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  1. Completed” etc. Income could be measured by“ hourly rate of pay” or“ yearly, salary ,”, etc. The system of concepts or conceptual framework can take on many levels
  2. Kohlberg to the Dutch Republic and continue to tutor him there for an annual, salary , At that time, the Dutch Republic was one of the most revered places to study
  3. For the Yankees, Ruth was asked by a reporter what he thought of his yearly, salary ,of $80,000 ($ million in current dollar terms) being more than President
  4. Gates has several investments outside Microsoft, which in 2006 paid him a, salary ,of $616,667 and $350,000 bonus totaling $966,667. He founded Corgis, a digital
  5. For the year of 2011 is R$7,080.00 or R$545 per month plus an additional 13th, salary , in second half of December. The GDP per capita in 2008 was $10,465. Brazil has
  6. Due to the upcoming elections, the ruling HDZ government promised two, salary ,increases to public-sector employees before the end of the year which further
  7. For many younger speakers from Victoria, the first vowel in" celery" and ", salary ," are the same, so that both words sound like" salary ". These speakers will
  8. Of a Russian-Georgian spy scandal. As of April 24, 2008,the average monthly, salary ,is 75,000 drams (about $242 US dollars). Unemployment According to research
  9. Wealth from his acting career, Schwarzenegger did not accept his governor's, salary ,of $175,000 per year. He stated after he left office that being governor cost
  10. Cost of the work—in this case military service—does not disappear even if no, salary ,is paid. The work effort of the conscripts is effectively wasted, as an
  11. But was convinced to cast her after one meeting. Pfeiffer received a $3 million, salary ,($2 million more than Being) and a percentage of the box office. Kathy Long
  12. Demanded a raise to $20,000 ($ in current dollar terms)—double his previous, salary , However, Frazee refused, and Ruth responded by letting it be known he would
  13. Tribunal in January 2008. In 2007,cabin crew threatened strike action over, salary ,changes to be imposed by the British Airways Board. The strike was then
  14. For sale in May 1846. The cost of publication was about ¾ of Anne's annual, salary ,at Thor Green. On 7 May 1846,the first three copies of the book were
  15. Still having four children to support. Her only income was Napoleon's meager, salary , The regiment was in Argonne when the revolution broke out in the summer of
  16. In 1994. The seeds were sown earlier: in 1992 the owners sought to renegotiate, salary ,and free-agency terms, but little progress was made. The standoff continued
  17. One club for more than a few years if they are good enough to command a better, salary , Players with any ability increasingly gravitated towards the money. Large
  18. Workers" who remain enrolled in the ranks of the FAA and therefore receive a, salary , Major equipment included over 140 main battle tanks,600 reconnaissance
  19. In" celery" and" salary " are the same, so that both words sound like ", salary ,". These speakers will also tend to say" helicopter" instead of" helicopter
  20. Teachers college and prohibition of corporal punishment in schools, as well as, salary ,increases for school teachers. Certain aspects of Tammany Hall's activities –
  21. He never placed a curse on the Indians but that the trade was prompted by a, salary ,dispute with Lane. Lane also engineered a unique trade of managers in
  22. Of the Caucus. They are also sometimes required to donate a portion of their, salary ,to the party, although this practice has declined with the introduction of
  23. Congratulated Bonds through the media when Bonds broke Aaron's record. Bonds ', salary ,for the 2005 season was $22 million, the second-highest salary in Major League
  24. Revenue money),and a 32-day spring training lockout in 1990 (again over, salary ,structure and benefits). By far the worst action would come in 1994. The seeds
  25. Record. Bonds' salary for the 2005 season was $22 million, the second-highest, salary ,in Major League Baseball (the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez earned the highest
  26. His contract was changed again from a five-year to a 10-year pact at the same, salary , Seeking to capitalize on the residual rivalry between the AFC and the NFL
  27. Amount of money owed them (the Rockies paid a sizable portion of Hampton's, salary ,even after he was traded to the Atlanta Braves) crippled the team for the next
  28. Heap, Kelly Gregg and Derrick Mason that they would be cut in order to free up, salary ,cap space. Following these cuts, the Ravens acquired fullback Volta Leach, wide
  29. A river as a baby. Michael Keaton returned after a significant increase in his, salary ,at $10 million. Annette Being was cast as Cat woman after Burton saw her
  30. Enquirers, followers of Robert Owen, for a lucrative $1,000 to $1,200 annual, salary , He refused it because he did not agree with their beliefs, writing," I shall
  31. Professors, and other members of the intelligentsia who often draw their, salary ,and funding from taxpayers. Economist Dan Klein shows that the worldwide top-35
  32. Accepted the role of the Joker under strict conditions that dictated a high, salary , a portion of the box office profits, and his shooting schedule. Filming took
  33. Cornelius Van Horne, to oversee construction with the inducement of a generous, salary ,and the intriguing challenge of handling such a difficult railway project. Van
  34. Real GDP growth in 2007 was 6.0 per cent. And at the same time average gross, salary ,of a Croatian worker during the first nine months of 2008 was 7,161 Luna (US$
  35. Helicopter ". For many older Victorian speakers, the words" celery" and ", salary ," also sound the same but instead both sound like" celery ". These speakers
  36. In 1901. This position gave Coolidge more experience as a lawyer, and paid a, salary ,of $600. Soon thereafter, however,the clerk of courts for the county died, and
  37. Steven Jackson, with the Yankees paying $2 million of Johnson's $26 million, salary , The Diamondbacks and Florida Marlins made a deal March 26 to acquire RHP
  38. Payment or similar. The owners need to pay the salaries all months the full, salary ,agreed upon. The Bosnian government plans to issue an international tender for
  39. Their home games if they and the visiting team both agreed. Also,Bell's, salary ,was increased to $40,000 a year for the remainder of his contract. However
  40. Including ASU) prompted the Arizona Board of Regents to re-evaluate the, salary ,and benefit policy for athletic staff. Arizona State Sun Devils football was
  41. Largest in baseball history, in terms of both total value and average annual, salary , Once he signed with the Giants, Bonds had intended to wear 24,his number
  42. Forced Prescott to resign his ministerial responsibilities while retaining his, salary ,and privileges, the incident was portrayed as evidence that Prescott had little
  43. The exception to the graduate institution Rockefeller University. The average, salary ,for assistant professors at Caltech are $105,800,associate professors $126,000
  44. Elected by all city voters. All members of the council, none of whom receive a, salary ,for their work, are elected to staggered three-year terms. The Mayor, in
  45. Which met the cost of Laura ending his Ferrari contract and made up his, salary ,to the £200,000 Ferrari was offering. 1978 was the year of the dominant Lotus
  46. By Great ended the Ravens' season, as they lost 27–10. Baltimore ran into, salary ,cap problems entering the 2002 season and was forced to part with a number of
  47. Years and two world championships, he felt he was worth more than Ecclestone's, salary ,offer for 1986. Piqued finished 5th in 1984 and a mere 8th in 1985 in the
  48. Railroad Company employed Carnegie as a secretary/telegraph operator at a, salary ,of $4.00 per week. At age 18,the youth began a rapid advancement through the
  49. Institute TV revenue sharing to increase equity amongst the teams and impose a, salary ,cap to keep expenditures down. Players felt that such a cap would reduce their
  50. To have Marietta continue with a 50 % pay cut. " Camp said he would cut the, salary ,in half. Goodbye. That was that. I said goodbye," (from Marietta: Painting

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