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  1. During the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration, the expressway was plagued by, tight ,turns, an excessive number of entrances and exits, entrance ramps without merge
  2. Leq \exp\left (-\franc \franc\right). \! Moreover, these bounds are reasonably, tight ,when p = 1/2,since the following expression holds for all k ≥ 3n/8: F (k;
  3. He intended this as a temporary measure to allow him to produce material on a, tight ,schedule with inexperienced animation-staff. The 1970s saw a surge of growth in
  4. Wear a traditional Punjabi dress known as a salwar Kareem, long baggy pants, tight ,at the ankle (salwar) and a long colorful shirt (Kareem). Women also wear
  5. That pre-made filters have two sides. One with loose holes, and the other with, tight ,holes. Flow goes from the side with loose holes to the side with the tight
  6. Tight Like That" ( 1928) is a sly wordplay with the double meaning of being ", tight ," with someone coupled with a more salacious physical familiarity. Explicit
  7. backhand is placed on the side of the face. The lead shoulder is brought in, tight ,against the side of the face. This style is used by fighters who like to
  8. Proto-ballpoints did not deliver the ink evenly. If the ball socket were too, tight , the ink did not reach the paper. If it were too loose, ink flowed past the tip
  9. Fast speeds, slow approach speeds, as well as their ability to quickly make, tight ,turns, to climb quickly, and their ability to be precisely controlled at a
  10. With tight holes. Flow goes from the side with loose holes to the side with the, tight ,holes, with the intent that large particles get stuck in the large holes while
  11. And instituted improved measures to ensure ammunition handling was flash, tight , The British remained unaware of the weakness, to their great misfortune at the
  12. In Europe, the team got past Sporting in the qualifying rounds and drawn a, tight ,group consisting of Lyon, Liverpool and Degree. Losing their first away
  13. Are strung in repeated circular arrangements, and the fishing line is pulled, tight ,after each bead circle is made. Peyote stitch is stitched using only one end of
  14. Cars, but are in fact purpose-built racing machines which are built to, tight ,specifications also called Silhouette racing cars. The largest stock car racing
  15. Chin. The torso and hips are rotated clockwise, propelling the fist through a, tight , clockwise arc across the front of the body and connecting with the target. At
  16. Bulbs, corms and various kinds of tuber). Almost all species have a, tight ,cluster of leaves (a rosette) at the base of the plant or, in the
  17. A 14-room retreat on Palm Island, Florida close to Miami Beach. The warden kept, tight ,security and cut off Capone's contact with colleagues. His isolation and the
  18. 3 linebackers,2 wide receivers,2 cornerbacks,2 quarterbacks, a running back, tight ,end, safety,and defensive tackle. The Ravens have 39 combined Pro-Bowl
  19. Alone on a major war. The British made the situation much worse by imposing a, tight ,blockade on every American port, which cut off almost all imports and exports.
  20. And the Indianapolis Colts during the early 1990s. Ozzie Newsome, the Browns ', tight ,end for many seasons, joined Model in Baltimore as director of football
  21. Matter is important in cosmology, because Big Bang nucleosynthesis models set, tight ,constraints on the amount of harmonic matter present in the early universe. The
  22. He then transferred to San José State University, where he played as a, tight ,end and a defensive end. He also participated in intercollegiate boxing. Walsh
  23. Then tanks, and their size and maneuverability is more compatible with, tight ,urban spaces designed for wheeled vehicles. They can also be much more easily
  24. Against. The British ships not only had lighter armor but also lacked flash, tight ,ammunition handling arrangements, due in part to lack of awareness and
  25. Responding to a groundswell of protest about the issue. In 1990,a looming, tight ,election saw a tough political operator, Graham Richardson, appointed
  26. Beer widget, a nitrogen-pressurised ball inside a can which creates a dense, tight ,head, similar to beer served from a nitrogen system. The words draft and
  27. Emergence of the New York Highlanders, the Boston club found itself in a, tight ,pennant race through the last games of the season. A predecessor to what would
  28. The third preseason game and came back later in the season. They also drafted, tight ,ends Dennis Pitta, Ed Dickson, defensive tackle Terrence Cody, Arthur Jones
  29. Not be read, to regulate comings and goings, and to punish and excommunicate. A, tight ,communal timetable (honorarium) is meant to ensure that the time given by God
  30. Maneuvers include aileron rolls, barrel rolls, hesitation rolls,Cuban-8s, tight , turns,high-alpha flight, a high-speed pass, double Zimmerman, and
  31. The shorts were no more than two inches above the knee and the pants were not, tight , Barnard's women crossing the street to enter the Columbia campus wearing shorts
  32. Prospect. Acquiring Duran helped the Yankees edge the St. Louis Browns in a, tight ,pennant race, and the resulting uproar helped create a June 15 trading deadline
  33. Athlon XP-M CPUs also have a higher-rated heat tolerance, a requirement of the, tight ,conditions within a notebook PC. The Athlon XP-M replaced the older Mobile
  34. Shop) whose idea of Batman consists mainly of a fascination with the, tight ,rubber suits and a Bat mobile that can drive up walls. The other three kids
  35. Abundant body hair, and commonly facial hair. * A bear hug is typically a, tight ,hug that involves wrapping one's arms around another person, often leaving
  36. Design, the Domain turned on a small radius and could easily be parked in a, tight ,space. The prototypes were efficient in fuel consumption for their day
  37. In 2000 and 2001 benefited from an increase in oil prices and the government's, tight ,fiscal policy, leading to a large increase in the trade surplus, record highs
  38. As well as native namespaces. For the Windows platform, Dyalog APL offers, tight ,integration with Microsoft. Net, plus limited integration with the Microsoft
  39. Face (fighters tend to vary the exact positioning) and elbows are brought in, tight ,to the body (this position can be achieved by bringing the elbows as close
  40. Of which can assume the unusual dihedral-angle conformations required for a, tight ,turn. However, individual strands can also be linked in more elaborate ways
  41. Eunuchs, who had been instigated to do his by Isaac Comments. Knowing Anna's, tight ,hold on her family, it must have been with her implicit approval that he be
  42. That rounds its argument down to an integer. This worst case analysis is, tight ,: for any N there exists a query that takes exactly ⌊log2 (N) + 1⌋ iterations.
  43. By Hank Bauer in his first year of managing the ball club, were involved in a, tight ,pennant race against the Yankees and White Sox. They ended up in third with a
  44. And any solids (e.g. hops, grain particles) left in the beer, to filters, tight ,enough to strain color and body from the beer. Normally used filtration
  45. To 4. " 1978 pennant race In, the Red Sox and the Yankees were involved in a, tight ,pennant race. The Yankees were games behind the Red Sox in July, and on
  46. A bikini bathing suit. For women, bikini underwear can refer to virtually any, tight , skimpy, or revealing undergarment that provides less coverage to the
  47. The series was not as one-sided as the number of wins suggest, with several, tight ,matches. The tide finally turned in 1953 when England won the final Test at The
  48. Thought to be a sister to the rest of the group). Almost all species have a, tight ,cluster of leaves (a rosette),either at the base of the plant or at the end
  49. Accelerations. A skilled pilot will be able to climb vertically, perform very, tight ,turns, tumble his aircraft end-over-end and perform maneuvers during loops.
  50. Are described as shoulder to shoulder and four deep, which implies a, tight ,line about 250–300 men long (perhaps split in two by a central group of

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