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  1. Some hundreds of millions of antihydrogen atoms have been made in this, fashion , Most of the sought-after high-precision tests of the properties of
  2. Social agenda:" Kurosawa welcomed the changed political climate and sought to, fashion ,his own mature cinematic voice. " The Japanese critic Radio NATO concurs: "
  3. Focus. Scholars moved in multiple directions, covering in disconnected, fashion ,the social, economic,and cultural history of different eras and different
  4. Of these photons (x-rays) increased from one target to the next in a linear, fashion , This led to the conclusion (Moseley's law) that the atomic number does
  5. From which the required statistics can be calculated in a numerically stable, fashion , The following formulas can be used to update the mean and (estimated)
  6. Invited guests walking up the red carpet in the creations of the most prominent, fashion ,designers of the day. Black tie dress is the most common outfit for men
  7. Nouns),but pronounced as -ā in other nouns (hence its writing in this, fashion ,in the Arabic script). *The tax Martha itself (typically of feminine nouns
  8. Cause-effect, deterministic method but rather in an influence-and-response, fashion ,that can be both freely accepted and freely denied. * Man has free will to
  9. Says,'I am antisemitic. '" You cannot, after Hitler. The word has gone out of, fashion , " Forms It is often emphasized that there are different forms of antisemitism.
  10. Is dextrorotary; L-glyceraldehyde is levorotary). In alternative, fashion , the (S) and (R) designators are used to indicate the absolute
  11. For the latter, with Nature trying to preserve a type of balance. In a similar, fashion , Aristotle believed that creatures were arranged in a graded scale of
  12. Program South Park, Eric Cartman attacks his fellow posse that in the same, fashion ,Alex attacked his 'druids' in the film. (In slow motion at an unexpected
  13. The more general term" anthropoid ", which means humanlike. According to this, fashion , a female human-like robot would be a" synod ". Fiction Androids are a staple
  14. It is hardly possible that anyone has ever played, or ever will play, in such a, fashion , " Vivaldi was only 25 when he started working at the Rosedale Della Pietà.
  15. Of self-criticism beyond high art to all cultural image-making, including, fashion , images,comics, billboards and pornography. Classification disputes as
  16. Orbiting the nucleus. Electrons jump between orbitals in a particle-like, fashion , For example, if a single photon strikes the electrons, only a single electron
  17. Anglican covenant which would articulate the conditions for communion in some, fashion , Provinces All 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion are independent, each
  18. By the outside world. (Seven Samurai, for example, was written in this, fashion , ) Often they all (except Gun, who acted as“ referee” ) would work on
  19. Sub-career as a catwalk-model and books on fashion as well as paintings with, fashion ,(shoes) as a subject. * Performance Art: Warhol and his friends staged
  20. Locals and visitors from all over the world). American popular culture and, fashion ,also have a heavy influence. Most of the country's media is made up of major
  21. It legally changed after a news article called him" Midas" in a derogatory, fashion , which Mulligan took as a compliment. *Judge Narragansett is an American jurist
  22. At the top where the complete panorama can be enjoyed in a more leisurely, fashion , The symbol of the Armada Shopping Mall is an anchor, and there's a large
  23. American organized crime figure (d. 1935) *1904 – Jean Dresses, Greek-Egyptian, fashion , designer (d. 1970) * 1904 – Henry IBA, American basketball coach (d. 1993)
  24. Sylvester Board) *" It is human nature to think wisely and act in an absurd, fashion , " *" The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural
  25. Strong winds. To set anchors in this way, first one anchor is set in the normal, fashion , Then, taking in on the first cable as the boat is motored into the wind and
  26. And all the surrounding buildings are thus made to sprawl in a very awkward, fashion , The church follows the plan adopted by the Austin canons in their northern
  27. Evolved to include his personal and cultural observations. Warhol created the, fashion ,magazine Interview that is still published today. The loopy title script on the
  28. Gus, BlueBlood, Iris van Herpes,10 feet and Warmenhoven & Henderson, and, fashion , designers like Mart Kisser, Viktor & Rolf, Sheila de Vries, Marlies Dealers and
  29. As the amount of material with a given thickness that would be necessary to, fashion ,a model of the shape, or the amount of paint necessary to cover the surface
  30. Despite continuing player disputes. The 1894–95 series began in sensational, fashion ,when England won the First Test at Sydney by just 10 runs having followed on.
  31. Shane Lecher, American football player *1977 – Charlotte Robson, British, fashion , designer * 1978 – Mark Mammon, Barbadian football player * 1978 – James Pasta
  32. Formula BMW, usually as" feeder" series for" senior" race formula (in the, fashion ,of farm teams). Stock car racing In North America, stock car racing is the
  33. Been a consumer paradise for both Athenians and tourists. Complete with, fashion ,shops and shopping centers promoting most international brands, it now finds
  34. 1958 – Dolores Gordon-Smith, British writer * 1958 – Non Ιoannidou, Greek, fashion , model and actress * 1958 – Memos Ioannis, Greek basketball player * 1958 –
  35. Crowley would have affairs with both women. Foster was a famous New York, fashion ,model, journalist,editor, poet and married. Crowley's plan with Foster was to
  36. Are read from left to right, but numbers are spoken in the traditional Arabic, fashion , with units and tens reversed from the modern English usage. For example,24 is
  37. You? " One of his most well-known Superstars, Edie Sedgwick, aspired to be a, fashion ,designer, and his good friend Alston was a famous one. Warhol's work in
  38. Silkscreened dresses, a short sub-career as a catwalk-model and books on, fashion ,as well as paintings with fashion (shoes) as a subject. * Performance Art:
  39. British evolutionary biologist (d. 2000) *1936 – Yves Saint Laurent, French, fashion , designer (d. 2008) *1937 – Al D'Amato, United States Senator from New York
  40. Brothels in the red-light district have been converted to ateliers for young, fashion ,designers. Demographics Amsterdam with a population of 783,364 inhabitants. 1
  41. Designer, and his good friend Alston was a famous one. Warhol's work in, fashion ,includes silk screened dresses, a short sub-career as a catwalk-model and books
  42. Rory Calhoun, American actor (d. 1999) * 1922 – Audi Bernbach, Austrian-born, fashion , designer (d. 1985) * 1922 – Karol Reich, Hungarian illustrator (d. 1988) *
  43. Of the day. Black tie dress is the most common outfit for men, although, fashion , may dictate not wearing a bow-tie, and musical performers sometimes do not
  44. Solidly in anthropology, while his analysis of the function and reproduction of, fashion ,and cultural capital in European societies places him as solidly in sociology.
  45. Builders can make an adobe chimney by stacking simple adobe bricks in a similar, fashion ,as the surrounding walls. Adobe around the world widths" 180px "
  46. Regarded as fastidious during his early career, is hopelessly out of, fashion ,later in his career. Among Poirot's most significant personal attributes is
  47. 1959 – Jeanette Winterson, British novelist * 1961 – Tom Ford, American, fashion , designer * 1962 – Adam Oates, Canadian ice hockey player * 1962 – Thomas Duncan
  48. With ammonia then converts the alkyl bromide to the amino acid. In alternative, fashion , the Streaker amino acid synthesis involves the treatment of an aldehyde with
  49. The ancient Egyptians to build monuments, sculpt statues, make tools, and, fashion , jewelry. Embalmers used salts from the Wadi Nat run for mummification, which
  50. Hydrochloric acid, an activator such as zinc chloride is needed. In alternative, fashion , the conversion may be performed directly using thinly chloride.1 Alcohols may

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