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  1. Have at least one jumbo model. Any of these body styles can optionally, incorporate ,a" cutaway ". A cutaway guitar has a redesigned upper bout that removes a
  2. Instrument in their distinctive sounds. See the list of popular music acts that, incorporate ,the accordion. In 1981,Nonesuch Records released the Digital LP, The Tango
  3. Were published by Leonard Euler in 1757. The Euler equations were extended to, incorporate ,the effects of viscosity in the first half of the 1800s,resulting in the
  4. Northern Hemisphere, north in the Southern Hemisphere),and the building must, incorporate ,thermal mass to keep it warm in the night. A recent, somewhat experimental
  5. Could be described in this way. Einstein–Tartan theory In order to, incorporate ,spinning point particles into general relativity, the affine connection needed
  6. BY A sparsely populated, arid country, Botswana has nonetheless managed to, incorporate ,much of its interior into the national economy. An" inner circle" highway
  7. Focus of early archaeoastronomy. Yet archaeologists have increasingly come to, incorporate ,many of the insights from archaeoastronomy into archaeology textbooks and, as
  8. Intervention in that market) which individualist anarchists could easily, incorporate ,into their political and social Weltanschauung ". Rothbard held that the
  9. Houses designed to cope with interruptions in civil services generally, incorporate ,a wood stove, or heat and power from diesel fuel or bottled gas, regardless of
  10. Were lobbying for the 2013 British and Irish Lions Tour to Australia to, incorporate ,a series of games in Argentina. The proposed format would be three provincial
  11. Users/organizations must evaluate their acceptable level of risk and, incorporate ,security into the lifecycle of Bluetooth devices. To help mitigate risks
  12. A simplified x86 core to reduce power draw. Both of the cores will be able to, incorporate ,full DirectX compatible GPU core (s) under the Fusion label, or as standalone
  13. In the form of a pickup. However, many other kinds of acoustic guitars may, incorporate ,these kinds of electronics as well. * The" Selmer-Maccaferri guitar" is
  14. Can change over time. Linguists are divided over whether and to what extent to, incorporate ,such considerations when judging issues of language and dialect. Influence of
  15. Organization for Standardization TC 97 SC 2 voted during October to, incorporate ,the change into its draft standard. The X3.2.4 task group voted its approval
  16. Batch rather than by fusing separate components together. Dichroic glass beads, incorporate ,a semitransparent microlayer of metal between two or more layers. Fiber optic
  17. Staff (Jo),wooden sword (broken),and knife (tango). Today, some schools, incorporate ,firearm-disarming techniques. Both weapon-taking and weapon-retention are
  18. Not necessarily deterministic; some algorithms, known as randomized algorithms, incorporate ,random input. A partial formalization of the concept began with attempts to
  19. Licensed to Ill (1984–1987) With the success of" Cook Puss" they began to, incorporate ,rap into their set. They decided to hire a DJ for their live shows, and ended
  20. A subsonic problem, one decision to be made by the aerodynamics is whether to, incorporate ,the effects of compressibility. Compressibility is a description of the amount
  21. Working with literal metals and chemicals. While most spiritual alchemists also, incorporate ,elements of esotericism, examples of a purely spiritual alchemy can be traced
  22. Water filter, introduced in 2000,was the first home water treatment system to, incorporate ,a carbon block filter and Ultraviolet disinfection unit, becoming the first
  23. The" Catholic Church. " United Methodist Church The United Methodists commonly, incorporate ,the Apostles' Creed into their worship services. The version which is most
  24. Studios in the United States, Europe,and non-Japanese Asia; and they generally, incorporate ,utilization, methods,and gags described in anime physics, as in the case of.
  25. Even if the price level experiences no further shocks since they only ever, incorporate ,part of their errors. The backward nature of expectation formulation and the
  26. Historically, several voting methods which, incorporate ,aspects of approval voting have been used: * Approving voting was used for
  27. Ritual of Nepal script are rounded. Most North India scripts' full letters, incorporate ,a horizontal line at the top, with Gujarati script an exception; South India
  28. In America. In addition to making a relatively exotic sound, Weill manages to, incorporate ,the jazz style in the song without making it seem incongruous; the American and
  29. Lines as the USMC Harvest HAWK program. Design These heavily-armed aircraft, incorporate ,side-firing weapons integrated with sophisticated sensors, navigation,and fire
  30. But not in a legal sense. Legislation allowing Alaskan communities to legally, incorporate ,as cities did not come about until 1900,and home rule for cities was extremely
  31. PASS). According to veteran moon-walker John Young, a redesign of the LM to, incorporate ,a smaller hatch had not been followed by a redesign of the PLSS backpack, so
  32. Deaf culture. Many parents today purchase“ Baby Signs” DVD’s and books which, incorporate ,ASL signs for infant and toddler communication. “ Baby Signs” was invented by
  33. Autopilots capable of flying the aircraft from climb-out to landing Later A300s, incorporate , other advanced features such as: * 2-man crew by automating the flight engineer
  34. Shifts in the ecosystem. Some traditional poly culture systems may, in fact, incorporate ,a greater diversity of species, occupying several niches, as extensive cultures
  35. A number of place names through the Midland dialect regions of Britain that, incorporate ,the Amber- element: examples include Umbrella in Worcestershire, Ambrosden in
  36. Alpha Centauri was the first game with public beta testers. They were able to, incorporate ,many suggestions into the retail version. Alien Crossfire A month after Sacs
  37. In making Apollo ready for flight just by itself, and the extra time needed to, incorporate ,compatibility with the Gemini, made that impractical. This became moot when
  38. Music styles all over the world: see the list of traditional music styles that, incorporate ,the accordion. Use in popular music The accordion appeared in popular music
  39. Methods are diverse in their foundations and methodologies. Methods may, incorporate ,or base themselves on traditional medicine, folk knowledge, spiritual beliefs
  40. 1970s when a lawyer from a firm in New York telephoned him with a proposal to, incorporate ,a company in the British Virgin Islands to take advantage of a double taxation
  41. Greater than 100 % must be avoided. Practical transmitter systems will usually, incorporate ,some kind of limiter circuit, such as a VO GAD, to ensure this. However, AM
  42. Commonly compare every group mean with every other group mean and typically, incorporate ,some method of controlling for Type I errors. Comparisons, which are most
  43. In the early 1850s and the paper's editor was instrumental in the movement to, incorporate ,the city. Following the Uncial, several other papers appeared along geographic
  44. The government began offering offshore registration to companies wishing to, incorporate ,in the islands, and incorporation fees now generate substantial revenues. An
  45. Would also expand its range of specialty areas beyond veterans' health to, incorporate ,stroke, orthopaedic rehabilitation and aged care. With the" Global Financial
  46. Operations, or preemptive multitasking. However, some higher-level languages, incorporate ,run-time components and operating system interfaces that can introduce such
  47. Norman and Plácido Domingo among the soloists. One of the first recordings to, incorporate ,many of Jonathan Del Mar's corrections was by Sir Charles Mackerels, as the
  48. American Civil War's 150th anniversary. Many in the South are attempting to, incorporate ,both Black history and white perspectives. A Harris Poll given in March 2011
  49. Is that these other approaches often are primarily acupuncture, and do not, incorporate ,Chinese herbal medicine. The term“ acupuncture” is sometimes used to refer to
  50. Hole. These guitars are most commonly used by swing and jazz players and often, incorporate ,electronics in the form of a pickup. However, many other kinds of acoustic

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