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  1. Will be printed in black ink, on 90 GSM matte art paper. The binding will be, thread ,sewn, square backed. Chromium will offer a one-time printing of this Collector
  2. To get to know one another. Today cotton floss is the most common embroidery, thread , It is a thread made of mercerized cotton, composed of six strands that are
  3. 33). A thin strip of seal intestine was also used and was twisted to form a, thread , The women would grow their thumbnail extra long, so they could split the
  4. As throughput computing, was more important than the performance of a single, thread ,or program. This reversal of emphasis is evidenced by the proliferation of dual
  5. Of any analysis of Cauchy by postulating that he is working in the Archimedes, thread , The second implicit assumption is that the Weierstrass notion of limit is
  6. And easily separable. Other materials used are pearl cotton, Danish flower, thread , silk and Rayon. Sometimes different wool thread s, metallic thread s or other
  7. CPU (that is, to increase the utilization of on-die execution resources),and, thread ,level parallelism (TLP) purposes to increase the number of thread s (
  8. Area. His first job at age 13 in 1848 was as a bobbin boy, changing spools of, thread ,in a cotton mill 12 hours a day,6 days a week. His starting wage was $1.20 per
  9. Can be used heuristically; Michel Maynard writes the other terms" Ariadne's, thread ," and" philosophy" as effective equivalents. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is
  10. Can say,'I need thee not. '" This, and related statements, reflect the deep, thread ,of international theology running through Anglican social thought – a theology
  11. The 17th century, describing the reed as being held together by wire or resigned, thread ,; the earliest actual reeds that survive are more than a century younger, a
  12. While some can be a huge contrast. Some also have more than one color per, thread , which in the right project, creates amazing results. Related stitches and
  13. This line of thinking presented an ostensible paradox and became a major, thread ,in defining the idea of absurdism in Camus' writings. Opposition to
  14. The coastline appears as a momentarily shifting, potentially infinitely long, thread ,with a stochastic arrangement of bays and promontories formed from the small
  15. Threads. The most common bead weaving technique requires two passes of the weft, thread , First, an entire row of beads is strung on the weft thread . Then the beads are
  16. Attaching beads to one another or to cloth, usually by the use of a needle and, thread ,or soft, flexible wire. Most bead work takes the form of jewelry or other
  17. Threads. This difference can be easily explained by the overhead that one, thread ,per connection brings (as opposed to a couple of worker thread s per CPU, each
  18. Because of this, there are variations in the amount of color throughout the, thread , Some variations can be subtle, while some can be a huge contrast. Some also
  19. Line lends itself better to right angle weave because it is stiffer than nylon, thread , so holds the beads in a tighter arrangement and does not easily break when
  20. Implemented input/output processing such as direct memory access as a separate, thread ,from the computation thread . A more general approach to this technology was
  21. Craft of making things with beads. Beads can be woven together with specialized, thread , strung onto thread or soft, flexible wire, or adhered to a surface (e.g.
  22. The reed maker. The bound reed blank is then wrapped with thick cotton or linen, thread ,to protect it, and a conical steel mandrel (which has sometimes been heated in
  23. Fringes a" twisted thread of blue (tethered) ". In ancient days, this blue, thread ,was made from a dye extracted from a Mediterranean snail called the Hilton.
  24. One another. Today cotton floss is the most common embroidery thread . It is a, thread ,made of mercerized cotton, composed of six strands that are only loosely
  25. Passes of the weft thread . First, an entire row of beads is strung on the weft, thread , Then the beads are pressed in between the warp thread s. The needle is passed
  26. Sometimes used to accompany the HOL and dhoti. This rhythm serves as a common, thread ,that allows for easy commingling between Punjabi folk and reggae, as
  27. Which support multi thread ing, dynamic scopes are specific to each, thread ,of execution. Thus, special variables serve as an abstraction for thread local
  28. MMS) which allow Apache to run in a process-based, hybrid (process and, thread ,) or event-hybrid mode, to better match the demands of each particular
  29. Cross-stitch may also be combined with other work, such as canvas work or drawn, thread ,work. Bead work and other embellishments such as palettes, charms,small
  30. Of worker thread s per CPU, each processing many connection events). Each, thread ,needs to maintain its own stack, environment,and switching from one thread to
  31. One type of MT that was implemented is known as block multi thread ing, where one, thread ,is executed until it is stalled waiting for data to return from external memory
  32. And does not easily break when tugged upon. On the other hand, nylon, thread , is more suited to peyote stitch because it is softer and more pliable than
  33. A nitrocellulose-based cement such as Duo may be used) and then wrapped with, thread ,to ensure both that no air leaks out through the bottom of the reed and that
  34. From American press. Cash box went as far as saying that" there is a recurrent, thread ,of taste and artistry inherent in Abba's marketing, creativity and
  35. Armed Dutch. The Balinese battalion was entirely wiped out, breaking the last, thread ,of Balinese military resistance. In 1946 the Dutch constituted Bali as one of
  36. Hera pg. 34). Women made needles from the wing bones of seabirds and the, thread ,was made of sinews of different animals and fish guts (Gross & Hera pg. 33).
  37. Such as direct memory access as a separate thread from the computation, thread , A more general approach to this technology was introduced in the 1970s when
  38. Jewelry. All off-loom techniques can be accomplished using a single needle and, thread ,(no warp thread s),but some have two-needle variations. Different stitches
  39. Fibers of their stems. These fibers were split along their length and spun into, thread , which was used to weave sheets of linen and to make clothing. Papyrus growing
  40. Today they are far more complex and in many modern shows the clowning is a, thread ,that links the whole show together. Prop stunts Among the more well-known clown
  41. Of the 20th century. They allowed weaving of beads by raising every other, thread ,and inserting strung beads in the shed, the space between the lowered and
  42. Are done using either fishing line (most popular brand: fire line) or nylon, thread ,(most popular brand: YMO). Fishing line lends itself better to right angle
  43. And political jealousies engendered by the two figures compose the main, thread ,of the first part of Radius' reign. Radius' new advisor, the eunuch
  44. With beads. Beads can be woven together with specialized thread , strung onto, thread ,or soft, flexible wire, or adhered to a surface (e.g. fabric, clay ). Types
  45. Thread needs to maintain its own stack, environment,and switching from one, thread ,to another is also an expensive task for CPUs. Licensing With the release of
  46. Is left dangling at the beginning of the piece, while the first end of the, thread ,progresses through the stitch. In peyote stitch, beads are woven into the piece
  47. Colour black, some white Bahamians have joked that they are represented in the, thread ,which" holds it all together. " Coat of arms The Coat of Arms of The Bahamas
  48. External memory. In this scheme, the CPU would then quickly switch to another, thread ,which is ready to run, the switch often done in one CPU clock cycle, such as
  49. Bead circle is made. Peyote stitch is stitched using only one end of the nylon, thread , The other end of the string is left dangling at the beginning of the piece
  50. On the corners of their garments, and to weave within these fringes a" twisted, thread ,of blue (tethered) ". In ancient days, this blue thread was made from a dye

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