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  1. Density. He calculated the length to the center of oscillation of thread and, bob ,combined, instead of using the center of the bob . He corrected for thermal
  2. The period, usually by an adjustment nut (c) under the, bob ,which moves it up or down on the rod. Moving the bob up decreases the pendulum
  3. Of oscillation of thread and Bob combined, instead of using the center of the, bob , He corrected for thermal expansion of the measuring rod and barometric
  4. Command. S: 220 smtp2. Example. Com SMTP Postfix C: EHL, bob , Example. Org S: 250-smtp2. Example. Com Hello Bob. Example.
  5. Clocks have a small auxiliary adjustment weight on a threaded shaft on the, bob , to allow finer adjustment. Some tower clocks use a tray attached to the
  6. For a number of coins before decimalization. Terms such as half crown, florin, bob , and tanner for pre-decimalization coins are still familiar to older BRE
  7. Bob is a fireman ", for instance, would all have the same form in Lojban: la, bob , Bajra, la bob . Tolcitno, and la bob . Fagdirpre. There are several
  8. c) under the bob which moves it up or down on the rod. Moving the, bob ,up decreases the pendulum's length, causing the pendulum to swing faster and
  9. Youth culture of The Lost Generation; flappers, the Charleston, and the, bob ,cut haircut. * Fads such as marathon dancing, mah-jong, Yahtzee,crossword
  10. Air resistance (which accounts for most of the energy loss in clocks) the, bob ,is traditionally a smooth disk with a lens-shaped cross-section, although in
  11. Horizontal was used in early seismometers for measuring earth tremors. The, bob ,of the pendulum does not move when its mounting does, and the difference in the
  12. He showed that this curve is a cyclone, not the circular arc of a pendulum's, bob , so pendulums are not synchronous. He also solved the problem posed by Presence
  13. The pre-decimal British currency in this idiom:" a dozen pence and a score of, bob ,", referring to the 20 shillings in a pound. For Americans the term is most
  14. Although in Scotland fifty pence is sometimes referred to as a" ten, bob ,bit ". Decimal denomination coins are generally described using the terms piece
  15. Barbed wire, also known as barbwire (and frequently in dialect form spelled, bob ,or bob bed),is a type of fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points
  16. To the line. The line mode can also be used to draw rotated bob s: each line of, bob ,data is used as line pattern while the line mode draws the tilted bob line by
  17. Of the swing. He also found that the period is independent of the mass of the, bob , and proportional to the square root of the length of the pendulum. He first
  18. The word me into a verb that means to be what it follows. For example, me la, bob , Means to be Bob. Another copula is Du, which is a verb that means all its
  19. Carvings or decorations specific to the type of clock. In quality clocks the, bob ,is made as heavy as the suspension can support and the movement can drive
  20. A slaughterhouse certified as an organic processor in Vermont specializing in, bob ,veal was closed after a series of cases of inhumane treatment towards veal
  21. C: EHL bob . Example. Org S: 250-smtp2. Example. Com Hello, bob , Example. Org S: 250-SIZE 14680064
  22. Of its rotation, so gravity increased with latitude. He used a copper pendulum, bob ,in the shape of a double pointed cone suspended by a thread; the bob could be
  23. Thought that a vertical alignment between these two stars checked with a plumb, bob ,was used to ascertain where North lay. The deviations from true North using
  24. Length. The rate of pendulum clocks is adjusted by moving the pendulum, bob ,up or down on its rod, often by means of an adjusting not under the bob . In
  25. Commonly known by colloquial and slang terms, perhaps the most well known being, bob ,for a shilling, and quid for a pound. A farthing was a mag, a silver threepence
  26. Eyes do not have overlapping fields of view and thus cannot use stereopsis), bob , their heads up and down to see depth. Distance measurement in astronomy Stellar
  27. Would all have the same form in Lojban: la bob . Bajra, la bob . Tolcitno, and la, bob , Fagdirpre. There are several copula: me turns whatever follows the
  28. Is an idealized mathematical model of a pendulum. This is a weight (or, bob ,) on the end of a massless cord suspended from a, so the amplitude of their
  29. Effects on the period: *By Archimedes principle the effective weight of the, bob ,is reduced by the buoyancy of the air it displaces, while the mass (inertia)
  30. Line of bob data is used as line pattern while the line mode draws the tilted, bob ,line by line. The blitter's filling mode is used to fill per-line horizontal
  31. Of the cyclone (i.e. twice the diameter of the generating circle),the, bob ,of the pendulum also traces a cyclone path. Such a cyclical pendulum is
  32. For the usual sort of pendulum in which most of the mass is concentrated in the, bob , the center of oscillation is close to the center of mass. Christiaan Huygens
  33. Bob up or down on its rod, often by means of an adjusting not under the, bob , In some pendulum clocks, fine adjustment is done with an auxiliary adjustment
  34. Spice because of her more upper middle-class background, her choppy brunette, bob ,and refined attitude, form-fitting designer outfits and her love of high-heeled
  35. To represent one-twentieth of a pound, that is five new pence, and two, bob ,is 10p. The introduction of decimal currency caused a new casual usage to
  36. Consisting of a pendulum that is free to swing in two dimensions, with the, bob ,rotating in a circle or ellipse. He used the motions of this device as a model
  37. Around almost fixed locations. For example, a cork on rippling water will, bob ,up and down, staying in about the same place while the wave itself moves
  38. Florin was a two- bob bit. Bob is still used in phrases such as" earn/worth a, bob ,or two ", and " bob ‐a‐job week ". The two shillings and sixpence coin or
  39. For instance, would all have the same form in Lojban: la bob . Bajra, la, bob , Tolcitno, and la bob . Fagdirpre. There are several copula: me turns
  40. Other sports for which Teammate is noted are athletics, badminton,basketball, bob ,skeleton, bob sleigh,hockey, judo,modern pentathlon, netball,rugby union
  41. Pendulum bob in the shape of a double pointed cone suspended by a thread; the, bob ,could be reversed to eliminate the effects of nonuniform density. He calculated
  42. Pendulums in clocks (see example at right) are usually made of a weight or, bob ,color "/JJ"> red"> (b) suspended by a rod of wood or metal color "
  43. And then" two quid ", and so on. Similarly, in some parts of the country, bob ,continued to represent one-twentieth of a pound, that is five new pence, and
  44. From vertical,θ0,called the amplitude. It is independent of the mass of the, bob , If the amplitude is limited to small swings, the period T of a simple pendulum
  45. Delivery agent (MDA). # The MDA delivers it to the mailbox of the user, bob , # Bob presses the" get mail" button in his MA, which picks up the message
  46. And push it down onto the seabed. Once the tank rolled off, the ramp would, bob ,back up to a horizontal position, ready for the next one to exit. The Navy High
  47. Is. The Q of a pendulum is given by:: Q = \franc \, where M is the mass of the, bob , ω = 2π/T is the pendulum's radian frequency of oscillation, and Γ is the
  48. The size of material in a uniform manner *Conical pendulum, a weight (or, bob ,) fixed on the end of a string (or rod) suspended from a pivot *Conical
  49. The invention of the pendulum clock. Galileo had the idea to use a swinging, bob ,to regulate the motion of a time-telling device earlier in the 17th century.
  50. Adult video (AV) company based in Tokyo * The" Madonna" was a type of, bob ,cut in the U. S. in the twenties * Madonna (1999 film),(Bogorodica),a

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