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  1. Above average utility. This strategy coincides with the optimal strategy if the, voter ,thinks that all pairwise ties are equally likely * Vote for any candidate that
  2. The 2009 presidential election was characterized by lack of security, low, voter , turnout and widespread electoral fraud. The vote, along with elections for 420
  3. The candidates, including a Condorcet winner and a Condorcet loser, without the, voter ,preferences changing. To the extent that electing a Condorcet winner and not
  4. Then the pivot probabilities of any other pair-wise ties. As a result, each, voter , will vote for any candidate that is more preferred than the leading candidate
  5. Utility theorem, and the probabilities of how others will vote. A rational, voter ,model described by Myers on and Weber specifies an approval voting strategy that
  6. Do so be as block approval voting, a simple variant on block voting where each, voter ,can select an unlimited number of candidates and the candidates with the most
  7. Preference order, preferring A to B to C to D, then the following are the, voter ,'s possible sincere approval votes:::::: If the voter instead equally prefers B
  8. On the definition above, if there are four candidates, A,B, C,and D, and a, voter ,has a strict preference order, preferring A to B to C to D, then the following
  9. Either way, the voter can risk getting a less preferred election winner. A, voter ,can balance the risk-benefit trade-offs by considering the voter 's cardinal
  10. Of the candidates, the candidates that have an above-median utility. When the, voter ,thinks that the others will balance their votes randomly and evenly, the
  11. Or 45 innings pitched in any previous Major League season. Since 1980,each, voter ,names three rookies: a first-place choice is given five points, a second-place
  12. Gubernatorial primary of 1980. Some suggested Schwarzlose's unexpected, voter ,turnout foreshadowed Clinton's defeat in the general election that year by
  13. Being strategy-proof for a voter means that there is a unique way for the, voter ,to vote that is a strategically the best way to vote, regardless of how others vote
  14. Were used, white for yes and black for no. At the end of the session, each, voter , tossed one of these into a large clay jar which was afterwards cracked open for
  15. Representing the flexibility and responsiveness of approval voting, not just to, voter ,ordinal preferences, but cardinal utilities as well. Dichotomous preferences
  16. In the March 2006 elections. In the elections, which saw Israel's lowest-ever, voter ,turnout of 64 % (the number usually averages on the high 70 %),Karima
  17. Prospective rating. This strategy is optimal in the sense that it maximizes the, voter ,'s expected utility, subject to the constraints of the model and provided the
  18. Candidates are added? * Reversal symmetry—If individual preferences of each, voter ,are inverted, does the original winner never win? Other issues and comparisons
  19. Help to detect an" under vote" when a candidate is left unmarked and allow the, voter ,a second chance to confirm the ballot markings are correct. The" single bubble
  20. Can cause that candidate to lose to a less preferred candidate. Either way,the, voter ,can risk getting a less preferred election winner. A voter can balance the
  21. Approval voting is a single-winner voting system used for elections. Each, voter ,may vote for (or 'approve' of) as many of the candidates as the voter wishes
  22. Other minority groups in the United States, indicated by the highest level of, voter ,registration and participation in elections among these groups in 2004. African
  23. Mandated by southern states and nationwide at the local level of government, voter ,suppression or disenfranchisement in the southern states, denial of economic
  24. Representation for the total Bundestag (if possible). Accordingly, each, voter , has two votes in the elections to the Bundestag. The first vote, allowing
  25. Winner. A voter can balance the risk-benefit trade-offs by considering the, voter ,'s cardinal utilities, particularly via the von Neumann–Jorgensen utility
  26. Winner, Memphis,was the Condorcet loser and was also ranked last by any, voter ,that did not rank it first. Only in the last scenario does the actual winner
  27. B and B to C—does not have dichotomous preferences. Being strategy-proof for a, voter ,means that there is a unique way for the voter to vote that is a strategically
  28. They also give a specific definition of a sincere approval vote in terms of the, voter ,'s ordinal preferences as being any vote that, if it votes for one candidate
  29. From other voting systems that typically have a unique sincere vote for a, voter , When there are three or more candidates, the winner of an approval voting
  30. Sincere votes in special cases when voter s have dichotomous preferences. For a, voter ,with dichotomous preferences, approval voting is strategy-proof (also known as
  31. Preferred candidates differently. When there are two or more candidates, every, voter , has at least three sincere approval votes to choose from. Two of those sincere
  32. As the voter wishes. The winner is the candidate receiving the most votes. Each, voter ,may vote for any combination of candidates and may give each candidate at most
  33. Vote for all the candidates. When there are three or more candidates, every, voter , has more than one sincere approval vote that distinguishes between the
  34. Voters to have dichotomous preferences when there are more than a few voter s. A, voter ,that has strict preferences between three candidates—prefers A to B and B to
  35. Sincere votes as those" ... that directly reflect the true preferences of a, voter , i.e., that do not report preferences 'falsely. '" They also give a specific
  36. The following are the voter 's possible sincere approval votes:::::: If the, voter ,instead equally prefers B and C, while A is still the most preferred candidate
  37. overstates to ensure black political participation through protection of, voter ,registration and elections. By 1966,the emergence of the Black Power movement
  38. Counties to vote on an ordinance to create a new state on October 24, 1861. A, voter ,turnout of 34 % approved the statehood bill (96 % approving). Name" A
  39. Help that candidate defeat a compromise candidate who would have won if every, voter ,had cast sincere preferences. * If voter s are sincere, candidates trying to win
  40. Minimal Approval for determining a consensus assembly where the least satisfied, voter ,is satisfied the most. Ballot types Approval ballots can be of at least four
  41. Brass and Dudley R. Rorschach predict that approval voting should increase, voter ,participation, prevent minor-party candidates from being spoilers, and reduce
  42. Are the lowest in the United States. The current state constitution requires a, voter ,referendum to raise property taxes. Since Alabama's tax structure largely
  43. Will balance their votes randomly and evenly, the strategy will maximize the, voter ,'s power or efficacy, meaning that it will maximize the probability that the
  44. Vote to treat strictly preferred candidates the same, ensuring that every, voter ,has at least one sincere vote. The definition also allows a sincere vote to
  45. Court. *To obtain a declaration on a legal document, such as an application for, voter ,registration, that the information provided by the applicant is truthful to the
  46. May be approved or not arbitrarily. Strategy with ordinal preferences A sincere, voter ,with multiple options for voting sincerely still has to choose which sincere
  47. Recent winners. Qualifications and voting From 1947 through 1956,each BBW AA, voter ,used discretion as to who qualified as a rookie. In 1957,the term was first
  48. Each voter may vote for (or 'approve' of) as many of the candidates as the, voter ,wishes. The winner is the candidate receiving the most votes. Each voter may
  49. Belgium has compulsory voting and thus holds one of the highest rates of, voter ,turnout in the world. The King (currently Albert II) is the head of state
  50. S power or efficacy, meaning that it will maximize the probability that the, voter ,will make a difference in deciding which candidate wins. Optimal strategic

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