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  1. Bahamas. United States U. S. states Four states in the United States officially, designate ,themselves as" commonwealths ": *Kentucky is designate d a commonwealth by the
  2. Raytheon Aircraft Company. In 2002,the Beech craft brand was revived to again, designate ,the Wichita-produced aircraft. Randy Groom, now President of Groom Aviation LLC
  3. German literature of the Baroque period. Music The term Baroque is also used to, designate ,the style of music composed during a period that overlaps with that of Baroque
  4. A year zero (0). Consequently, the 1st century in these calendars may, designate ,the years 0 to 99 as the 1st century, years 100 to 199 as the second etc.
  5. Is more likely however that the word Antique derives from the use of Anti to, designate ,mountain chains. Derivation from the Spanish Andes (in the sense of
  6. Is usually designate d as a Bachelor of Engineering, though some universities, designate ,the degree as a Bachelor of Science. The degree generally includes units
  7. Title of abbess (Artistic) has in some cases (e.g. Tahoe) survived to, designate ,the heads of abbeys which since the Protestant Reformation have continued as
  8. Systematic procedure in the present. The title is used in diverse ways to, designate ,behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and to refer to therapy based upon a
  9. To the brownshirts, the SA. * The black triangle was used by the Nazis to, designate ," asocial" people (homeless and Roma, for example); later the symbol was
  10. To epoch B1875.0,which was when Benjamin A. Gould first made the proposal to, designate ,boundaries for the celestial sphere, a suggestion upon which Deported would
  11. Pastry somewhat similar to a doughnut (except for the shape). It also used to, designate ,of the action of flicking with the finger (Molière, Le malady imaginary; or
  12. Is comparable in area to the entire United Kingdom. In Australia, borough can, designate ,a town and its surrounding area, such as the Borough of Queenscliffe. Boroughs
  13. Succession. Even so, the practice of the ancient church has also been to, designate ,churches as apostolic, even without a succession of bishops, simply for holding
  14. Primitive datatype, date and daytime, which do not allow a year zero, and, designate , years BC as negative numbers. Years contain at least four digits. Thus -0001 in
  15. To be authorized through a permitting system. Each Party to the Convention must, designate ,one or more Management Authorities in charge of administering the licensing
  16. Musicology. ) Martial arts Taijiquan uses the five elements to, designate ,different directions, positions or footwork patterns. Either forward, backward
  17. Y de today Andalusia (" King of Castile, León and all of Andalusia" ). # To, designate ,the territories the Christians had conquered by that time in the Guadalquivir
  18. Alphabet to indicate unknown values. The first part of the alphabet was used to, designate ,known values. Cartesian coordinates in three dimensions Choosing a Cartesian
  19. Others. He is credited with coining the term" modernity" ( modernity) to, designate ,the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis, and the
  20. The Washington Redskins, the Bills are one of only three teams in the NFL to, designate ,an official marching band. The Marching Band performs yearly pregame. In
  21. R*, S*" means two centers having opposite configurations (R, S or S, R ). To, designate ,two answers the relative stereo descriptors alpha (α) and beta (β) are used.
  22. Only on non-Muslims, which comes from the Greek term" origin ", a term which, designate ,the act by which the wealthy citizens of the Greek Polish financed the chorus of
  23. Influx of Americans into New Caledonia prompted the colonial office to formally, designate ,the mainland as the Colony of British Columbia, with New Westminster as its
  24. Forefront of political issues and the public. To ensure stability, he needed to, designate ,an heir to his unique position in Roman society and government. This was to be
  25. Of GS1 Company Prefixes used to identify products, for example, in barcodes, designate ,(national) numbering agencies. Lists of country codes by country A - B - C -
  26. Anaximander the earliest use of the word apron (infinite or limitless) to, designate ,the original principle. He was the first philosopher to employ, in a
  27. Church" to all Christians indiscriminately object to this use of the term to, designate ,what they view as only one church within what they see as the" whole "
  28. Which are within the language and understood by everyone because they naturally, designate ,their referent. The second type would be characteristic of the philosophy of
  29. Is Chaldo-Assyrians, a term used by many Assyrians and the Iraqi government to, designate ,the indigenous Aramaic-speaking Christians of Iraq. It intrinsically
  30. With this Act. " New Zealand formerly used the term borough to, designate ,self-governing towns of more than 1,000 people, although 19th century census
  31. Literal translation of the Arabic landaus when Arabic texts are quoted. # To, designate ,the territories the Christians had conquered by that time in the Guadalquivir
  32. The short-term receptor pathway. The term chemo tactic selection is also used to, designate ,a technique which separates eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells according to their
  33. By significant downward motion in the atmosphere). The third letter is used to, designate ,the stability of the atmosphere. If the air mass is colder than the ground
  34. Air Transport Association airport codes are three-letter codes used to, designate ,airports and used for bag tags. Occasionally a code word achieves an
  35. Air traffic is regulated by bilateral agreements between countries, which, designate , specific carriers to operate on specific routes. The model of such an agreement
  36. Ecclesiæ Rominsæ (Romanæ). In the ninth century Alcuin uses the word to, designate ,an office abridged or simplified for the use of the laity. Prudential of Troyes
  37. Commanders, or other appropriate officers as the Secretary concerned may, designate , to any person who, while serving in any capacity in or with the Army, Navy
  38. Apparently simultaneously. The expression 'time-sharing' was usually used to, designate ,computers shared by interactive users at terminals, such as IBM's TSO, and
  39. Flight deck of a U. S. aircraft carrier, the sailors wear colored shirts that, designate ,their responsibilities. There are at least seven different colors worn by
  40. Responsible for managing England's historic sites, used both theories to, designate ,the site for Bosworth Field. Without preference for either theory, they
  41. Control (8-bit CRC, polynomial X8 + X2 + X + 1) ATM uses the PT field to, designate ,various special kinds of cells for operations, administration and management (
  42. As head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. His son Pat Knight, the head coach, designate ,since 2005,was immediately named as his successor. The younger Knight stated
  43. Assumption of limited liability. The law sometimes requires the corporation to, designate ,its principal address, as well as a registered agent (a person or company
  44. From the name of this early Germanic tribal alliance. Persian and Arabic also, designate ,Germans Almanac, and Germany as Alma an in Persian and Albania in Arabic. In
  45. Bestowed, like the French abbé, as an honorary distinction, and survives to, designate ,the heads of some monasteries converted at the Reformation into collegiate
  46. Seat of the local magister minimum. Alboin's decision to create a duchy and, designate ,a duke were both important innovations; until then, the Lombards had never had
  47. Form their own pure colloids, the term" Eigencolloid" is used to, designate ,pure phases, e. g., Tc (OH)4,U (OH)4,Am (OH)3. Colloids have been
  48. Designated to receive legal service of process). It may also be required to, designate ,an agent or other legal representative of the corporation. Generally, a
  49. In, as well as for outbound calls, where lead selection allows management to, designate ,what type of leads go to which agent based on factors including skill
  50. It is even possible to declare several access types that all, designate ,the same type but use different storage pools. Also, the language provides for

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