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  1. Of the 12th inning of a tie game, thus accomplishing the only walk-off straight, steal ,of home in major league history. In more recent years, pure steal s of home are
  2. So rendering the whole country barren. Perhaps most tellingly, he intended to, steal ,the body of the Prophet Muhammad, and hold it for ransom until all Muslims had
  3. Forced by the player's choice of faction. Probe teams can sabotage and, steal ,information, units,technology, and energy from enemy bases, while diplomacy
  4. Reject the state, based on the belief that states are aggressive entities which, steal ,property (through taxation and expropriation),initiate aggression, are a
  5. In a wild pitch, passed ball, or balk would no longer be credited as a, steal , even if the runner had started to steal before the play. The stolen base was
  6. Others are less expansionist but just as aggressive; they invade colonies to, steal ,eggs or larvae, which they either eat or raise as workers/slaves. Extreme
  7. Instance, a runner getting caught steal ing (tagged out attempting to, steal ,a base). A batter with this sort of incomplete plate appearance starts off the
  8. Runner on first base, including the fundamental choice of whether to attempt a, steal ,of second base. The hit-and-run is sometimes employed with a skillful contact
  9. Since a bigger lead is possible off second base. It is possible for a player to, steal ,home plate, but this requires great daring and aggressiveness as the ball will
  10. Crouch and cannot throw to second until an infielder gets there. The delayed, steal ,is a deceptive technique that is sometimes executed by even slow runners and
  11. Balk would no longer be credited as a steal , even if the runner had started to, steal ,before the play. The stolen base was specifically to be credited" to a runner
  12. A stolen base to an otherwise successful steal as a part of a double or triple, steal , if one other runner was thrown out in the process. The criteria for being
  13. An unknown cause. Historical role Columbus never thought Vespucci had tried to, steal ,his laurels, and in 1505 he wrote his son, Diego,saying of Vespucci," It has
  14. Hit. But if the hitter fails to hit the ball, the hit-and-run becomes a pure, steal ,attempt, and the runner may be thrown out. Another risk of the hit-and-run is
  15. Balks or by being forced off. In short, shall include all bases made by a clean, steal , or through a wild throw or muff of the ball by a fielder who is directly
  16. Attempting to steal . " The next year, it was clarified that any attempt to, steal ,must be credited to the runner, and that fielders committing errors during this
  17. Base is the base most often stolen. It is also technically the easiest to, steal , as it is farthest from home plate and thus a longer throw from the catcher is
  18. Or batter error. " 1910 saw the first addressing of the double and triple, steal ,attempts. Under the new rule, when any runner is thrown out, and the other (s
  19. Home are rare, although a player may steal home plate during a" delayed double, steal ," in which a runner on first attempts to steal second, while the runner on
  20. Or delivering the ball * Caught steal ing: times tagged out while attempting to, steal ,a base The basic pitching statistics include: * Wins: credited to pitcher on
  21. Tourists in Acapulco have been facing problems with local corrupt police who, steal ,money by extortion, and intimidate visitors with threats to jail. The “
  22. Rich and the poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to, steal ,bread. " (Le Lies Rouge) *" If the path be beautiful, let us not question
  23. A fielder who is directly trying to put the base runner out while attempting to, steal , " The next year, it was clarified that any attempt to steal must be credited
  24. Part of Tantalus' crime is that after tasting ambrosia himself, he attempts to, steal ,some away to give to other mortals. Those who consume ambrosia typically had
  25. Pseudos. A slave belonging to Hero, Pseudolus wishes to buy, win,or, steal ,his freedom. One of the neighboring houses is owned by Marcus Locus, who is a
  26. Ground ball double play. A second and lesser-known technique is the" delayed ", steal , This technique, famously practiced by Eddie Stinky of the Brooklyn Dodgers, is
  27. The king. He managed to convince the king that his mother was out to, steal ,his throne and exile him from Portugal. As a result, Afonso took control of the
  28. Time-of-pitch base. In addition, if the situation of the game is such that the, steal ,is of little use (usually in the late innings when the runner would not change
  29. Become wild pitches or passed balls. Likewise, a base runner can attempt to, steal ,a base, or the batter can choose to swing at an intentional ball; however
  30. Stealing. Noted statistician Bill James has argued that unless a player can, steal ,a high percentage of the time, then the stolen base is not useful, and can even
  31. In three important aspects of the revolt: she bought time for her sons to, steal ,imperial horses from the stables and escape the city, she distracted the
  32. Out in a pick-off. Another popular strategy is for the runner to attempt a, steal ,while the hitter is instructed to swing at the pitch if it is at all hittable.
  33. Not succeed in convincing Achilles. When Patrols is killed, Hector tries to, steal ,his body. Ajax, assisted by Menelaus, succeeds in fighting off the Trojans and
  34. Keystones in either 1863 or 1865,is documented as the first baseball player to, steal ,a base in a baseball game, although the term stolen base was not used until
  35. On the pitch run on, such as from a foul ball (except caught fly-out),the, steal ,is not allowed and the runner returns to his time-of-pitch base. In addition
  36. Vehicle. *1963 – Great Train Robbery: in England, a gang of 15 train robbers, steal ,2.6 million pounds in banknotes. *1967 – The Association of Southeast Asian
  37. Or passed ball. In baseball's earlier decades, a runner on second base could ", steal ," first base, perhaps with the intention of drawing a throw which might allow a
  38. An errorand not credit the runner with a stolen base. Further, any successful, steal ,on a play resulting in a wild pitch, passed ball, or balk would no longer be
  39. Pure" steal of home (i.e., not involving a squeeze play or an additional, steal ,attempt) was on September 9,2010,when Chris Nelson of the Colorado Rockies
  40. The extra advancement. There was clarification that a runner is credited with a, steal ,if the attempt began before a battery error. Finally, batters were credited
  41. The defense or make a travesty of the game ". The expression" You can't, steal ,first base" is sometimes used in reference to a player who is fast but not
  42. Another player. Many of which would not have counted under modern rules. Modern, steal ,rules were fully implemented in 1898,and steal s are now only credited when a
  43. It. Third base is a shorter throw for the catcher, and thus more difficult to, steal , though a right-handed batter can sometimes help by serving as an obstacle that
  44. May be caused by mass effect or ischemia resulting from local vascular, steal ,phenomenon. Presence and nature of deficit depend on location of lesion
  45. Were noted exceptions, such as denying a stolen base to an otherwise successful, steal ,as a part of a double or triple steal , if one other runner was thrown out in
  46. In more recent years, pure steal s of home are rare, although a player may, steal ,home plate during a" delayed double steal ," in which a runner on first
  47. For home as soon as the catcher throws to second base. The most recent" pure ", steal ,of home (i.e., not involving a squeeze play or an additional steal attempt)
  48. With a runner being charged with being caught if he is put out while trying to, steal , over sliding a base (otherwise successfully stolen),or is picked off a base
  49. Does not attempt to throw out the runner, the runner is not credited with a, steal , and the base is attributed to defensive indifference. Base steal ing was
  50. Plate during a" delayed double steal ," in which a runner on first attempts to, steal ,second, while the runner on third breaks for home as soon as the catcher throws

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