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  1. Situated in the Antarctic Convergence area, while the Falkland Islands, Isla de, los , Estados, Hornos Island with Cape Horn, Diego Ramírez Islands, Campbell Island
  2. Landauer, German anarchist and revolutionary (d. 1919) *1871 – Epiphany de, los , Santos,Filipino historian, scholar and lawyer (d. 1927) *1873 – John McGraw
  3. Valley of the Fallen ", the Monument Nacional de Santa Cruz del Value de, los , Caidos in Spain. A http://www.crossusa.org/ cross at the junction of
  4. The latter three were a sequel set in the 1930s. * Camilla. Nuestra Señora de, los , Vampiros is a black and white one-shot published in 1999 by Spanish comic
  5. Sleeper (1973),and the films Late for Dinner (1991),Open Your Eyes (Are, los , Ojos 1997,remade as Vanilla Sky,2001) and Wes Craven's Chiller (1985).
  6. Marketing icon such as Beckham made this particular tour a financial smash for, los , Merengues. Shortly after his Real switch, Beckham also dropped his longtime
  7. NATO, Orellana,Pasta, Pichincha, Santa Elena, Santo Domingo de, los , Tsáchilas, Sucumbíos, Tungurahua, Zamora-Chinchipe Legal system Ecuador's
  8. Santiago Putsches Verger, deduced that the village was that of Villanueva de, los , Infantes. Their findings were published in a paper titled" 'El Quixote' Como
  9. The surname of the new husband is attached. Thus, if Maria marries Rene de, los , Santos,her new name will be Maria Andres Vida de Dimaculangan de Los Santos.
  10. To Dinar del Rio *the Autopsy del Media from Havana to San Antonio de, los , Baños *the section of the Via Blanca from Stanzas to Varadero (toll road)
  11. During the 16th century. Havana was furnished with the fortress of Castillo de, los , Tres Reyes Lagos del Moro to deter potential invaders, which included the
  12. Observatories, Teide Observatory on the island of Tenerife and Roque de, los , Muchachos Observatory on the island of La Palma, have been built on the islands
  13. Of Colombia in Medellín File: Edifice mariolaserna. JPG|Universidad de, los , Andes in Bogotá File: Unloose Car los Sacramento Anglo. JPG|National University
  14. Andres Vida de Dimaculangan de Los Santos may also be called Maria A. D. DE, los , Santos. Children will however automatically inherit their father's surname if
  15. Not necessarily on the same date, is known as Day of the Dead (Did de, los , Muertos or de Los Dilutes in Spanish-speaking countries; glottal Napa in
  16. Vehicle for the rise of Rafael Trujillo. In what was referred to as la Dana de, los , millones, with the destruction of European sugar-beet farms during World War I
  17. Of high mountains, proximity to Europe, and clean air has made the Roque de, los , Muchachos peak (on La Palma island) a leading location for telescopes like
  18. To (codices de Toledo),T, F (codices de Florencia) and E (codices de, los , musicos). E is currently held in El Social and contains the largest number
  19. The 1820s and 1830s,but all failed. Among these were the" Expedition de, los , Trece" ( Expedition of the 13) in 1826,the" Gran Legion del Aguilar Negra "
  20. Orihuela, the Canal of the Banjo Guadalquivir),construction of the Value de, los , Caídos monument, etc. The 1940 shooting of the president of the Catalan
  21. Gulfs and bays: the Gulf of Gave, Gulf of Venezuela, Gulf of Darren, Golfo de, los , Mosquitos,Gulf of Paris and Gulf of Honduras. History The name" Caribbean "
  22. And about 776 small islands. The islands are located from the Islam de, los , Estados in Argentina (and from the Argentine mainland); from Chile; west of
  23. Spinoza's family (" Espinosa" in Portuguese) had its origins in Espinosa de, los , Monteros, near Burgos, Spain. Others claim they were Portuguese Jews who had
  24. Century onward, such as Grammatical o ARTE de la League General de Los Indios de, los , Reynos del Perú (1560),and a Quechua grammar by Fray Domingo de Santa Tomás.
