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  1. Gas *Skid cone, a hollow steel or plastic cone placed over the sawn end of a, log ,*Speaker cone, the cone inside a loudspeaker that moves to generate sound
  2. A visit to Plymouth, he married a widowed innkeeper. According to the ship's, log , Selkirk died at 8 p. m. on 13 December 1721 while serving as a lieutenant on
  3. Or BBS, is a computer system running software that allows users to connect and, log ,in to the system using a terminal program. Once log ged in, a user can perform
  4. Edition. Since it is written in pure Java, no native code is required. It has a, log ,structured storage architecture, which gives it different performance and
  5. Scenario for quick sort is O (n²),but the average-case run-time is O (n, log ,n). Evaluating run-time complexity The run-time complexity for the worst-case
  6. Released with a" Burns" from Cedilla and his staff. Deceives kept his flight, log , according to the article, but he did not file a report with authorities. " Doc
  7. And define the powers of x + y and x using a homomorphic branch of, log ,defined on an open disk of radius | x | centered at x. Formula (2) is valid
  8. Unchanged. The time required is O ( log n) for lookup, plus a maximum of O (, log ,n) rotations on the way back to the root, so the operation can be completed in
  9. Those through atomic number 118 now known. Abundance The following graph (note, log ,scale) shows abundance of elements in our solar system. The table shows the
  10. From fishermen activities. *aizkolaritza and trontzalaritza: wood-chopping and, log ,sawing. *Giza-abere protein: stone block pulling, from construction works:
  11. That Jane and Ranger ran aground, but Maynard made no mention of this in his, log , What is certain though is that Adventure turned her guns on the two ships and
  12. To placate the offended subject. Drysdale went so far as to re-create the, log ,cabin the Competes had lived in and place it right next to the" cement pond
  13. Of any node differ by at most one. Lookup, insertion,and deletion all take O (, log ,n) time in both the average and worst cases, where n is the number of nodes in
  14. As in strong, long ), usually in gone, often in on, and irregularly before (, log , hog, dog,fog which is not found in British English at all). * The
  15. Search tree. Because of the height-balancing of the tree, a lookup takes O (, log ,n) time. No special actions need to be taken, and the tree's structure is not
  16. Key Rothschild EQ → Just devalue This operation requires O (, log ,n) time in the average case, but needs O (n) time in the worst case, when
  17. Stone-age community," Dog patch mostly consists of hopelessly ramshackle, log ,cabins, pine trees," turnip" fields and" hang" wallows. Whatever energy
  18. Line that SMITH will invoke to complete the proposed task. SMITH also generates a, log ,of commands that are performed in the Smith. Script file. The Smith. Script file
  19. Both sexes like to den in a protected spot, such as a cave, crevice,or hollow, log , during the winter months. Brown bears are mostly solitary, although they may
  20. Support the same set of operations and because red-black trees also take O (, log ,n) time for the basic operations. Because AVL trees are more rigidly balanced
  21. Of the problem is fixed, or grows very slowly with problem size (e.g. O (, log ,n) ), then additional processors can increase the possible problem size
  22. Itself and its descendants),then the nodes can be retrieved by index in O (, log ,n) time as well. Once a node has been found in a balanced tree, the next or
  23. History The first bridges were made by nature itself — as simple as a, log ,fallen across a stream or stones in the river. The first bridges made by humans
  24. The functions of analysis, especially powers, roots, and the exponential and, log ,functions. Here are a few examples: Dirichlet convolutions: \sum_\mu (\delta)=
  25. Installed in historic buildings, and structures with solid walls, such as, log ,homes. These small ducts are typically longer contiguous pieces, and therefore
  26. Between to cover multiple decades of measurement. Other modern picometers use, log ,compression and a" current sink" method that eliminates range switching and
  27. Of external financing. Exports also increased, due to an increase in, log ,exports. With regard to the budget, both the current and overall deficits were
  28. Is 0 unless the argument is a prime power, in which case it is the natural, log ,of the prime:: \Lambda (n) \begin\ log p &\box n 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11,13,16
  29. Node. Right, key,value) ) The part that is rebuilt uses Θ (, log ,n) space in the average case and O (n) in the worst case (see big-O
  30. Shell script to rerun system configuration tasks. SMITH also creates the Smith., log ,file, which contains additional detailed information that can be used by
  31. That the subtree's height has remained unchanged. The time required is O (, log ,n) for lookup, plus a maximum of O ( log n) rotations on the way back to the
  32. To the log arithm of the length of the list being searched, or in O (, log ,(n) ), colloquially " in log arithmic time ". Usually asymptotic estimates are
  33. To the next by maintaining the ability to read and apply the prior release's, log ,records. The FreeBSD and OpenBSD operating system continue to use Berkeley DB
  34. The operations to balance the trees are different, but both occur in O (, log ,n) time. The real difference between the two is the limiting height. For a
  35. Harvey writes that the asymptotic time complexity of this algorithm is O (n2, log , ( n)2+EPS) and claims that this implementation is significantly faster than
  36. In decibels, it is log arithmically related to the power ratio: G (dB)=10, log , ( Pout / (Pin) ). RF amplifiers are often specified in terms of the maximum
  37. Animal hide-covered kayak and coracle and the dugout canoe made from a single, log , By the mid 19th century, many boats had been built with iron or steel frames
  38. Locate and relocate, betterment,addition, subdivision ), types of property (, log ,cabin, adobe ) in the 18th century; frame house, apartment,tenement house
  39. Records of their observations, which usually takes the form of an observing, log , Observing log s typically record details about which objects were observed and
  40. 1986 by National Geographic writer and editor Joseph Judge based on Columbus's, log , Evidence in support of these remains inconclusive. On the landfall island
  41. Time proportional to the height of the tree in the worst case, which is O (, log ,n) time in the average case over all trees, but O (n) time in the worst case
  42. As are is a multivalued function, unique only up to a multiple of 2π, log , is also multivalued. The principal value of log is often taken by restricting
  43. Fortunately, faster methods have been developed which require only O (p (, log ,p)2) operations (see big-O notation). David Harvey describes an algorithm
  44. Rotations on the way back to the root, so the operation can be completed in O (, log ,n) time. Comparison to other structures Both AVL trees and red-black trees are
  45. And Subhumid * http://www.acmuller.net/ddb Digital Dictionary of Buddhism (, log ,in with user ID" guest" ) *
  46. Data Store" ( TDS). The 4. X releases added the ability to replicate, log ,records and create a distributed highly available single-master multi-replica
  47. Also known as a rewrite engine, implemented under mod_rewrite),custom, log ,files (mod_ log _config),and filtering support (mod_include and
  48. Second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln (née Hanks),in a one-room, log ,cabin on the Sinking Spring Farm in southeast Hardin County, Kentucky,(now
  49. Numbers, but does include some simple transcendental numbers such as e or, log ,(2). Algebraic integers An algebraic integer is an algebraic number which is
  50. Feature set. Berkeley DB's evolution has sometimes led to minor API changes or, log ,format changes, but very rarely have database formats changed. Berkeley DB HA

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