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  1. Of alcohol consumed by problem drinkers. Benzodiazepine dependency requires, careful ,reduction in dosage to avoid benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome and other
  2. His many allies in Greece. This caused the great general to be conservative, careful , and dangerously predictable. Pompey deployed his army in the traditional
  3. The wort is then boiled in the kettle at atmospheric pressure, and through, careful ,control the inlets and outlets on the external boiler, an overpressure can be
  4. The leading Hellenistic center of learning (Library of Alexandria),but were, careful ,to maintain the distinction of its population's three largest ethnicities:
  5. Infuriated the U. S. Navy, but Mitchell was nevertheless allowed to conduct a, careful ,series of bombing tests alongside Navy and Marine bombers. In 1921,he bombed
  6. Correct dimensions on a strip of paper and folded it into a helix, being, careful , to maintain the planar peptide bonds. After a few attempts, he produced a model
  7. In Sole. The family moved to France in 1818 where the brothers received a, careful ,scientific education. At his return from Ethiopia, he married Virginia Vincent
  8. Logically, into tonnage worth a price per pound ". The contrast between the ", careful ,control against the almost inconceivable perversion of his scheme" and" the
  9. Scholars, that he wisely curtailed the activities of the Roman Empire to a, careful ,minimum, or perhaps that he was uninterested in events away from Rome and Italy
  10. Been the result of hard-fought battles, balancing deeply felt emotions with, careful ,thought, a sense of responsibility, and resolute determination. All three
  11. Had had at least" one sexual relationship ", to which Widdecombe replied:" Be, careful , that's the way you get sued ". When interviewer Jenny Murray asked if she had
  12. And a 35-year-old French map aboard Goliath. Hood replied that he would take, careful ,Battle of the Nile Ten minutes after the French opened fire Goliath, ignoring
  13. Attention to everything in existence. A constant concern for Allah results in a, careful ,attitude towards people, animals,and other things in this world. This concept
  14. Joined with the Marconi in the wars of 166–180 against the empire. A, careful ,reading of Tacitus provides one solution. He says that the source of the Elbe
  15. Had survived two revolts, one in Kandahar and another in Kabul, and was, careful ,to pacify the local population after victories, following local traditions and
  16. Data into 3D. Subsequently, spatial measurements can be greatly affected, and, careful , analysis of the reconstructed volume is need to ensure the correct results. In
  17. In Old Comedy is slapstick buffoonery that doesn't require the audience's, careful ,attention, often relying on visual cues. Actors playing male roles appear to
  18. Finished bricks are very accurate and uniform, although the sharp arrives need, careful ,handling to avoid damage to brick (and bricklayer). The bricks can be made in
  19. Ward off bears. They are told to look for grizzly scat in camping areas, and be, careful ,to carry the bells and whistles in those areas. Grizzly scat is difficult to
  20. Of style have also abruptly changed the art of a culture. For example, when the, careful , even tedious, art techniques of French neoclassicism became oppressive to
  21. Use of prose in Western literature. Of the two, Thucydides was the more, careful ,historian. His critical use of sources, inclusion of documents, and laborious
  22. Pressure-lowering effect of ACE inhibitors. Such therapy, of course, requires, careful , and gradual titration of the dose to prevent the effects of rapidly decreasing
  23. Of quiet desperation. '" A blend of nature writing, philosophic musings, and, careful , observation of the people and place of" Sac Prairie. " Of this work, George
  24. Finding of DCSD. The Lomborg Deception by Howard Frail claims to offer a ", careful ,analysis" of the ways in which Lomborg has" selectively used (and sometimes
  25. De Victimize (1655–1746)—show a deep knowledge of Holy Scripture, and much, careful ,adaptation of different texts. Later modern reforms During the pontificate of
  26. In some circumstances. There are complications and the technique requires, careful ,preparation and a level of skill and experience above that required for a
  27. Has been well-educated in a wide variety of subjects, the teacher must be, careful ,not to repeat what they have already learned, but to challenge the student with
  28. The appearance of bipolar symptoms, further complicating the diagnosis. A, careful ,longitudinal analysis of symptoms and episodes, enriched if possible by
  29. In addition, if guns in more than one location are firing on one target, with, careful , timing it can be arranged for all their shells to land at the same time for the
  30. Belies the amount of groundwork done beforehand. While it can allow for some, careful ,improvisation, it has also brought him into conflict with the occasional
  31. To confusion in the context. Others reject this usage as inaccurate and are, careful ,to specify the BAC (or an equivalent expression such as" the three provinces
  32. Of energy in an easily released form, and can be very dangerous. However, careful ,design, testing,construction and use minimizes risks. The Lumiere () brothers
  33. To know where any particular example of the language was written. Only, careful ,examination reveals the occasional loan word from a local language. A group of
  34. Chasing aircraft due to the speed they lose in the turn, and would have to be, careful ,that they are not being tracked with SARAH missiles. Similarly, armed targets The
  35. A step must be guaranteed to be bounded above by a constant. One must be, careful ,here; for instance, some analyses count an addition of two numbers as one step.
  36. Little arias, accompanied sometimes by the string quartet, treated with, careful ,elaboration, sometimes with the continue alone. By 1686 he had definitely
  37. On beat with the record currently playing. Pay attention to track structures;, careful ,phrasing can make the mix seamless. # If the beat on the new record hits before
  38. Established alternate tracks to avoid the worst parts of the surface, although, careful , attention must be paid to the presence or absence of landmine warning markers
  39. Mathematicians for many years, to the detriment of English mathematics. A, careful ,examination of the papers of Leibniz and Newton shows that they arrived at
  40. Higher education of the youth of Baghdad consisted principally in a minute and, careful ,study of the rules and principles of grammar, and in their committing to memory
  41. Tyrants and contributes to good morals; in his language he is concise, exalted, careful , and often like an orator;" goes on to add:" but he descended into wantonness
  42. And God as the Holy Spirit. Since that time, Christian theologians have been, careful ,to emphasize that Trinity does not imply three gods, nor that each member of
  43. Then inadvertent movement of the bow will result, with loss of accuracy. By, careful ,study of the bow's movement, the appropriate positioning and addition of
  44. That his aim might be spoiled in his quickness. Jackson would wait and take, careful ,aim at Dickinson. Dickinson did fire first, hitting Jackson in the chest. Under
  45. By folding kinetics as well as folding thermodynamics, so one must always be, careful ,in concluding stability from bioinformatic analysis. The hydrogen bonding of β
  46. In various shades of gold and silver and in a variety pigment colors, and by, careful ,setup quite elaborate effects can be achieved by using different rolls of foil
  47. Linking higher levels of uric acid with increased mortality and other, more, careful , studies showing no association. Most other animals are able to produce this
  48. Seeds with gibberellic acid can be useful in increasing seed germination, as is, careful ,monitoring of moisture levels in the rooting medium. Gallery File: Bay leaf442.
  49. Established alternate tracks to avoid the worst parts of the surface, although, careful , attention must be paid to the presence or absence of landmine warning markers
  50. To be regretted that they have remained almost entirely in manuscript, since a, careful ,study of them is indispensable to anyone who wishes to form an adequate idea of

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