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  1. Transformation — PCR — PCR mutagenesis — primer — chromosome walking — RFLP —, restriction ,enzyme — sequencing — shotgun sequencing — cloning — culture — DNA microarray
  2. Particularly the observance of Sunday as a day of worship or rest, and a, restriction ,on Sunday shopping. Most have been repealed, have been declared
  3. Stressed. * Only one of the last three syllables may be stressed. * Given this, restriction , the last heavy syllable (containing a long vowel or ending in a consonant)
  4. Be advanced to the eighth rank and be promoted to an allowed piece. There is no, restriction ,placed on the piece that is chosen on promotion, so it is possible to have more
  5. Sieve proteins. Applications *Estimation of the size of DNA molecules following, restriction ,enzyme digestion,e.g. in restriction mapping of cloned DNA. *Analysis of PCR
  6. Analyze only linear molecules to avoid this problem,e.g. DNA fragments from a, restriction ,digest, linear DNA PCR products, or RNA's. Agarose gel electrophoresis is widely
  7. 5 to 8 V/cm). Conformations of a DNA plasmid that has not been cut with a, restriction ,enzyme will move with different speeds (slowest to fastest: nicked or open
  8. Melbourne) featuring purely decorative towers to circumvent the height, restriction ,laws of the time. The Former Russell Street Police Headquarters, also in
  9. To be Archimedes solids, despite meeting the above definition. With this, restriction , there are only finitely many Archimedes solids. They can all be made via
  10. In England and Wales the Clementi report has recommended the abolition of this, restriction ,). However, barristers normally band together into 'chambers' to share clerks
  11. Versa. The complement of the inverse has these same properties. Restriction The, restriction ,of a binary relation on a set X to a subset S is the set of all pairs (x, y )
  12. One of the variables in each clause is true, rather than at least one. This, restriction ,remains NP-complete. There is a simple randomized algorithm due to that runs in
  13. An atom could be turned this way and that relative to the coordinates without, restriction , The Sommerfeld quantization can be performed in different canonical
  14. In the tree, with no children at all.; Leaf nodes: Leaf nodes have the same, restriction ,on the number of elements, but have no children, and no child pointers. A
  15. Library" in full pronunciation, but " library" in short pronunciation. The, restriction ,on final long vowels does not apply to the spoken dialects, where original
  16. Relation, its restriction s are too. However, the transitive closure of a, restriction ,is a subset of the restriction of the transitive closure, i. e., in general not
  17. That this nearly multiplies the number of possible forms by three. Still,the, restriction ,on contexts in which these forms may be used is strong since all participants
  18. As seriously with the systematic understanding of chemistry as would the, restriction ,of the term oxidizing agent to substances containing oxygen. " In the same year
  19. Km/h). Technically, the current version of the aircraft can exceed its speed, restriction , but not without risking potential damage to its structure and air intakes. To
  20. That intelligent design is not science and contravenes the constitutional, restriction ,on teaching religion in public school science classes. To a large extent, the
  21. A circle measuring 100 m. An alternative to this discipline, without the 100 m, restriction ,is called MTA unlimited. * Long Distance: the boomerang is thrown from the
  22. Of the size of DNA molecules following restriction enzyme digestion,e.g. in, restriction ,mapping of cloned DNA. *Analysis of PCR products,e.g. in molecular genetic
  23. Backward compatibility with early HTML authors and browsers that ignored this, restriction , raw characters and numeric character references in the 80–9F range are
  24. Can be subformulae in 2CNF. Schaefer's dichotomy theorem states that, for any, restriction ,to Boolean operators that can be used to form these subformulae, the
  25. Such as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, which it considers an inappropriate, restriction ,upon freedom of expression. It does not have a policy of blanket opposition to
  26. Stipulation that crops produced must not be used for human consumption. This, restriction ,was based on the possibility that a few people might develop an
  27. A regular function on an algebraic set V contained in An is defined to be the, restriction ,of a regular function on An, in the sense we defined above. It may seem
  28. Technologic advances in prosthetics, amputees can live activate lives with little, restriction , Organizations such as the Challenged Athletes Foundation have been developed
  29. Faith in Jesus, followed by water baptism. Baptist churches do not have an age, restriction ,on membership, but will not accept as a member a child who is considered too
  30. As it turned out, assuming that one can perform any operation on sets without, restriction ,leads to paradoxes such as Russell's paradox and Berry's paradox. Some
  31. Produce 60 % of its programming locally. Foreign publications are sold without, restriction ,in Botswana, and there are three commercial Internet service providers. Two
  32. Enough" set A, that contains all the objects of interest, and work with the, restriction ,A instead of =. Similarly, the " subset of" relation ⊆ needs to be restricted
  33. Of the truth or falsity of the axiom of choice in that particular model. The, restriction ,to ZF renders any claim that relies on either the axiom of choice or its
  34. Parties to restrict the possible awards that the arbitrator can make. If this, restriction ,requires a straight choice between the position of one party or the position of
  35. Starch hydrolysis, the protease subtilizing used with detergents, and the BamH1, restriction , enzyme used in DNA research. A portion of the Bacillus thuringiensis genome was
  36. Somewhat by the development of the TransMilenio Bus Rapid System and the, restriction ,of vehicles through a daily, rotating ban on private cars depending on plate
  37. In height and somewhat spread out. The latter characteristic is partly due to a, restriction ,that preserves the view of the Texas State Capitol building from various
  38. South African Rand. Profits and direct investment can be repatriated without, restriction ,from Botswana. The Botswana Government eliminated all exchange controls in
  39. Majority vote" of the answers. For example, if one defined the class with the, restriction ,that the algorithm can be wrong with probability at most 1/2100,this would
  40. By an official would be ultra vires because a (constitutional) right is a, restriction ,on the powers of government, and therefore that official would be exercising
  41. Particularly the observance of Sunday as a day of worship or rest, and a, restriction ,on Sunday shopping. The word blue was used in the 17th century as a disparaging
  42. Contents of the Might Knot The correspondence refers mainly to the proposed, restriction ,of the study of the Aristotelian philosophy. Casually, other theological
  43. A non-singular value, by Sard's theorem, which is also non-singular for the, restriction ,to the boundary (which is just the identity). Thus, the inverse image would be
  44. Supremum is not necessarily rational, so the same property does not hold on the, restriction ,of the relation" ≤" to the set of rational numbers. The left- restriction (
  45. With no access to the III's advanced features such as its larger memory,a, restriction ,which actually required custom chips to enforce. Since many business-oriented
  46. Realized he may never get his life in order, compounded by the loneliness and, restriction ,in prison. Gospel singer Marion Williams summed up its effect:" That's a song
  47. In correspondence chess. Time control Besides casual games without any time, restriction , chess is also played with a time control, mostly by club and professional
  48. Horn) bound the considered formulae to be conjunction of subformulae; each, restriction ,states a specific form for all subformulae: for example, only binary clauses
  49. Are too. However, the transitive closure of a restriction is a subset of the, restriction ,of the transitive closure, i. e., in general not equal. Also, the various
  50. British Standards should be disregarded when deciding whether an agreement is a, restriction ,upon trade. *BS 3506 for plasticized PVC pipe for industrial uses *BS 3621

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