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  1. What-if, users there popularized the term" alien space bats ", a term used to, criticize ,implausible alternate histories or to be used as a deus ex machina. One science
  2. Relationships. Lesbian feminism is thus closely related. Other feminists, criticize ,separatist feminism as sexist. Conservative feminism is conservative relative
  3. Any specific political goal. In this case, the function of art may be simply to, criticize ,some aspect of society. Led on publicly viewable walls, buildings,buses
  4. Deal and absorb large amounts of damage. Non-player characters will praise or, criticize ,the main character depending on his use of force, incorporating a moral element
  5. Of its current revenues with a focus on indirect taxes. Leftist politicians, criticize ,such a structure since indirect taxes (like the value added tax) affect
  6. A symbol of the continuity and cohesion of the Japanese people. Some historians, criticize ,the decision to exonerate the Emperor and all members of the imperial family
  7. That would discount cost. Effectiveness Environmental interests will often, criticize ,environmental regulation as inadequately protective of the environment.
  8. The largest Eurocentric party in France. Left-wing Eurocentric parties tend to, criticize ,the liberal agenda of the EU, although they usually support a unification of
  9. Outspoken opponent of South Africa's laws of apartheid, and was not afraid to, criticize ,his nation's government, although he had to temper his remarks to some extent
  10. Series, Beavis and Butt-head are high school students who, among other things, criticize ,contemporary music videos. John Altschuler, formerly a writer for King of the
  11. Is naturally opposed to the EU as, similarly to right-wing parties, they, criticize ,France's loss of political and economic sovereignty to a supra-national entity
  12. Reality than non-evolutionary psychology. Proponents of computational theories, criticize ,non-computational approaches for their lack of predictions and empirical
  13. To follow a strict rule of conduct. TV announcers would not be permitted to, criticize ,the game, and neither fights, nor injuries, could be televised. Bell said
  14. Concentrate their efforts. Religious criticism Mainstream Christian churches, criticize ,creation science on theological grounds, asserting either that religious faith
  15. Scholars as the" first great official public document to dare to confront and, criticize ,Nazism" and" one of the greatest such condemnations ever issued by the
  16. Saying" I have the right to criticize my wife. She doesn’t have the right to, criticize ,me. With us in Chechen society, a wife is a housewife. A woman should know her
  17. And accepting that norms may evolve over time and, therefore,one can, criticize ,the continued enforcement of old laws in the light of the current norms. People
  18. A board member may publicly disagree with an ACLU policy position, but may not, criticize ,the ACLU Board or staff. " The measures proved highly unpopular with free
  19. Promotes sandy and the elevation of women's interests above men's, and, criticize , radical feminist positions as harmful to both men and women. Daphne Patti and
  20. It is that it is usually possible to quote from a copyrighted work in order to, criticize ,or comment upon it, teach students about it, and possibly for other uses.
  21. Novel) particular instances. The term is also commonly used as a pejorative to, criticize ,the use of clever but unsound reasoning (alleging implicitly the inconsistent
  22. Defines modern art as" the use of characteristic methods of a discipline to, criticize ,the discipline itself ". Greenberg originally applied this idea to the Abstract
  23. Revolution. Although he is admired by many, a number of industry insiders, criticize ,his business tactics, which they consider anticompetitive, an opinion which
  24. The Open Society and Its Enemies, Popper used the term" conspiracy theory" to, criticize ,the ideologies driving fascism, nazism, and communism. Popper argued that
  25. S capacity to know reality other than material objects. Some atheists also, criticize ,the use of the term agnosticism as functionally indistinguishable from atheism.
  26. Are primarily dark-skinned, it is alternatively called" Black Africa ". Some, criticize ,the use of the term, because,as it has become in many quarters synonymous with
  27. Year. In 1981,C. A. R. Hear took advantage of his Turing Award speech to, criticize ,Ada for being overly complex and hence unreliable, but subsequently seemed to
  28. Socialists, democratic socialists, individualist anarchists and some Marxists, criticize ,the concept of collectivism. Some anti-collectivists often argue that all
  29. Africa and the Middle East. Science Some feminists, such as Evelyn Fox Keller, criticize ,traditional scientific discourse as historically biased towards a masculine
  30. Friend, Paul Free. Josélito was one of the very few friends Nietzsche allowed to, criticize ,him. In responding most enthusiastically to" Zarathustra," Josélito did feel it
  31. To remain faithful to Catholic doctrine, and therefore was convinced he could, criticize ,frankly and virtually everyone. Erasmus held himself aloof from entangling
  32. Of effectiveness by some aikido practitioners. Conversely, there are some who, criticize ,aikido practitioners for not placing enough importance on the spiritual
  33. Women. The president Ramzan Kadyrov is quoted as saying" I have the right to, criticize ,my wife. She doesn’t have the right to criticize me. With us in Chechen society
  34. Day the ink dried on the Bill of Rights," the right of an American citizen to, criticize ,public officials and policies... is 'the central meaning of the First Amendment
  35. Recognize the Israeli control of Jerusalem. The French government continued to, criticize ,Israel after the war and de Gaulle spoke out against other Israeli actions
  36. At international Esperanto meetings. Detractors of Esperanto occasionally, criticize ,it as" having no culture ". Proponents, such as Prof. Humphrey Tonkin of the
  37. Devotion to ground and caution led his contemporary, Carl von Clausewitz, to, criticize , his rigidity and adherence to geographic strategy. Regardless, he remains among
  38. Ratios of cases),and many of his writings express skepticism about (and, criticize ,the use of) probability when such models are not based on objective
  39. Deconstruction" is as slippery as any other word in the dictionary. Others, criticize ,Derrida for being unable to define the discipline that he himself created, and
  40. So-called Great Firewall. A number of foreign governments and NGOs routinely, criticize ,the PRC's human rights record, alleging widespread civil rights violations
  41. Democracy and individual liberty for United States citizens, and sometimes, criticize ,him for his support for slavery and for his role in Indian removal. Early life
  42. Griffith, in his daily strip Zippy the Pinhead, used his strip as a forum to, criticize ,Adams' artwork as simplistic. Adams responded on May 18, 1998,with a comic
  43. Had been made,“ The country had many economists, and it is not my intention to, criticize ,them, but I would like to ask why we hadn’t discovered earlier that maintaining
  44. Notably, Thomas Hunt Morgan, one of the few Mendelian's to explicitly, criticize ,eugenics),though most of these focused more on what they considered the crude
  45. General population. The data from Piaget, Myers and Briggs can also be used to, criticize ,classical teaching styles that never teach theory or principle. In particular
  46. Muhammad in the cave when the two fled Mecca as a meritorious act. The Shi'a, criticize ,Abu Bakr for an alleged dispute between him and Muhammad's daughter, Fatimah
  47. Directive issued to all local party organs to study Mao's directive and, criticize ,Deng. Deng's political fortunes were dealt another blow following Singing
  48. Devil ", and " the first beast of the book of Revelation ". Many of the authors, criticize ,only Jehovah, the God of the Abrahamic scriptures (Tanaka),in contrast with
  49. Above. Natural resources Acres and War (2009) are among the economists who, criticize ,orthodox economics for overlooking the role of natural resources and the
  50. And that" It strains reason to conclude that Defendant was attempting to, criticize ,Plaintiff's reputation or competency as an astronomer. One does not seriously

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