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  1. Prefixes and suffixes can also create ambiguity (" unlockable" can mean ", capable ,of being unlocked" or" impossible to lock" ). Syntactic ambiguity arises
  2. A piano-style musical keyboard for the right-hand manual * Some accordions are, capable ,of playing in registers different from others * Additionally, different
  3. Riefenstahl's propaganda masterpiece Triumph of the Will. This huge work was, capable ,of holding 340,000 people. The tribune was influenced by the Bergamo Altar in
  4. Can be advanced speech generating devices, based on speech synthesis, that are, capable ,of storing hundreds of phrases and words. Modern use of AAC began in the 1950s
  5. Creative ability of The Strikers, but matches them in moral courage and is, capable ,of appreciating and making use of their creations. He sticks it out with the
  6. Such abstraction or formalization makes mathematical knowledge more general, capable ,of multiple different meanings, and therefore useful in multiple contexts.
  7. But this is only because they are so under powered — in theory, the airframe is, capable ,of flying much higher. Rotorcraft, or rotary-wing aircraft, use a
  8. Could perform the tasks of any other machine, or in other words, is provably, capable ,of computing anything that is computable. Turing machines are to this day a
  9. Ran them two London when he was needed for high-level meetings, and he was, capable ,of world-class marathon standards. Turing–Welshman bombe Within weeks of
  10. Cornelius Agrippa (1486–1535). This alchemist believed himself to be a wizard, capable ,of summoning spirits. His influence was negligible, but like Flame, he
  11. Luncheon, and later told Speer that he had been looking for a young architect, capable ,of carrying out his architectural dreams for the new Germany. Speer quickly
  12. Present: temperatures of 150–200 °C are required. The hydrogen in ammonia is, capable ,of replacement by metals, thus magnesium burns in the gas with the formation of
  13. A size too large for him. Poorly paid, he lives an austere life, but he is, capable ,of deep affection. In his spare time, Grand polishes up his Latin, and he is
  14. Probabilities unrealistic, as these events are intrinsically unique and not, capable ,of numerical probabilistic modeling. Miles and others argued that the
  15. That humans and machines will merge in the future into cyborgs that are more, capable ,and powerful than either. This idea, called
  16. Standards) in about nine weeks, with Kurosawa determined to show he was still, capable ,of working quickly and efficiently within a limited budget. For his first work
  17. S manufacturers have succeeded in creating a shape-shifting robot WD-2. It is, capable ,of changing its face. At first, the creators decided the positions of the
  18. Researched and developed EveR-1,an android interpersonal communication model, capable ,of emulating human emotional expression via facial" musculature" and capable
  19. Himself that one, his works would only be appreciated by the few individuals, capable ,of doing so, and two, his works would continue to generate interest and be
  20. And only humans are capable of deliberation and choice. " What is not, capable ,of action cannot do anything by chance ". Metaphysics Aristotle defines
  21. Data released by CERN states that, when fully operational, their facilities are, capable ,of producing antiprotons per minute. Assuming a 100 % conversion of antiprotons
  22. Coenobium. Large piles of building were erected, with strong outside walls, capable ,of resisting the assaults of an enemy, within which all the necessary edifices
  23. Suited to study. In 1999,CERN activated the Antiproton Decelerator, a device, capable ,of decelerating antiprotons from to — still too" hot" to produce
  24. Monumental architecture, as well as codified legal systems. When farmers became, capable ,of producing food beyond the needs of their own families, others in their
  25. Cyprian Ntaryamira is shot down. *1998 – Pakistan tests medium-range missiles, capable ,of reaching India. * 1998 – Travelers Group announces an agreement to undertake
  26. By the pumping of water from the River Murray. A seawater desalination plant, capable ,of supplying half of Adelaide's water requirements (100GL per annum) is
  27. Are at least 2 divisions of S-300PMU2. Thereby the country has one of the most, capable ,SAM surface-to-air missile system in the region. Azerbaijan also operates two
  28. It can also act as an extremely weak acid. It is a erotic substance and is, capable ,of formation of amides (which contain the NH2− ion). For example, lithium
  29. A380. The airport is designed to handle 27 aircraft simultaneously and is, capable ,of processing 3,000 passengers per hour. Unusually for a major city, it is
  30. Was the creation of the mythical" philosopher's stone," which was said to be, capable ,of turning base metals into gold or silver, and also act as an elixir of life
  31. And sensation, and humans a vegetative, a sensitive, and a rational soul, capable ,of thought and reflection. Aristotle, in contrast to earlier philosophers, but
  32. Resembling a bullwhip. This computer modeling suggested that sauropods were, capable ,of producing a whip-like cracking sound of over 200 decibels, comparable to the
  33. Machines, formal and simple devices. He proved that some such machine would be, capable ,of performing any conceivable mathematical computation if it were representable
  34. Articles set the rules for operations of the United States government. It was, capable ,of making war, negotiating diplomatic agreements, and resolving issues
  35. In which they could be followed by a computing machine, or by a human who is, capable ,of carrying out only very elementary operations on symbols. The term "
  36. Then Babbage's of about 8 cubic feet (230 L) and hypothetically would be, capable ,of multiplying two 20-decimal-digit numbers in about six seconds. Despite this
  37. Of interest, and GOT telescopes, which are fully automated telescopes that are, capable ,of locating objects on demand (having first been calibrated). Setting circles
  38. Regulated (by stops) to access distinct voices in fugue or counterpoint, capable ,of combination without loss of distinctness: different voices singing together
  39. Are able to converse with them at a developmental stage when they are not yet, capable ,of producing vocal speech, which requires fine control of both breathing and
  40. And has four children – two sons and two daughters. Hastings is a man who is, capable ,of great bravery and courage, facing death unflinchingly when confronted by The
  41. The problem solver or worker is to move and work in this symbol space, being, capable , of being in, and operating in but one box at a time .... a box is to admit of
  42. 59 % the conductivity of copper, both thermal and electrical. Aluminum is, capable ,of being a superconductor, with a superconducting critical temperature of 1.2
  43. Base-10 fixed-point arithmetic. There was to be a store (that is, a memory), capable , of holding 1,000 numbers of 50 decimal digits each (ca. 20.7 KB). An
  44. Computer modelling programs became available. The first heavier-than-air craft, capable ,of controlled free-flight were gliders. A glider designed by Cayley carried out
  45. With the enticing offer of monetary gain. In the face of Octavian's large and, capable ,force, Antony saw the danger of staying in Rome, and to the relief of the
  46. What he calls the Aristotelian tradition in a way that is anti-elitist and, capable ,of disputing the claims of both liberals and Nietzscheans. List of works The
  47. Luck must involve choice (and thus deliberation),and only humans are, capable ,of deliberation and choice. " What is not capable of action cannot do anything
  48. Capable of emulating human emotional expression via facial" musculature" and, capable ,of rudimentary conversation, having a vocabulary of around 400 words. She is
  49. Protection. The Air Force /Air Defense Forces had 8,000 personnel and 90 combat, capable ,aircraft, including 22 fighters,59 fighter ground attack aircraft and 16
  50. The matter and the form. Referring to potentiality, this is what a thing is, capable ,of doing, or being acted upon, if the conditions are right, and it is not

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