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  1. Trochanter. The canines were somewhat elongated and were followed by a short, gap ,in each jaw, and the cheek-teeth were adapted for succulent food. The length of
  2. With a high Human Development Index. At the same time, the life expectancy, gap ,is affected by collectively lower access to quality medical care. With no
  3. Most of her two books on astrology. His diaries at first show discontent at the, gap ,between his view of the grade of Magus and his view of himself:" It is no good
  4. Less distant from user, more directly approaching him, solving the cultural, gap ,that used to keep art and user reciprocally far, by Maraviglia. But the
  5. Space exploration as a symbol of national prestige, he warned of a" missile, gap ," between the two nations, pledging to make the U. S. not" first but, first
  6. Overcoming Russia for the first time, and partially closing the competitiveness, gap ,with India and China among the BRIC economies. Important steps taken since the
  7. Mention in" The Capture of Cerberus" to the fact that there has been a, gap ,of twenty years between Poirot's previous meeting with Countess Ossoff and
  8. Was founded in 1940 by Dr. Schweitzer to unite U. S. supporters in filling the, gap ,in support for his Hospital when his European supply lines was cut off by war
  9. Production catering to small niches (see just-in-time production). The, gap ,between producer and consumer is bridged by technology using a so called
  10. Behind). With the Academies in Europe (second half of 16th century) the, gap ,between fine and applied arts was definitely set. Many contemporary definitions
  11. Longer than European American males born in that year. In the same year,the, gap ,in life expectancy between American whites (78.0) and blacks (72.8) had
  12. Achievement gap has been closing. Many policymakers have proposed that this, gap ,can and will be eliminated through policies such as affirmative action
  13. Student Richard Taylor, he published a second paper which circumvented the, gap ,and thus completed the proof. Both papers were published in 1995 in a special
  14. In Cambridge. In August 1993,however, it turned out that the proof contained a, gap , In desperation, Andrew Wiles tried to fill in this gap , but found out that the
  15. 76 cents for every dollar of their European American counterparts, although the, gap ,narrowed somewhat with a rise in educational level. Overall, the median
  16. Economic projections of the Proposer. He reminds readers that" there is a, gap ,between the narrator’s meaning and the text’s, and that a moral-political
  17. African Americans was 11.1 %, while the nationwide rate was 6.5 %. The income, gap ,between black and white families is also significant. In 2005,employed blacks
  18. The proof contained a gap . In desperation, Andrew Wiles tried to fill in this, gap , but found out that the error he had made was a very fundamental one. According
  19. Contain unrecognized functional elements. Bioinformatics helps to bridge the, gap ,between genome and proteome projects — for example, in the use of DNA sequences
  20. In hexagonal is also indicated by its absence of color and a large band, gap , Very different bonding – strong covalent within the basal planes (planes
  21. Term, in which current expectations are raised (or lowered) according to the, gap ,between actual inflation and previous expectations. This error-adjustment is
  22. 1895) drew on this movement for material. This is a work that bridges the, gap ,between serious symbolic meaning and the type of critical absurdity with which
  23. He explained the apparent stability of the human stock by pointing to the vast, gap ,in cranial capacities between humans and the great apes. Unlike some other
  24. Of their own racial group. Crime also plays a significant role in the racial, gap ,in life expectancy. A report from the U. S. Department of Justice states" In
  25. And Davies, Guiscard’s right flank had become dangerously exposed and a fatal, gap ,had opened on the right of their line. Taking advantage of this breach
  26. This impression is created by a deep dent in the rim of the crown, which has no, gap ,in the fringe of tentacles. The method used by Ectoprocta is known as "
  27. Atlantic, allowing the Allies to provide aerial coverage in the Mid-Atlantic, gap ,; helping them to hunt U-boats and protect convoys. In 1944,American forces
  28. Smaller German ships were forced away from their quarry. Additionally, the air, gap ,over the North Atlantic closed, Huff-Duff (radio triangulation equipment)
  29. And algebra, and was moving in the right direction when he helped to close the, gap ,between numerical and geometric algebra, but the decisive step came later with
  30. Lagged behind whites, but some studies suggest that the achievement, gap ,has been closing. Many policymakers have proposed that this gap can and will
  31. In magazines. When the use of performance-enhancing drugs became an issue,the, gap ,between the sports media and the players whom they covered widened further.
  32. Over the Spider-Man books in late 1996. The Clone Saga tied into a publishing, gap ,after #406 (Oct. 1995),when the title was temporarily replaced by The
  33. However, scientific investigation of CAM is beginning to address this knowledge, gap , Thus, boundaries between CAM and mainstream medicine, as well as among
  34. The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GAS). In light of the economic, gap ,between rich and poor countries, movement adherents claim“ free trade ”
  35. Two spiral springs to provide the restoring force. By maintaining a uniform air, gap ,between the iron core of the instrument and the poles of its permanent magnet
  36. That after purchase of S-300 surface-to-air missiles, the largest apparent, gap ,in Azerbaijan's air defense system may have been filled. Today 'National Hero
  37. Major-league ballplayer; he was actually only the first after a long, gap ,(and the first in the modern era). Moses Fleetwood Walker and his brother
  38. Passed through that ionized air. Smoke particles from fire that enter the air, gap ,reduce the current flow, sounding the alarm. Alpha decay can provide a safe
  39. Is used in smoke detectors. The alpha particles ionize air between a small, gap , A small current is passed through that ionized air. Smoke particles from fire
  40. Are Belgian nationals. In general the population of Brussels is younger and the, gap ,between rich and poor is wider. Brussels also has a large concentration of
  41. They could fit their ideas into a tolerably elastic system. Some scholars saw a, gap ,between the existing mythical and the new rational way of thought which is the
  42. Pitch drawing the shortstop or second baseman over to second base, creating a, gap ,in the infield for the batter to poke the ball through. The sacrifice bunt
  43. Many historians believe that Mughal Arabs were incapable of bridging the, gap ,between the rulers and the people; therefore many new identities emerged along
  44. Of Aristotle's work followed the Greek interpreters without chronological, gap , and the Medieval western tradition was influenced equally by Christian
  45. Structures serve to transmit electrical or electrochemical signals across the, gap , Some synaptic junctions appear partway along an axon as it extends—these are
  46. Darwin himself, he did not" regard modern primitives as almost filling the, gap ,between man and ape ". He saw the evolution of man in two stages: achieving a
  47. To Wiles, the crucial idea for circumventing, rather than closing this, gap , came to him on 19 September 1994. Together with his former student Richard
  48. Opinions, comportment or background. One contemporary who tried to bridge the, gap , William Make peace Thackeray, established a tentative cordial relationship in
  49. And Development Party (UDP) – won the elections which were conducted after a, gap ,of almost 20 years, the junta finally agreed to sign orders allowing Sub Kyi's
  50. Period of study that Weissmann was called away on a new opera commission and a, gap ,in the theater’s program allowed for Salary to make his debut as a composer of

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