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  1. Pakistani tribal areas and has a powerful strategic purpose. Bruce Hoffman,a, terrorism ,expert at Georgetown University, said " It amazes me that people don't think
  2. Violence has been classified by governmental and scholarly sources as, terrorism , Only a small fraction of those opposed to abortion commit violence, often
  3. A clause stipulating that none of the money would go to" underwriting, terrorism ,or other unacceptable activities. " The ACLU views this clause, both in Federal
  4. Institute, in 2010 Colombia still had the world's sixth-highest risk of, terrorism , Colombia is a standing middle power with the fourth-largest economy in Latin
  5. Europe, destroying a large portion of its population. The victims of biological, terrorism ,in fact became weapons themselves. This was noted in the Middle Ages, but
  6. S custody. The target is a person taking part in an armed conflict or, terrorism , whether by bearing arms or otherwise, who has thereby lost the immunity from
  7. Improvement in Israel's relations with Egypt and Jordan, the renunciation of, terrorism ,by the Palestine Liberation Organization, the ongoing peace talks between the
  8. 2011. nuclear, biological,and chemical warfare mask and hood Bio terrorism is, terrorism ,involving the intentional release or dissemination of biological agents. These
  9. Committed crimes. Amputation has also been used as a tactic in war and acts of, terrorism ,; it may also occur as a war injury. In some cultures and religions, minor
  10. When feces were thrown into faces of enemies. This early version of biological, terrorism ,continued on into the 14th century when the bubonic plague was used to
  11. City. " His arrest and deportation is another big step in our campaign against, terrorism ,because this man is known to have aided the Abu SAAF in acquiring weapons
  12. He has conflated Islam with violence and has called for Hindus to 'fight, terrorism ,and fight Islam '. In an interview in Surety Mehta's book 'Maximum City ', he
  13. Whilst having almost no capacity to infect humans. History Early use Biological, terrorism ,dates as far back as Ancient Rome, when feces were thrown into faces of
  14. The ANC. The ANC and its members were officially removed from the United States, terrorism ,watch list in 2008. Umkhonto we Size Umkhonto we Size (or MK),translated "
  15. Become a frequent tactic of the United States and Israel in their fight against, terrorism , The tactic can raise complex questions and lead to contentious disputes as to
  16. 21st centuries. They warn that this development may not only fuel lone wolf, terrorism ,but have devastating effects on American political life, such as the rise of a
  17. Bombings were associated in the media with anarchists because international, terrorism ,arose during this time period with the widespread distribution of dynamite.
  18. Colombia are mostly concentrated on combating the illegal drug trade, fighting, terrorism , improving Colombia's image in the international community, expanding the
  19. Democratic Party and its affiliated white militias used extensive, terrorism , intimidation and outright assassinations to suppress African-American leaders
  20. Abu Zubaydah is“ one of a handful of men entrusted with running the, terrorism ,network in the event of Osama bin Laden’s death or capture. ” *Abu Zubaydah was
  21. Or surrendered, taking advantage of an amnesty program, though fighting and, terrorism ,continues in some areas (See Islamic insurgency in Algeria (2002–present) ).
  22. Cambodia have strengthened. The U. S. supports efforts in Cambodia to combat, terrorism , build democratic institutions, promote human rights, foster economic
  23. Government aims to make the Armed Forces more flexible and able to deal with, terrorism , drug trafficking, disaster relief, and control its territorial waters. The
  24. Profits from the drug and weapon sales, and kidnappings can, in turn, fund more, terrorism ,activities. Alleged CIA involvement Experts debate whether the al-Qaeda
  25. Of 2003,and associated legislation made in response to the threat of domestic, terrorism , The ACLU believes such legislation violates either the letter or the spirit of
  26. For one year. At their appeal a year later all were acquitted. Fight against, terrorism ,In the wake of the targeting of airports by terrorists, enthusiasts '
  27. Is an active member of international coalitions fighting international, terrorism , The country is contributing to peacekeeping efforts in Kosovo, Afghanistan and
  28. Ruled that the Minister of Defense is constitutionally not entitled to act in, terrorism ,matters, as this is the duty of the state and federal police forces. See the
  29. Leadership" of regional groups using the al-Qaeda" brand ". Many, terrorism ,experts do not believe that the global jihadist movement is driven at every
  30. And discrimination due to association with poverty, narcotics trafficking, terrorism ,and other criminal elements. These stereotypes are considered unfair by many
  31. Book 'Maximum City ', he advocates the hanging of Indian Muslims who indulge in, terrorism ,and mass expulsion of Bangladeshi Muslim migrants from India. In the 1980s he
  32. Victims '. In 2008,Thackeray wrote 'Islamic terrorism is growing and Hindu, terrorism ,is the only way to counter it. We need suicide bomb squads to protect India and
  33. To today. Jihad in Afghanistan The origins of al-Qaeda as a network inspiring, terrorism ,around the world and training operatives can be traced to the Soviet War in
  34. The Liked central committee, and famously exclaimed:" Who's for wiping out, terrorism , " The incident was widely viewed as an apparent coup attempt against Shamir's
  35. Of weapons of mass destruction, illegal armaments traffic and international, terrorism , In case of low- and medium-intensity military conflict the Active Forces that
  36. Of these anti-syndicalist anarchist-communists become partisans of economic, terrorism ,and illegal ‘ was the most famous group to embrace illegalism. However, as soon
  37. To threats made by the leader of the Samajwadi Party that accusations of, terrorism ,directed at Indian Muslims would bring about communal strife, Thackeray said
  38. Additionally," while some students might protest when some express support for, terrorism , none object when students express hate of Jews ", saying that it says in" the
  39. 2008,Canada asked the United Nations to remove Bosnian Abdelaziz from its, terrorism ,watch-list. In June 2009,Canada agreed to repatriate Bosnian Abdelaziz
  40. The children of Chernobyl in My Memory US Accusations of supporting, terrorism ,The U. S. list of state sponsors of international terrorism includes Cuba.
  41. Established the training camps for our mujahedeen against Russia's, terrorism , We used to call the training camp al-Qaeda. The name stayed. It has been
  42. Of many leads that were thoroughly investigated at the time and never led to, terrorism ,charges ". An official added, however,that the three Qatari citizens have
  43. Libya and Syria after the U. S. declared them State-sponsors of international, terrorism , the collapse of ideological terrorist groups such as the Red Army Faction and
  44. The future of oil exports, and issues of illegal immigration and the threat of, terrorism , Nevertheless, trade between the two countries has continued to expand in both
  45. Numbers of convicted al-Qaeda members, despite many arrests on, terrorism ,charges, was cited by the documentary as a reason to doubt whether a widespread
  46. Four. Morris told The Sunday Times that the film, will seek to do for Islamic, terrorism ,what Dad's Army, the classic BBC comedy, did for the Nazis by showing them as
  47. In conjunction with local agencies to help combat issues such as gang violence, terrorism ,threats and health care fraud. Federal courts Buffalo is also the location of
  48. On July 18 to mourn the blast victims '. In 2008,Thackeray wrote 'Islamic, terrorism ,is growing, and Hindu terrorism is the only way to counter it. We need suicide
  49. Believed he was an unparalleled source of intelligence on al-Qaeda and, terrorism ,plots. Abu Zubaydah was touted as the biggest catch of the War on Terror until
  50. Brigade" ). This brigade performs the task of crowd control, combating, terrorism , to assist border guards in case of complications of operative conditions on

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