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  1. The" more that researchers eliminate bias from their trials, the greater the, tendency ,for results to indicate that acupuncture is little more than a placebo. " In
  2. Tolstoy, Dorothy Day, Ammon Tenancy, and Jacques Elul. Post-left anarchy is a, tendency ,which seeks to distance itself from traditional left-wing politics and to
  3. Be used as erotic solvents. Two opposing solubility trends in alcohols are: the, tendency ,of the polar OH to promote solubility in water, and the tendency of the carbon
  4. Real x please stand up? Morphology American English has always shown a marked, tendency ,to use nouns as verbs. Examples of versed nouns are interview, advocate,vacuum
  5. The capacity to do harm, and it is everyone's duty to be on guard against this, tendency ,within themselves, lest they infect someone else with it. He describes his
  6. Our own sense of well-being becomes" ( Dalai Lama * Dharma Nyasa — Nature's, tendency ,to produce a perfect type Jainism The fundamental principles of Jainism revolve
  7. Have their lone pair electrons conjugated into the benzene ring, thus their, tendency ,to engage in hydrogen bonding is diminished. Their boiling points are high and
  8. The Continuing Anglican movement. These latter trends reflect a countervailing, tendency ,in Anglicanism towards insularity, reinforced perhaps by the" big tent "
  9. His experiments in the tradition of Ptolemy and see in such interpretations a ", tendency ,to 'modernize' Alien ... which serves to wrench him slightly out of proper
  10. The mill. ) Cutting on motion A number of scholars have pointed out Kurosawa’s, tendency ,to“ cut on motion ”: that is, to edit a sequence of a character or characters
  11. Iron. Since one fluke always protrudes up from the set anchor, there is a great, tendency ,of the rode to foul the anchor as the vessel swings due to wind or current
  12. Nation. The expansion is now particularly toward the East and North East (a, tendency ,greatly related to the new Eleftherios Denizens International Airport and the
  13. Times and contemporary European languages in modern times. However, the current, tendency ,is to coin new words using the existing lexical resources of the language, or
  14. A social movement has regularly endured fluctuations in popularity. The central, tendency ,of anarchism as a mass social movement has been represented by
  15. Ocker or Began. Tests indicated that the Broad speakers demonstrated a greater, tendency ,for syllable assimilation and consonant elision, were more likely to use weak
  16. Theory of motion, in which he made a distinction between the inclination (, tendency ,to motion) and force of a projectile, and concluded that motion was a result
  17. Many offbeat and frequently surreal running gags and themes, such as Ally's, tendency ,to immediately fall over whenever she met somebody she found attractive, or
  18. Although the more likely reasons were his leanings toward evangelism and, tendency ,to socialize with Methodists. Newton continued his devotions, and after being
  19. Moving around, including two-footed kangaroo hops. The PLSS backpack created a, tendency ,to tip backwards, but neither astronaut had serious problems maintaining
  20. On" to gather, unite ";" republic ", based on" multitude" ). An earlier, tendency ,was to re-purpose older words that had fallen into disuse (e.g. " Telephone "
  21. Mean or average when the context is clear, is a method to derive the central, tendency ,of a sample space. The term" arithmetic mean" is preferred in mathematics and
  22. Of the" human primitives" overseen by colonial administrations. There was a, tendency ,in late 18th century Enlightenment thought to understand human society as
  23. People,1947,cited in OED s. v. lose) criticized an alleged" American, tendency ," to" burden every verb with a preposition that adds nothing to its meaning (
  24. And probably the others, were normally prominent men, and this oligarchic, tendency ,appears to have been produced by a system of election. In 88 BC, there was a
  25. Intelligent, yet helpful in his way of being fooled by the criminal and for his, tendency ,to unknowingly" stumble" onto the truth. Hastings marries and has four
  26. Are current, but for some words (such as smelt and leapt) there is a strong, tendency ,towards the irregular forms, especially by users of Received Pronunciation. For
  27. Currents are anarcho-primitivism and social ecology. Anarcho-pacifism is a, tendency ,which rejects the use of violence in the struggle for social change. Its main
  28. And robust statistics such as the median may be a better description of central, tendency , Definition Suppose we have sample space \. Then the arithmetic mean A is
  29. S engines is difficult to resolve from Babbage's writings due to Babbage's, tendency ,not to acknowledge (either orally or in writing) the influence of other
  30. To the phenomenon that is an inevitable consequence of inflation, that is the, tendency ,of all prices and wage rates to rise. The result of this deplorable confusion
  31. On the works of Aristotle, in which he sought to escape a syncretistic, tendency ,and to recover the pure doctrines of Aristotle. His commentaries are still
  32. They then analyzed the responses to generate an estimate of a person's, tendency ,to act altruistically and compared each person's level of altruism against
  33. The New Agrarianism, the affiliation with a particular religion and patriarchal, tendency ,have subsided to some degree. Similar social movements Agrarianism is not
  34. Of the priest was formed, as is learned from Malachi 2:4–7; and the prevailing, tendency ,was to place Aaron on a footing equal with Moses. Accompanied by Moses, his
  35. Through radio, television,the Internet and globalization has reduced the, tendency ,to regional variation. This can result either in some variations becoming
  36. Were more likely to speak slowly (drawl),and further, showed a greater, tendency ,to exhibit pervasive nasality. General Australian The most common of Australian
  37. Athenians it seems what had to be guarded against was not incompetence but any, tendency ,to use office as a way of accumulating ongoing power. The powers of officials
  38. Mean is equal to both the median and the mode, other measures of central, tendency , Problems The arithmetic mean may be misinterpreted as the median to imply that
  39. Has several properties that make it useful, especially as a measure of central, tendency , These include: *If numbers x_1,\lots, x_n have mean X, then (x_1-X) +
  40. Great power of systematic thought and exposition. An exception to this general, tendency ,is his Latin treatise" De balconies" ( later inserted in the larger work, De
  41. Of aspirin during dengue fever is not recommended owing to increased bleeding, tendency , People with kidney disease, hyperuricemia, or gout should not take aspirin
  42. But much learning through experience and example; Stephen Prince relates this, tendency ,to the private and nonverbal nature of the concept of Zen enlightenment. By the
  43. With the annual festivals that followed the lunar calendar. There was also a, tendency ,for the four meetings to be aggregated toward the end of each state month.
  44. Lead to a fear of interacting with unfamiliar people altogether. There can be a, tendency ,among those suffering from this condition to restrict their lifestyles to
  45. U in such words as honor, labor,etc." The pamphlet also claimed that" the, tendency ,of people in Australasia is to excise the u, and one of the Sydney morning
  46. Happened … in Korean, basically in the verb subsystem: all verbs have a strong, tendency ,towards low pitch on the first syllable. " (Starting et al. 2003:135)
  47. Are: the tendency of the polar OH to promote solubility in water, and the, tendency ,of the carbon chain to resist it. Thus, methanol,ethanol, and propane are
  48. A short term 'state' or a long term" trait. " Trait anxiety reflects a stable, tendency ,to respond with state anxiety in the anticipation of threatening situations. It
  49. Obscured by the vowel articulation. This makes the /l/ sound like" OO ". The, tendency ,for some /l/ sounds to become vowels (/l/ L vocalization) is more common in
  50. Hume in his Natural History of Religion (Section III):" There is a universal, tendency ,among mankind to conceive all beings like themselves, and to transfer to every

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