Canada Bank were disposed of. Bachchan had
  37. Into two states viz. Andhra and Telangana in the late 1960 which are continuing, till ,date. On 9 December 2009,it was announced that a separation proposal for
  38. Matthew 23:36). " There be some standing here which shall not taste of death, till ,they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom" ( Matthew 16:28) (or," ...
  39. In Central Arabia. They ruled much of the Northern/Central Arabian Peninsula, till ,they were destroyed by the Lakh mid king Al-Mundhir, and his son 'AMR Islamic
  40. There is no money in the treasury. There never will be money in the treasury, till ,the Confederacy shows its teeth. The states must see the rod. ” Also, the
  41. Menelik) became an MTV staple. Another chart hit from the album was No Sleep, till ,Brooklyn, released in 1987. The band took the Licensed to Ill tour around the
  42. To misunderstand what it was about, and the misunderstanding will pursue me, till ,I die. I should not have written the book because of this danger of
  43. Is colossal and entitled Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker, was not finished, till ,four years after. On the fall of the great emperor, Louis XVIII presented this
  44. Itself. We left the main road and wound into the leafy fastnesses of the hills, till ,we reached a little hamlet and an isolated white villa high on the hillside. "
  45. They see that the kingdom of God has come with power" ( Mark 9:1); or," ..., till ,they see the kingdom of God" ( Luke 9:27). ) Schweitzer notes that St. Paul
  46. Angry and stopped speaking to Abu Bakr, and continued assuming that attitude, till ,she died. She was angry with him because after the death of her father (
  47. Run Fat. The use of this tactic was initially a rarity in Western films, as up, till ,then it was thought to look cumbersome. The use of akimbo became more
  48. A" consolidate family ", they agreed to follow a strict vegetarian diet and to, till ,the land without the use of animal labor. They also banned coffee, tea
  49. Mentioned is known, Abimelech could not be a Philistine (they did not arrive, till ,centuries later),You’re could not become known as" Your of the Chaldean's" until
  50. Was Harris Phil of Byblos, who was born during the reign of Nero and lived, till ,the reign of Hadrian, and that the treatise in its present form is a revision

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