  25. Had a population of 3,014,000 in 2007. Other important cities are Santiago de, los , Caballeros (pop. 756,098),La Roman (pop. 250,000),San Pedro de Macorís
  26. Analyzed by Andrés Hello, retained the original chorus (" Dunce atria, recibe, los , votos ..." ). The lyrics were slightly revised in 1903. During the military
  27. Especially in Latin America, but also in a changing Quebec society. La Hora de, los , hornos (The Hour of the Furnaces, from 1968),directed by Octavio Getting and
  28. From the 16th century onward, such as Grammatical o ARTE de la League General de, los , Indios de los Ranks del Perú (1560),and a Quechua grammar by Fray Domingo
  29. On the same date, is known as Day of the Dead (Did de los Puerto or DE, los , Difuntos in Spanish-speaking countries; glottal Napa in Hungary; You El
  30. In several places, mostly in eastern Cuba. The Indian community at Cardiac de, los , Indios, Guantánamo,is one such nuclei. An association of Indian families in
  31. Several islands, which members of his crew called" Islam de Sansón y de, los , Patos" (" Islands of Samson and the Ducks" ). Although these islands were
  32. Was amplified in later years. According to the fourteenth-century Chronic de, los , Estados Peninsular, the Battler went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where he
  33. With the Americas. In 1564,the island's main inland cities Santiago de, los , Caballeros and Concepción de la Vega were destroyed by an earthquake. Colonial
  34. To be one of her middle names. Thus, Maria Andres Vida de Dimaculangan de, los , Santos may also be called Maria A. D. de Los Santos. Children will however
  35. Pérez de Oliva, Sebastián Fox Murillo, Ángel Gannet, Francisco Liner de, los , Ríos,and María Zambrano. Music of Andalusia The music of Andalusia includes
  36. Els, les derive from Latin demonstratives, The older forms lo (m. s. ) and, los , ( m. pl. ) are still common nowadays in some western dialects and in Affairs.
  37. Manuscript covering sharing, backgammon,and dice named the Libra de, los , juegos. Another theory contends that chess arose from the game Jiangxi (
  38. In the shows, while still preserving some old styles,e.g. La Niña de, los , Peines, Manolo Cara col, Manuel Vallejo, El Carbonell. Traditionalists
  39. id Norma=11640 Decree 260 national anthem * http://simbo los patrios.cl/ Sober, los , verdaderos symbols patriot de Chile simbo los patrios. Cl *
  40. See Ríos Ruiz 1997:40-43): great figures of traditional caste like La Niña de, los , Peines or Anglo Cara col enjoyed great success, and palms like signorinas or
  41. Morton,16th and 18th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1864) *1796 – Breton de, los , Herreros, Spanish playwright (d. 1873) *1813 – Thomas Andrews, Irish chemist
  42. By other inhabitants of the country in areas like Hues ca, Zaragoza,EEA de, los , Caballeros,and Terkel. According to recent polls, altogether they only make up
  43. Rene de Los Santos, her new name will be Maria Andres Vida de Dimaculangan de, los , Santos. However, a new norm is also in existence. The woman may choose to use
  44. Dice Seven- and eight-sided dice are stated in the 13th century Libra de, los , juegos to have been invented by Alfonso X in order to speed up play in chess
  45. Dedicated industrial lines) are operated by the state owned company Empress de, los , Ferrocarriles del Estado (EYE),which completed a major investment program
  46. Alternate names: Canada, Cha' Malachi. Colorado - 2,300 Santo Domingo de, los , Colorados province. Alternate names: Teaching, Tsafiki. Quechua 9 separate
  47. Died. After Franco's death, Prince Juan Car los decided to bury him at Value de, los , Caídos, a co los sal memorial that nominally honors all the casualties of the
  48. Prestige, usually ones dealing with the Roman Catholic religion, such as DE, los , Santos and DE la Cruz. In 1849,Governor-general Narcs Camera y Padua
  49. Iceland by the 13th century. In Spain, the Alfonso X manuscript Libra de, los , juegos, completed in 1283,describes rules for a number of dice and table games
  50. On 3 Mexican films of the Golden Age, El Muse del Crimes, Asesinato en, los , Estudios and La Muter sin Camera, all detectives plots around murders. The

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