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  1. Said the king was impotent and the queen, Joan of Portugal, had an amorous, affair ,with a nobleman named Beltrán de La Cuevas. The birth of princess Joan in 1462
  2. From his wife Rose by this point, Crowley entered into a romantic and sexual, affair ,with Ada Lever son (1862–1933),an author and friend of Oscar Wilde. This
  3. Underwent a series of surgical operations. He began having a short-lived sexual, affair ,with Vera" Lola" Step, an actress to whom he would devote some of his poetry
  4. Reaction that served to stabilize the East. The main source for the, affair ,is a mythology à clef by Synthesis of Crane, Aegyptus five de providential, (
  5. Conducted numerous affair s, particularly an irregular and eventually public, affair ,with the Spanish-born actress Maria Caesars. In the same year, Camus began to
  6. Argumentum ad hominem); however likely the man in question would be to deny an, affair ,that did in fact happen, he could only be more likely to deny an affair that
  7. Broke apart politically from one another. Around this time, the Petticoat, affair ,caused further resignations from Jackson's cabinet, leading to its
  8. Warlike people. Thrace was Ares' birthplace, true home, and refuge after the, affair ,with Aphrodite was exposed to the general mockery of the other gods. A late
  9. British recognition of the Confederacy by skillfully handling the Trent, affair ,late in 1861. He issued his Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and promoted the
  10. Around. *Betty Pope is a wealthy socialite who is having a meaningless sexual, affair ,with James Haggard. She is deliberately crude in a way that casts ridicule on
  11. In 2011,it was revealed that Schwarzenegger had engaged in an adulterous, affair ,and fathered a son with an employee of his, Mildred Buena,14 years earlier.
  12. Between the churches of England and Scotland. He so pleased King James in this, affair ,that he was made Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry in 1609 and was translated to
  13. With Ada Lever son (1862–1933),an author and friend of Oscar Wilde. This, affair ,was brief, and in February 1908,Crowley was reunited with his wife as she had
  14. Was also important. For the mounted knight war could be a relatively low risk, affair , As central governments grew in power, a return to the citizen armies of the
  15. Between the President and Emily became strained during the Petticoat, affair , and the two became estranged for over a year. They eventually reconciled and
  16. Because of his support for nullification and involvement in the Petticoat, affair , replacing him with longtime confidant Martin Van Buren of New York. Presidency
  17. Patricia Scott, whom he later married. Nathaniel and Barbara Branden kept the, affair ,hidden from Rand. When she learned of it in 1968,though her romantic
  18. Letter to George I of Great Britain, whom he consulted on this delicate, affair , Peter felt insulted: the flight of the service to a foreign potentate was a
  19. His army to full strength, and since he was already engaged in a romantic, affair ,with her, he decided to send Octavia back to Rome. Octavian used this to spread
  20. Problems and express them in obscure language (e.g., the Skoal, affair , a hoax by physicist Alan Skoal attempting to show that American humanities
  21. I'm going to marry Maria' and this is dead serious, but he didn't, and our, affair ,carried on. " Schwarzenegger opted in 1997 for a replacement heart valve made
  22. Mark Cohen states. According to Bernard Lewis: Nineteenth century The Damascus, affair ,was an accusation of ritual murder and a blood libel against Jews in Damascus
  23. For there were many conflicting interests to reconcile – he adjusted the, affair ,in a manner at once creditable to his judgment and fortunate for his country.
  24. Mihi castigated et continental, sed Nola mode). At a young age, he began an, affair ,with a young woman in Carthage. She was his lover for over thirteen years and
  25. Help, and he changes her into the laurel tree, sacred to Apollo. Apollo had an, affair ,with a human princess named Leucotomy, daughter of Orchards and sister of
  26. Suicide prior to his own execution. The incident became known as the Haymarket, affair , and was a setback for the labor movement and the struggle for the eight hour
  27. Series of magical operations she did not get pregnant. By the end of 1915,the, affair ,would be over. During a trip to Vancouver in 1915,Crowley met Wilfred Smith
  28. His Secretary of State, William Seward. Seward's initial reaction to the Trent, affair , however, was too bellicose, so Lincoln also turned to Sen. Charles Sumner, the
  29. Coronas fell in love with Inches, son of Elates. A crow informed Apollo of the, affair , When first informed he disbelieved the crow and turned all crows black (where
  30. Brahman won his first series in charge 3–2. The 1938 series was high-scoring, affair ,with many high-scoring draws, resulting in a 1–1 result, Australia retaining
  31. Made landfall at Carthage after six years of wanderings. Aeneas had a year-long, affair ,with the Carthaginian queen Dido (also known as Elissa),who proposed that
  32. Towards training, and Gisele for incidents aboard Apollo 7 and an extra-marital, affair ,). He assigned them to the backup crew simply because of a lack of
  33. A voyage back to England, in mid-1916,she had a miscarriage. Just before his, affair ,with Satan Devi, Crowley was practicing sex magic with German Maria von Other
  34. Deny an affair that did in fact happen, he could only be more likely to deny an, affair ,that never did. Conflict of Interest: Where a source seeks to convince by a
  35. Business, when she passes on information to James Haggard about her husband's, affair , This information is used to persuade Rear den to sign the Gift Certificate (
  36. Secondary purpose of memorializing workers killed as a result of the Haymarket, affair , Although it had initially been conceived as a once-off event, by the following
  37. Port Said (1903,1908),and Amateur (1871,1873,1877,1891). The Dreyfus, affair ,of the late nineteenth century had consequences in the Arab world. Passionate
  38. Relationship with the much younger Nathaniel Branden turned into a romantic, affair , with the consent of their spouses. Atlas Shrugged, published in 1957,was Rand
  39. Which was later shown to employ elaborate cyphers to document a secret love, affair ,; the extraordinarily elaborate post-Mahlerian Three Pieces for Orchestra (
  40. A queer culture celebration),Tasting Australia (a biennial food and wine, affair ,), and the Royal Adelaide Show (an annual agricultural show and state fair).
  41. Towards training and Gisele for incidents aboard Apollo 7 and an extra-marital, affair ,) and were assigned to the backup crew simply because of a lack of qualified
  42. Australians played just one Test, at The Oval in London. It was a low-scoring, affair ,on a difficult wicket. Australia made a mere 63 runs in its first innings, and
  43. Argument. Her point was that a man in a prominent position, accused of an, affair ,with a ballgirl, would deny the claim whether it was true or false. His denial
  44. His denial, in itself, carries little evidential weight against the claim of an, affair , Note, however,that this argument is valid only insofar as it devalues the
  45. Articles for The Objectives Newsletter. In 1964 Nathaniel Branden began an, affair ,with the young actress Patricia Scott, whom he later married. Nathaniel and
  46. Jews had killed Christian children in Damascus to make Matzos (see Damascus, affair ,). His book inspired the Egyptian TV series Horseman Without a Horse (see
  47. Issues. While Dress' marriage to Antonia was considered an unbreakable, affair , Visalia was" only" the daughter of the late Agrippa from his first marriage
  48. Scandal, actress Brigitte Nielsen came forward and stated that she too had an, affair ,with Schwarzenegger while he was in a relationship with Shiver, saying,"
  49. Physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, a love, affair , or other major life undertakings. Adventurous experiences create psychological
  50. Assembly, and a means by which it controlled the governor). The furor over the, affair ,contributed to Hutchinson's recall, and brought a conciliatory Benjamin

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