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  1. Possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and the, holy ,mosque in Mecca from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of
  2. Of Pittsburgh. At the grave, the priest said a brief prayer and sprinkled, holy ,water on the casket. Before the coffin was lowered, Paige Powell dropped a copy
  3. Atom" is an" alternative Christian proposal ". In" The Atom" she sings” Oh, holy ,is the atom/ The truly intelligent design/ To which all evolution/ Is
  4. West-Saxon resistance to the Vikings by Asset and the chronicler as a Christian, holy ,war was more than mere rhetoric or 'propaganda '. It reflected Alfred's own
  5. Sins. Only ordained priests can administer it, and " any priest may carry the, holy ,oil with him, so that in a case of necessity he can administer the sacrament of
  6. Cried in a loud voice:" Unless my hands are cuff off, I will not leave this, holy ,place except on one condition: that I receive the emperor's cross as guarantee
  7. Sense to describe A Holy and Secret Book of Moses, called Eighth, or Moses, holy ,books citing esoteric eighth St (). This is a text taken from a Leiden papyrus
  8. A close familiarity with Buddhist texts. He erected rock pillars at Buddhist, holy ,sites, but did not do so for the sites of other religions. He also used the
  9. A declaration of war against the Americans occupying the land of the two, holy ,places. ' *2000 – Gulf Air Flight 072 crashes into the Persian Gulf near Manama
  10. Ab, ben, rouach, hakadōs; Siberia APO you (“ Father, Son,Spirit, holy ,; salvation from the cross” ). *According to a note of Isaac de Beausobre’s
  11. Ships, sacrifice to Achilles. In this temple are also deposited a great many, holy ,gifts, craters,rings and precious stones, offered to Achilles in gratitude.
  12. Formed in 1863. It believes in the sanctity of the seventh-day Sabbath as a, holy ,day for worship. It published the Adventist Review and Sabbath Herald. It has
  13. Place. And besides, he has brought Greeks into the temple area and defiled this, holy ,place' " (). Paul is rescued from the mob by a Roman commander () and
  14. Rather than debasement of the coinage. This led to his excommunication by the, holy ,see and possibly precipitated his death, and his son DOM Dinis's premature
  15. S own issuance of law to the West Saxon people. By doing so, it links the, holy ,past to the historical present and represents Alfred's law-giving as a type of
  16. Menace Recant and Rabbet Bach ya. Among the many volumes of the, holy ,Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (known as the" ARI" ), most of which come down from the
  17. Through various religious rites including fasting and special observances of, holy ,days. After the capture of the city in June 1098,and the subsequent siege led
  18. Prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the, holy ,city, and from the things which are written in this book. " In this case, if
  19. Called, and sometimes (ironically) abbés de saint temperance, ( abbés of, holy ,hope; or the pun, of St. Hope)—came to hold a recognized position. The
  20. And according to Christian sources, engaged in a persecution of various, holy ,men. The stone base for a statue, with an inscription describing Julian as "
  21. A total of twenty-four rituals which they recorded in the ' holy ' or partially, holy ,book formally entitled Opus Lutetium. Around eight months later Newburgh had a
  22. With a greeting by the priest, followed by sprinkling of all present with, holy ,water, if deemed desirable, and a short instruction. Their follows a
  23. To the Children of Israel according to the Torah. The Qur'an mentions the, holy ,scripture as a light and guidance for those who would accept the Message. God
  24. Of the status quo, but argued for a lively religion which emphasized grace, holy ,and charitable living, and for the plain use of the 1662 Common Prayer without
  25. And Hasan Ali Shah's mother and a few relatives were sent to Naval and other, holy ,cities in Iraq in which the shrines of his ancestors, the Shiite Imams are
  26. To it by the First Council of Constantinople, affirms that the Church is" one, holy , catholic, and apostolic ". Of these" four marks" of the true Church, the "
  27. Then. Kidnapping, murder and theft were justified by their special status as, holy ,warriors. One by one they sexually appropriated several of the women captives
  28. The great nativity, on the feast of the glorious Baptism, on the feast of the, holy ,Resurrection, and on the feast of the illuminating Cross. " On 25 June 2009
  29. The initials of the Greek anthrōpoussōzōn Haiti nylon,“ saving mankind by the, holy ,cross. ” *Isaac de Beausobre derives Abraham from the Greek habros and SAO,“
  30. Which literally translates from Avesta as" we worship the Fracas of the, holy ,Atropine ". Abrogates ruled over the region of Atropine (present-day
  31. He is mentioned as Aleksander Kaiser who defeated Data and burned the, holy ,book of the Zoroastrians, Avesta. The rule of Iranians on Iran was considered
  32. Many saints who had died emerged from their tombs and went into" the, holy ,city ", presumably New Jerusalem. No other New Testament account includes this
  33. Which involved an exchange of hostages and oaths, which the Danes swore on a ", holy ,ring" associated with the worship of Thor. Tells how when he first fled to the
  34. Do recognize the apostolic succession of other churches, but may consider their, holy ,orders 'illicit' yet essentially valid. Other apostolic churches, however
  35. That primary education be taught in English, with those wishing to advance to, holy ,orders to continue their studies in Latin. The problem, however,was that there
  36. And was actually being granted and crowned the first Sikh Maharajah at the Sikh, holy ,temple. The victory at Animal was the high point of Ahmad Shah's and Afghan
  37. Allowed ourselves to knead the dough for the bread that breaks the fast in the, holy ,month of Ramadan with children's blood," he said. " Whoever wants a more
  38. The graves of their loved ones, and to anoint the hollow of the tombstone with, holy ,water or to pour libations of milk on it. At bedtime, the supper is left on the
  39. From the commoners by their sacred functions, were also to receive, holy ,garments suitable to their office. Aaron offered the various sacrifices and
  40. He did not have a separate cult, but he was the personification of the, holy ,magic-song sang by the magicians that was supposed to cure the diseases. Later
  41. Example, Hesiod mentions the daughters of Tethys and Ocean, among whom are a ", holy ,company "," who with the Lord Apollo and the Rivers have youths in their
  42. By the Our'panic injunctions and hadith such as" The ink of the scholar is more, holy ,than the blood of martyrs" stressing the value of knowledge. During this
  43. Nicene Creed by priests and congregants, with the words," We believe in one, holy ,and catholic and apostolic Church ..." All adherents view proper consecration
  44. Si hate cite come de Jerusalem" (" there should not be such a queen for so, holy ,a city as Jerusalem" ). Nevertheless, consanguinity was enough for the
  45. Placed therein (1 Kings 8:6-9). When the priests emerged from the, holy ,place after placing the Ark there, the Temple was filled with a cloud," for
  46. Rahman Al-Siddiq is the leading imam of the Grand mosque located in the Islamic, holy ,city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The BBC aired a Panorama episode, entitled A
  47. To India and confront the Maratha Confederacy. He declared a jihad (Islamic, holy ,war) against the Maratha's, and warriors from various Pashtun tribes, as well
  48. Some children in Europe, whose blood was mixed in with the dough of the Jewish, holy ,bread. " In 1997,Arab parliamentarian Ahmad Tibia declared," Whoever sells his
  49. Perfect and pure, and know not any stain;: And be our hearts, from this thy, holy ,hour, : Bound each to each, like flower to wedded flower. In Ancient Greece, the
  50. His career" during which he" attained the knowledge and conversation of his, holy ,guardian angel" and" entered the trance of Sarah, union with godhead. " He

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