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  1. The three western sectors, and the that divided West and East Berlin. The, barrier ,was built slightly inside East Berlin or East German territory to ensure that
  2. Water is vertically stratified in the water column to the north, creating a, barrier ,to the exchange of oxygen and nutrients, and fostering completely separate
  3. To the inversion of an open umbrella in to a strong wind. Because of this low, barrier , amines such as NHRR' cannot be resolved optically and NRR'R" can only be
  4. It has a tiny (but non-zero) probability of" tunneling" through the, barrier ,and appearing on the other side to escape the nucleus. Gamow solved a model
  5. Defensive action. *Final Protective Fire: an immediately available prearranged, barrier ,of fire designed to impede enemy movement across defensive lines or areas.
  6. Affects in the central nervous system as it doesn't cross the blood-brain, barrier ,in significant amounts. This enables operative to be used to the same benefit
  7. Cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin. The, barrier ,included guard towers placed along large concrete walls, which circumscribed a
  8. Analogy is an umbrella turning itself inside out in a strong wind. The energy, barrier ,to this inversion is 24.7 kJ/MOL, and the resonance frequency is 23.79 GHz
  9. The general manager who would be eventually successful in breaking the color, barrier ,was Branch Rickey of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Rickey himself had experienced the
  10. Support from the Montreal fans. On April 15, 1947,Robinson broke the color, barrier , which had been tacitly recognized for over 50 years, with his appearance for
  11. The audience. According to fellow poet Michael McClure, it was clear" that a, barrier ,had been broken, that a human voice and body had been hurled against the harsh
  12. Organisms living together in a specific habitat The Berlin Wall () was a, barrier ,constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany) starting on
  13. Department of Isabel. To the east in the Caribbean Sea, the second-longest, barrier ,reef in the world flanks much of the of predominantly marshy coastline. The
  14. Dissected by rivers than the Pontus Mountains and historically have served as a, barrier ,to human movement inland from the Mediterranean coast except where there are
  15. Walls are joined tightly to one another, forming the so-called blood-brain, barrier , which protects the brain from toxins that might enter through the bloodstream.
  16. Formed by combining niacin with GAZA that is able to cross the blood-brain, barrier ,and is then hydrolyzed into GAZA and niacin. It is theorized that the GAZA
  17. Twelve years later, thanks in part to those individuals. By the time the sound, barrier ,was broken, much of the subsonic and low supersonic aerodynamics knowledge had
  18. Of both walls is marked, giving visitors an impression of the dimension of the, barrier ,system. Museum 15 years after the fall, a private museum rebuilt a 200-metre (
  19. Members, elected for a five-year term by proportional representation with a 2 %, barrier , The Senate (Sent) has 49 members, elected for a five-year term by electoral
  20. Overall has a temperate climate, with cold winters and hot summers. The, barrier ,effect of the Balkan Mountains has some influence on climate throughout the
  21. No other useful purpose. The Bell X-1 rocket plane, which first broke the sound, barrier ,in level flight, is a famous example. Model A model aircraft is a small
  22. During the second half of summer and produces hot and dry weather. The, barrier ,effect of the Balkan Mountains is felt throughout the country: on the average
  23. Holdings with disputed claims. Also, manufacturers wanted a high tariff as a, barrier ,to foreign goods, but competition among states made this impossible without a
  24. Accumulating instead on the surface of the zinc electrode and forming a, barrier ,between the metal and the electrolyte solution. Last years and retirement In
  25. Ending a thriving trade in metals and tiles. The same storm also created a reef, barrier ,at the Atlantic Ocean. Industry The city is also famous for its production of
  26. Millennium BCE, the Sahara returned to desert and created a formidable physical, barrier ,to travel. Together, this evidence suggests that the Arawak population has a
  27. By cerebrospinal fluid, and isolated from the bloodstream by the blood-brain, barrier , the delicate nature of the brain makes it vulnerable to numerous diseases and
  28. Simply Runaway Train, would have been his first in color. But the language, barrier ,proved a major problem, and the English version of the screenplay was not even
  29. Melatonin). Melatonin easily crosses cell membranes and the blood-brain, barrier , Unlike other antioxidants, melatonin does not undergo redox cycling, which is
  30. Fully comprehensible to Northern Germans, there is a massive communication, barrier ,with speakers from Bavaria. The Central Austro-Bavarian dialects are more
  31. The nitrogen atom bears four substituent counting the lone pair. The energy, barrier ,for the inversion of the stereo center is relatively low, e. g., ~7 kcal/MOL for
  32. The Franks and Æthelberht's kingdom was well established, and the language, barrier ,between the two regions was apparently only a minor obstacle, as the
  33. The magnificent Hand egg Waterfall, past Suntanned, and piercing the limestone, barrier ,of the Kitchen by a major canyon, before reaching Marine, situated on a
  34. Jackie Robinson signed a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking the color, barrier ,that had prevented talented African American players from entering the
  35. Strength between the brick’s edges and also to provide a relative moisture, barrier ,during the seasons where the arid climate does produce rain. Attributes
  36. Break off all delays, Alaric. This very year thou shalt force the Alpine, barrier ,of Italy; thou shalt penetrate to the city. " But the prophecy was not to be
  37. And flexible in order to adapt to the variability in impairments. Another, barrier ,is the capability of computer programs to imitate normal speech and keep up
  38. Navigation to the delta was possible from this location without encountering a, barrier , The stone quarries of Ancient Egypt located here were celebrated for their
  39. Many passes that facilitate transportation, but the Penibético forms a strong, barrier ,between the Mediterranean coast and the interior. The Sierra Nevada, part of
  40. Because of its strategic location on the Rhine River, which formed a natural, barrier ,to easy penetration into the German heartland from the west. The Allied ground
  41. League team in Montreal. In 1947,Robinson broke the major leagues' color, barrier ,when he debuted with the Dodgers. Larry Toby debuted with the American League
  42. In the town of Malaysia, West Bank pulled down parts of the Israeli West Bank, barrier , in a demonstration marking the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
  43. IN is used in xerographic process and laser printers as a charge leakage, barrier ,layer of the photo drum. In the automotive industry, h-BN mixed with a binder (
  44. A permit. Movement restrictions The Israeli construction of the West Bank, barrier ,has had an impact on Bethlehem politically, socially,and economically. The
  45. Of BYTE in March 1986 as the first computer to break the $1000/megabyte price, barrier , Music tracker software was popular on the ST, such as the TCB Tracker, aiding
  46. Both constitutes a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site and the second largest, barrier ,reef in the world, second only to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Forests and
  47. Uses the quantum tunneling phenomenon, which allows particles to pass through a, barrier ,that would normally be insurmountable. Electrons tunnel through the vacuum
  48. His adventurous life, his forcible character, the position of his state as a, barrier ,between the Indian and the Russian empires, and the skill with which he held
  49. New guild of craftsmen, without the class distinctions which raise an arrogant, barrier ,between craftsman and artist. " Gropius' neologism Bauhaus references both
  50. The cell wall consists of peptidoglycan in bacteria, and acts as an additional, barrier ,against exterior forces. It also prevents the cell from expanding and finally

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