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  1. Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, thus giving birth to the, conservation ,profession in the UK. This department had been created by the museum to address
  2. Code, building envelope, sustainable design, historic preservation (US) or, conservation ,(UK),accessibility and other forms of specialist consultants. Many
  3. Policies for environmental and economic sustainability, water and energy, conservation , e.g., through development of alternative energy sources, expanded public
  4. A relativistic theory of gravity. Conservation-restoration, also referred to as, conservation , is a profession devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage for the
  5. Of conservation as we know it today. In the United States, the development of, conservation ,can be traced to the Fog Art Museum, and Edward Waldo Forbes, the Director of
  6. Ashes, the total mass remains unchanged. His experiments supported the law of, conservation ,of mass, which Lavoisier was the first to state, In any event, the Traits
  7. Acoustic medium are given below. Conservation of momentum The equations for the, conservation ,of linear momentum for a fluid medium are: \rho \left (\franc + \math bf \dot
  8. Fluid and \math bf (\math bf, t ) is the fluid velocity. The equation for the, conservation ,of mass for an acoustic medium can also be derived in a manner similar to that
  9. Research into painting materials and conservation , ceramics,and stone, conservation ,was conducted by Arthur Pillars Laurie, academic chemist and Principal of
  10. New Zealand and many organizations including community groups, landowners, conservation , organisations, iwi, volunteers,schools, local businesses, nurseries and
  11. Mu~\tabla\times\tabla\times\math bf~. The equations for the, conservation ,of momentum may then be written as: \rho \left (\franc + \math bf \dot \tabla
  12. Km) of coastline. Today, the battle between philosophies of development and, conservation ,is seen in the contentious debate over oil drilling in the Arctic National
  13. Radiation is the recoil of the parent nucleus, termed alpha recoil. Due to the, conservation ,of momentum requiring the parent nucleus to recoil, the effect acts much like
  14. For as long as possible. " However, today the definition of the role of, conservation ,has widened and would more accurately be described as that of ethical
  15. Farming more sustainable. New technologies have given rise to innovations like, conservation ,tillage, a farming process which helps prevent land loss to erosion, water
  16. Publishing a" Handbook of Conservation" in 1898. The early development of, conservation ,in any area of the world is usually linked to the creation of positions for
  17. Importance of biogeography and biodiversity that are frequently cited in modern, conservation ,circles. * 1864: http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/38597 On the phenomena
  18. Exact guidelines are no longer rigidly followed they did inspire this field of, conservation , Ethics The conservator's work is guided by ethical standards. These take the
  19. Issues in conservation provides a number of articles on ethical issues in, conservation ,; example of codes of ethics and guidelines for professional conduct in
  20. OnLine's http://cool. conservation -us.org/bytopic/ethics/ Ethical issues in, conservation ,provides a number of articles on ethical issues in conservation ; example of
  21. Table, which he designed and constructed, is still in operation. The focus of, conservation ,development then accelerated in Britain and America, and it was in Britain that
  22. Upon an appropriate conservation strategy. History Key dates The tradition of, conservation ,in Europe some consider to have begun in 1565 with the restoration of the
  23. Coordinates The acoustic equations for the conservation of momentum and the, conservation ,of mass are often expressed in time harmonic form (at fixed frequency). In
  24. The change in energy between the two energy levels must be accounted for (, conservation ,of energy). In a neutral atom, the system will emit a photon of the difference
  25. Spearheading efforts to implement a comprehensive global strategy for amphibian, conservation , Amphibian Ark is an organization that was formed to implement the ex-situ
  26. Equations in cylindrical coordinates gives us the fixed frequency form of the, conservation ,of momentum: \COFRAC = i\omega~\rho_0~\hat_r ~; ~~ \COFRAC~\COFRAC =
  27. Of this department at the British Museum moved the focus for the development of, conservation ,from Germany to Britain, and in 1956 Plenderleith wrote a significant handbook
  28. Someday develop transgenic plants which would allow for irrigation, drainage, conservation , sanitary engineering, and maintaining or increasing yields while requiring
  29. Cfrac = i\omega~\rho_0~\hat_z and the fixed frequency form of the, conservation ,of mass: \COFRAC = \COFRAC + \COFRAC\left (\COFRAC + \hat_r\right) + \COFRAC ~.
  30. Rathgen's that is commonly seen as the major source for the development of, conservation ,as we know it today. In the United States, the development of conservation can
  31. Equation of motion ( conservation of momentum) and an equation of continuity (, conservation ,of mass). With some simplifications, in particular constant density, they can
  32. Acoustic equations in cylindrical coordinates The acoustic equations for the, conservation ,of momentum and the conservation of mass are often expressed in time harmonic
  33. And alpine areas, such as Iceland and mainland alpine Scandinavia. The, conservation ,status of the species is good, except for the Scandinavian mainland population.
  34. Is the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project that built on existing, conservation ,efforts in Panama to create a country-wide response to the threat of
  35. And the physical needs of the material, in order to decide upon an appropriate, conservation ,strategy. History Key dates The tradition of conservation in Europe some
  36. And his friend, Arthur Young, is one of North America's leading bow hunting and, conservation ,organizations. Founded as a nonprofit scientific organization, the Club is
  37. Human dominance is stressed. In addition, he included the farm as a place of, conservation ,and is considered an agrarian scholar. Leopold believed that harm was
  38. Cfrac~\COFRAC = 0 ~; ~~ \rho_0~\COFRAC + \COFRAC = 0 ~. The equation for the, conservation ,of mass can similarly be written in cylindrical coordinates as: \COFRAC +
  39. However, in the United Kingdom, pioneering research into painting materials and, conservation , ceramics, and stone conservation was conducted by Arthur Pillars Laurie
  40. 1,000 people in Kernighan Brazil, Bangladesh. *1973 – Project Tiger, a tiger, conservation ,project, is launched in the Corbett National Park, India. *1974 – In the United
  41. An acoustic medium can also be derived in a manner similar to that used for the, conservation ,of momentum. Assumption 1: Small disturbances From the assumption of small
  42. V_r~\math bf_r+v_\theta~\math bf_\theta+v_z~\math bf_z. The equations for the, conservation ,of momentum may then be written as:
  43. Intermediate quantum state for times short enough that the violation of energy, conservation ,can be accommodated by the uncertainty principle. This opens the way for
  44. In excess of this amount is converted to kinetic energy according to the, conservation ,of energy. The atom is said to have undergone the process of ionization. In the
  45. Amphibian Ark is an organization that was formed to implement the ex-situ, conservation ,recommendations of this plan, and they have been working with zoos and Aquarian
  46. Traditional definition of the role of the conservator involves the examination, conservation , and preservation of cultural heritage using" any methods that prove effective
  47. Waves in a fluid (such as air) can be modeled by an equation of motion (, conservation ,of momentum) and an equation of continuity ( conservation of mass). With some
  48. Responsible bow hunting by promoting quality, fair chase hunting, and sound, conservation ,practices. From the 1920s,professional engineers took an interest in archery
  49. Rho_0~\franc + \tabla p = 0 ~. Conservation of mass The equation for the, conservation ,of mass in a fluid volume (without any mass sources or sinks) is given by:
  50. Cfrac~\math bf_z = 0 In terms of components, these three equations for the, conservation ,of momentum in cylindrical coordinates are: \rho_0~\COFRAC + \COFRAC = 0 ~; ~~

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