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  1. Dziewanowski, father of schoolmate Dominik Dziewanowski) and at his other, vacation ,venues, Chopin was exposed to folk melodies that he later transmuted into
  2. Bruce Campbell) and his girlfriend Linda (Denise Bible) take a romantic, vacation ,to a seemingly abandoned cabin in the woods. While in the cabin, Ash plays a
  3. Of mail to the Speaker's office. * In August 1979,Trudeau took a three-week, vacation ,from the strip, uncommon among comic strip writers and artists. * From January
  4. On October 3,2003. The couple live in the Las Vegas area and own several other, vacation ,homes. Agassi's older sister, Rita,was married to tennis player Sancho
  5. IDF and, in turn, the Nazi Party. The Kraft Dutch Freud organization provided, vacation ,trips (skiing, swimming,concerts, ocean cruises, and so forth). With some 25
  6. Times, Baku with its long hours of sunshine and dry healthy climate, was a, vacation ,destination where citizens could enjoy beaches or relax in now-dilapidated spa
  7. S Berlin headquarters. Speer, who had been about to leave with his wife for a, vacation ,in East Prussia, agreed to do the work. When the commission was completed
  8. Series and receives prizes, often including a large amount of money, a car,a, vacation ,and (in some editions) a house. From a sociological and demographic
  9. Have ignored local laws concerning minimum wages, maximum working hours, vacation ,and holidays. The worst abusers have imprisoned the employees in their homes
  10. Itself as" The Nation's Summer Capital" because it is a frequent summer, vacation ,destination for Washington’D. C., residents as well as visitors from Maryland
  11. To Earth in his space cruiser. As Duke descends on Los Angeles in hopes for a, vacation , a blast rips through from unknown hostiles and critically damages Duke's ship
  12. Has a career. The effects of aging are seen on Miss Marple, such as needing a, vacation ,after illness in A Caribbean Mystery or finding in The Mirror Crack'd from
  13. Disney Parks and Resorts, which manages and builds the Disney theme parks and, vacation ,resorts *Touchstone Pictures,Disney's film banner for more mature films *Walt
  14. 1940s and a ranger at Philemon Scout Ranch in 1949. Rumsfeld later bought a, vacation ,house west of Philemon at Tao's, New Mexico. Education Rumsfeld went to Baker
  15. In Los Angeles. Schwarzenegger saved a drowning man's life in 2004 while on, vacation ,in Hawaii by swimming out and bringing him back to shore. On January 8,2006
  16. Styria is situated. Afterwards,Laura's father takes her on a year-long, vacation ,to recover from the trauma and regain her health. Sources As with Dracula
  17. A Book (1976),the family owned three ranches, a palatial home, and a, vacation ,mansion on a private island in Santiago Bay, Cuba. Following the 1933
  18. Others with the same common name of" Hoffmann" ) wrote the text in 1841 on, vacation ,on the North Sea island Highland, then a possession of the United Kingdom.
  19. Five college students vacation ing in an isolated cabin in a wooded area. Their, vacation ,becomes gruesome when they find an audiotape that releases evil spirits. The
  20. Is rarely used in Australia or the UK. Canadians variously use either the term, vacation ,or the word holiday. Days referred to as holidays in other places but which do
  21. From one's normal home. This is similar to what is described elsewhere as a, vacation , but that word is rarely used in Australia or the UK. Canadians variously use
  22. Recovery in time for the upcoming Congressional session. Under the guise of a, vacation ,cruise, Cleveland and his surgeon, Dr. Joseph Bryant, left for New York. The
  23. Schwarzenegger lives in a home in Brentwood. The divorcing couple currently own, vacation ,homes in Sun Valley, Idaho and Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. They attended St.
  24. By 1885,a new summer retreat was contemplated. That summer, the Bells had a, vacation ,on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, spending time at the small village of
  25. From | title Fire and Guam | access date 2007-06-16} } Aquatic preserves As a, vacation ,spot for scuba divers, efforts have been made to protect Guam's coral reef
  26. Studying on-campus, studying at an off-campus program, or taking a term off for, vacation , outside internships, or research projects. The D-Plan was instituted in the
  27. Active until his death. Hubble experienced a heart attack on July 1949 while on, vacation ,in Colorado; Hubble was taken care of by Grace Hubble and continued on a
  28. World capital of culture and exotic romance. In the series, it is a top, vacation ,and party destination. Transportation International Airport Brasília
  29. The boy, whose parents are divorced, was visiting his Muslim father during a, vacation ,when his father forced him to be ritually circumcised. According to a report by
  30. With Czech journalist and writer Milena Kerensky. In July 1923,throughout a, vacation ,to Graal-Müritz on the Baltic Sea, he met Dora Diamante and briefly moved to
  31. Surgeons discounted the severity of what transpired during Cleveland's, vacation , Hornblower, the head of a New York City law firm, was thought to be a
  32. Of office" responses should not be returned for this mail,e.g. to prevent, vacation ,notices from being sent to all other subscribers of a mailing list. Sendmail
  33. Aroused great opposition: he did not consult with his father, who had been on, vacation ,in Karloff Vary and making arrangements to secure the hand of a German princess
  34. General region and promoted the popularity of Wind Cave National Park. While on, vacation , Coolidge surprisingly issued his terse statement that he would not seek a
  35. Add-on includes a sunny Caribbean atmosphere and theme such as beaches, vacation ,hotels. Charlie Maidenhood created several levels for this add-on. Maidenhood
  36. Island land),at, and Human, at. The two islands are favorite Estonian, vacation ,spots. The country's the highest point, Suur McNamara (Egg Mountain),is in the
  37. On a tropical island when he discovers that the aliens are having their own ", vacation ,". This unofficial add-on includes a sunny Caribbean atmosphere and theme such
  38. Fall (depending on the region, late August or early September) after summer, vacation , Since 1997,Autumn has been one of the top 100 names for girls in the United
  39. Golf Club. He returned to his post in mid-May and in July 1949 took a two-month, vacation ,out of state. Because the American Assembly had begun to take shape, he
  40. But the storylines themselves included watered-down super-villains, the FF on, vacation , and even Santa Claus. This series was replaced by 1960s era X-Men reprints
  41. To the University: as early as 1925 a limited number were admitted to the, vacation ,course in African Studies. Done supported the appointment of Benedict Wallet
  42. And the Isle of Man. This" Home Rule" banking confuses New Zealanders on, vacation ,in the Cooks. Cook automated teller machines often fail to fully disclose the
  43. In an effort to hide his identity. The seal was recovered by a Dutch citizen on, vacation , The seal has the words" Chef her Sicherheitspolizei UND DES SD" ( Chief of
  44. Another change allowed for those in school to be enrolled during (summer), vacation , During this period the CCC was called in to provide disaster relief following
  45. Various extents; a classic example is holiday, often used interchangeably with, vacation , distinguishing the two between a trip elsewhere and general time off work
  46. And, out of American material, proposition,graft (bribery),bad-mouth, vacation , major, backpack,backtrack, intern,ticket (traffic violations),hassle
  47. With values" bulk "," junk ", or " list "; used to indicate that automated ", vacation ," or" out of office" responses should not be returned for this mail,e.g. to
  48. Since 2005,because the Queen often spends the first few days of her summer, vacation ,in the lodge. Each weekend in the summer it is a lucrative source of income due
  49. Is of major importance for the Croatian economy, and most tourists come to, vacation ,in Croatia in their own cars. Without adequate roads, the traffic would get
  50. Of criticism after he was arrested for driving under the influence during a, vacation ,in Hawaii. However, Campbell still managed to lead his party to victory in the

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