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  1. Were forced to withdraw troops from continental America to reinforce the, valuable ,sugar-producing Caribbean colonies, which were considered more important.
  2. For Class A Myrtle Beach pitcher Luis Altiplano, in hopes that he would be a, valuable ,pinch-hitter in the postseason. However, on September 18,the New York Mets '
  3. Are also rich in tannin and used by tanners. Wood Some Acacia species are, valuable ,as timber, such as Acacia melanoxylon (Blackwood) from Australia, which
  4. Africa, Thailand,and the United States. Consumption Abalone have long been a, valuable ,food source for humans in every area of the world where a species is abundant.
  5. Open to western traditions and saw theater and motion pictures as educationally, valuable , He encouraged his children to watch films; young Akira viewed his first movies
  6. Sold out in little time. The stamp became, and remains to this day, the most, valuable ,one of the series. The 150th anniversary of Bell's birth in 1997 was marked by
  7. Instruments, and was killed because the soldier thought that they were, valuable ,items. General Marcellus was reportedly angered by the death of Archimedes, as
  8. Who built Jeffersonian Democracy around the notion that farmers are“ the most, valuable ,citizens” and the truest republicans. The philosophical roots of agrarianism
  9. It regularly contests the North London derby. Arsenal is also the third most, valuable ,Association football club in the world as of 2010,valued at $1.2 billion.
  10. Its carving into small statues and sets of relief panels for altarpieces was a, valuable ,local industry in Nottingham, as well as a major English export. These were
  11. And that my failure was due only to my ignorance of electricity. It was a, valuable ,blunder ... If I had been able to read German in those days, I might never have
  12. Difficult to extract from its various ores. This made pure aluminum more, valuable ,than gold. Bars of aluminum were exhibited at the Exposition Universally of
  13. And Society) suggest that while academics and intellectuals have done much, valuable ,work, they also have an undeserved" halo effect" and face fewer disincentives
  14. Had put the Kingdom and its ruling House of Said at risk. The world's most, valuable ,oil fields were within easy striking distance of Iraqi forces in Kuwait, and
  15. Being the Latin name of his birthplace) wrote the Annals of Bavaria,a, valuable ,record of the early history of Germany and the first major written work on the
  16. The status of those who did not share it. *Male citizenship had become a newly, valuable , indeed profitable, possession,to be jealously guarded. Under Pericles, in 450
  17. Global Green Mission, is organizing a mass movement to sapling of spiritual, valuable ,species planting every day since 1993,conducted by Green Man Vijaya Bagel.
  18. Elasticity, he originated the theory of stress, and his results are nearly as, valuable ,as those of Simeon Poisson. Other significant contributions include being the
  19. That rich jewelry was placed on the mummies, a profusion of vases of hard and, valuable ,stones from the royal table service stood about the body, the store-rooms were
  20. On St Paul's epistles," brief in words but weighty in matter," and, valuable ,for the criticism of the Latin text of the New Testament. This commentary was
  21. In April 2010,business magazine Forbes ranked Arsenal as the third most, valuable ,football team in the world, after Manchester United and Real Madrid, valuing
  22. Forests, which are the home of the India rubber-producing plants and of many, valuable ,kinds of timber trees, such as ovum (Chloroform excels),ebony, mahogany (
  23. Use of supply and demand as applied to wage, rents,profit a valid and, valuable ,anticipation of the general equilibrium modeling of Walrus a century later.
  24. Bullion says 1560) and died at Rome in 1623. His engravings are scarce and, valuable , and are chiefly copies of Mantegna, Albrecht Dürer, Parmigianino and Titian.
  25. Its acid form, as one of the rainbow herbicides to deprive the Vietnamese of, valuable ,crops. Other uses *Copper acetoarsenite was used as a green pigment known under
  26. And Eliza, daughter of Magnus Billing, Duke of Saxony. He inherited the, valuable ,estates in northern Saxony of his father in 1123,and on his mother's death
  27. Ambergris. His hope proves well-founded, and the Pequod's crew recovers a, valuable ,quantity of the substance. Melville devotes the following chapter to a
  28. There is the now partially reconstructed Theatre of Heroes Atticus. All the, valuable ,ancient artifacts are situated in the Acropolis Museum, which resides on the
  29. On the materials, adobe roofs can be inherently fire-proof, which is a, valuable ,attribute when the fireplace is kept lit during the cold nights. The
  30. In 2010 with an 84 percent increase to $153.3 billion, and also became the most, valuable ,consumer-facing brand in the world. In June 2011,Apple unveiled the iCloud
  31. Was known for its shark fishing, basking shark in particular was fished for its, valuable ,liver oil. There was a big spurt of growth in tourism in the 1960s and 1970s
  32. Numbers; however, they do read back one's phone number. These numbers provide, valuable ,services to the customers they serve; it is, therefore,inadvisable to misuse
  33. As it often refers to the royal dynasties of India, the Mahayana is also, valuable ,for historians who wish to date and relate contemporary royal dynasties in the
  34. Components through a uniform interface. Assembly language is also, valuable ,in reverse engineering, since many programs are distributed only in machine
  35. With a very high level of combat intelligence. After Achilles, Ajax is the most, valuable ,warrior in Agamemnon's army (along with Diomedes),though he is not as
  36. S methodologically adventurous but ultimately cautious essay is another, valuable ,lesson in the danger of establishing the date of Acts–or any work–by arguing
  37. However. While owning steel works, Carnegie had purchased at low cost the most, valuable ,of the iron ore fields around Lake Superior. The same year Carnegie became a
  38. And arrowheads. They were often used as anvils. Meteoric iron was very rare and, valuable , and difficult for ancient people to work. Iron is usually found as iron ore on
  39. Reflection, almost white. Only about 100 kg is found per year, which makes it, valuable ,and expensive. Sometimes amber retains the form of drops and stalactites, just
  40. More practical purposes. Quite often, precious metals were alloyed with less, valuable ,substances as a means to deceive buyers. Around 250 BC, Archimedes was
  41. Cover the period from 353 to 378. As a whole it has been considered extremely, valuable , being a clear, comprehensive and in general impartial account of events by a
  42. Contested auction, such as for the important attribute of warfare, the most, valuable ,skill is the ability to force one's opponents to back down. With two, or more
  43. Was reportedly angered by the death of Archimedes, as he considered him a, valuable ,scientific asset and had ordered that he not be harmed. The last words
  44. Involving motorcars, aircraft,dirigibles and speedboats. These images formed a, valuable ,contribution to the history of transport, and particularly to its racing aspect
  45. Value Up until the 18th century, amethyst was included in the cardinal, or most, valuable , gemstones (along with diamond, sapphire,ruby, and emerald). However, since
  46. Objects of fine art from this period were frequently made from rare and, valuable ,materials, such as gold and laps, the cost of which commonly exceeded the
  47. In marble on the walls of this temple. The ruins of Ankara still furnish today, valuable ,bas-reliefs, inscriptions and other architectural fragments. Augustus decided
  48. In the Olympics, this rule remains in place for boxing. Many amateurs make, valuable ,contributions in the field of computer programming through the open source
  49. Variety. The language of schemes, stacks and generalizations has proved to be a, valuable ,way of dealing with geometric concepts and became cornerstones of modern
  50. Aloes and other succulent plants make their appearance. There are, too, valuable , timber trees, such as the Yellow-wood (Podocarpus elongates),stink wood (

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