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  1. Process associated to a given transition . For example, one can say for a given, transition ,that it corresponds to the excitation of an electron from an occupied orbital
  2. Of versed nouns are interview, advocate,vacuum, lobby,pressure, rear-end, transition , feature, profile,belly-ache, spearhead,skyrocket, showcase,service (as a
  3. Border between one dialect and another because there is nearly always a dialect, transition ,zone of some size between pairs of geographically identified dialects. Armenian
  4. Volume; although theory also predicts a significant volume change for the α-β, transition , it is not observed experimentally. The pressure of the α-β transition
  5. Azerbaijan shares all the problems of the former Soviet republics in making the, transition ,from a command to a market economy, but its energy resources brighten its
  6. Hydride ion. Binary compounds of hydrogen with the alkali metals and some, transition ,metals have been produced in the laboratory, but these are only laboratory
  7. Inhibitor of ATP-dependent processes. In crystallographic studies, hydrolysis, transition , states are modeled by the bound mandate ion. However, caution is warranted in
  8. Modern assembly line by making interchangeable parts a practical reality. The, transition ,to other methods began as manufacturers took advantage of the opportunities
  9. A key concept for visualizing the excitation process associated to a given, transition , For example, one can say for a given transition that it corresponds to the
  10. Reports: Anaximander put forward the idea that humans had to spend part of this, transition ,inside the mouths of big fish to protect themselves from the Earth's climate
  11. Marks immortality and the other marks an unknown symbol of life has made the, transition ,into the Hindu pantheon of gods, without losing his importance. With Arena and
  12. In addition, alkanes have been shown to interact with, and bind to, certain, transition , metal complexes in (See: carbon-hydrogen bond activation). Free radicals
  13. First appears. Still further south lies the Polar front, which is marked by a, transition ,to very cold, relatively fresh, Antarctic Surface Water at the surface. Further
  14. Enzymes such as kinases are needed to examine the binding sites and, transition ,states involved in ATP-dependent reactions. ATP analogs are also used in X-ray
  15. To problems within a revolution could allow horrors to happen if a smooth, transition ,to a people's government is not achieved. Plot summary Old Major, the old boar
  16. And independent functioning throughout all aspects of his life and will ease, transition ,through adulthood. There are numerous ways to present visual schedules for
  17. As a sequence of machine tables (see more at finite state machine and state, transition ,table),as flowcharts (see more at state diagram),or as a form of
  18. In North America. America's historic Trans-Am Series is undergoing a period of, transition , but is still the longest-running road racing series in the U. S. The National
  19. Of the Seljuk conquest, and this period marks the start of Anatolia's slow, transition ,from predominantly Christian and Greek-speaking, to predominantly Muslim and
  20. Motion can indeed be understood as the active fulfillment of a potential, as a, transition ,toward a potentially possible state. Because actuality and potentiality are
  21. Wall Street hardly noticed. Apple's stock price remained constant and the full, transition ,to the Macintosh had begun. Influence The file system and some design ideas from
  22. And television After years of stability, the Braves have faced a period of, transition ,in their radio and television coverage. The 2007 season was the last for Braves
  23. Book in Turkey. Azerbaijan is an economy that has completed its post-Soviet, transition ,into a major oil based economy (with the completion of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan
  24. Mirror the Mosin-Nagant and SKS rifles which the AK-47 replaced. This eased, transition ,and simplified training. The prototype of the AK-47,the AK-46,had a separate
  25. Compensation for labor, some held out the possibility of a post-revolutionary, transition ,to a communist system of distribution according to need. Anarcho-communist
  26. The α-β transition , it is not observed experimentally. The pressure of the α-β, transition ,decreases with increasing temperature, and when americium is heated at
  27. Such as temperature and pressure. By varying the conditions, materials can, transition ,between solids, liquids,gases and plasmas. Within a state, a material can also
  28. Has undergone many transformations. With time the Armenian language made a, transition ,from a synthetic language (Old Armenian or Radar) to a typical analytic
  29. Have united the two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt (around 3100 BC). The, transition ,to a unified state actually happened more gradually than ancient Egyptian
  30. Policies. The government's policy toward conscientious objection is in, transition , as part of Armenia's accession to the Council of Europe. Most of Armenia's
  31. Language (Modern Armenian) with Middle Armenian as a midpoint in this, transition , Noun Classical Armenian has no grammatical gender, not even in the pronoun.
  32. If the word occurs after another word ending in a consonant, there is a smooth, transition ,from final consonant to initial vowel,e.g. " Meeting ". *If the word occurs
  33. Which also sometimes lists the α, β and γ phases as I, II and III. The β-γ, transition ,is accompanied by a 6 % decrease in the crystal volume; although theory also
  34. The Chile Government won the 1946 election and oversaw Australia's initial, transition ,to a peacetime economy. At the conference of the New South Wales Labor Party in
  35. On engine-derived lift for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). Most types, transition ,to fixed-wing lift for horizontal flight. Classes of powered lift types include
  36. Solid rocket fuel in 1966. Ammonia as a ligand Ammonia can act as a ligand in, transition ,metal complexes. It is a pure donor, in the middle of the petrochemical
  37. Succession through the turmoil of the invasion and the following years. The, transition ,was eased by the hostility existing among the northern Italian bishops towards
  38. He was energetic and effective in fighting the rebellion and beginning the, transition ,to Reconstruction. Johnson was nominated as the vice presidential candidate in
  39. The new duke, who used his full powers to promote the doctrines of Luther. This, transition ,did not, however,take place without protest. Summoned before the imperial
  40. Ammonia is usually slow, there is still a risk of explosion, particularly if, transition ,metal ions are present as possible catalysts. Detection and determination
  41. It stores data on its tape. At this level we do not give details of states or, transition ,function. ":: Most detailed," the lowest level ", gives the Turing machine's "
  42. The electron absorbs a quantity of energy less than the binding energy, it will, transition ,to an excited state. After a statistically sufficient quantity of time, an
  43. To the west, and north of Nazi. Metaxourgeio is frequently described as a, transition ,neighborhood. After a long period of abandonment in the late 20th century, the
  44. Sufficient quantity of time, an electron in an excited state will undergo a, transition ,to a lower state. The change in energy between the two energy levels must be
  45. Actions on DNA. Enzymes function by lowering the activation energy of the, transition ,state, thereby catalyzing the formation of an otherwise less-favorable
  46. By the white polycarbonate iBook and the flat-panel iMac. 2005–2007: The Intel, transition ,At the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote address on June 6,2005,Steve
  47. Continues even today) was initiated in the 1950s and 1960s,because of the, transition ,of Greece from an agricultural to an industrial nation. The expansion is now
  48. Country wholly within Europe. Albania is a parliamentary democracy with a, transition ,economy. The Albanian capital, Tirana,is home to approximately 600,000 of the
  49. Eventually producing" output" and terminating at a final ending state. The, transition ,from one state to the next is not necessarily deterministic; some algorithms
  50. The golden color of gold and cesium (which results from narrowing of 6s to 5d, transition , energy to the point that visible light begins to be absorbed). See. In the

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