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  1. Space Flight Center took longer to become convinced of its merits, but their, conversion ,was announced by Werner von Braun at a briefing in June 1962. NASA's formal
  2. Greek philosophy, Ammonius rejected his parents' religion for paganism. This, conversion ,is contested by the Christian writers Jerome and Eugenics, who state that
  3. E-mail providers. According to AOL CEO Randy Falcon, as of December 2007,the, conversion ,rate of accounts from paid access to free access was over 80 %. * In December
  4. Of justification through faith and the consequent importance of personal, conversion , Some in this movement, such as Wesley and George Whitefield, took the message
  5. Ambrose and Augustine Ambrose was Bishop of Milan at the time of Augustine's, conversion , and is mentioned in Augustine's Confessions. Ambrose and celibacy In a
  6. Form a pair of weaker π valence bonds. Reactions One new application is the, conversion ,of acetylene to ethylene for use in making a variety of polyethylene plastics.
  7. Several special functions still do not have established notations. Usually,the, conversion ,to another notation requires scaling the argument and/or the resulting value;
  8. And they treated the shimmies harshly. Faced with the choice of either death or, conversion , many Jews and Christians emigrated. Some, such as the family of Maimonides
  9. Way into wealth and happiness, sometimes with and sometimes without the moral, conversion ,that generally accompanies the Spanish model. Under Victorian morality the term
  10. Had sent him a profound message and had begun to work through him. Newton's, conversion ,was not immediate, but he contacted Polly's family and announced his
  11. Building housing the offices of Vice-Chancellor Franz von Paper to begin its, conversion ,into a security headquarters, even though it was still occupied by on Papen's
  12. In the following verse, culminating in Newton's the most personal story of his, conversion , underscoring the use of his personal testimony with his parishioners.
  13. Were arranged, so they correspond to values in binary prefixed with 011,making, conversion ,with binary-coded decimal straightforward. Many of the non-alphanumeric
  14. For instance, the conversion of inverse to glucose and fructose or the, conversion ,of glucose to lyase and ethanol. * By direct hydration using ethylene (
  15. By Alkaloid influence and Islamic pressures, but devoid of any military, conversion ,and conquest. Southern Iberia In 1086 Yusuf in Ashwin was invited by the
  16. Acid, an activator such as zinc chloride is needed. In alternative fashion,the, conversion ,may be performed directly using thinly chloride.1 Alcohols may, likewise,be
  17. Support of over 20,000 industrial firms and universities. It also required the, conversion ,of the Space Task Group, which had been directing the nation's manned space
  18. By a friend, he wrote about his experiences in the slave trade and his, conversion , The Earl of Dartmouth, impressed with his story, sponsored Newton for
  19. 128 characters of Unicode, but use 16 or 32 bits per character, so they require, conversion ,for compatibility. (similarly UCS-2 is upwards compatible with UTF-16) Order
  20. By using a blue light excitation source such as the Excitable UV to blue light, conversion ,screen from Bio-Rad or Dark Reader from Clare Chemicals. A blue excitable stain
  21. SA, which is overseeing the post-Olympics management, development and, conversion ,of these facilities, some of which will be sold off (or have already been sold
  22. Of Biblical and doctrinal subjects. His spiritual successor, Augustine,whose, conversion ,was helped by Ambrose's sermons, owes more to him than to any writer except
  23. In New Jersey began at the site of the former Jersey City Medical Center. The, conversion ,of the national historic site to a residential enclave had as of 2009 been
  24. Acetylene welding technologies. Otherwise, its major applications involve its, conversion ,to acrylic acid derivatives. Compared to most hydrocarbons, acetylene is
  25. As attested by the presence of Arian Gothic missionaries at his court. The, conversion ,is likely to have been motivated mostly from political considerations, and
  26. Facilities are capable of producing antiprotons per minute. Assuming a 100 %, conversion ,of antiprotons to antihydrogen, it would take 100 billion years to produce 1
  27. Of bodies strewn there and the wails of the kith and kin of the dead. Buddhist, conversion ,As the legend goes, one day after the war was over, Ashoka ventured out to roam
  28. The negative attributes of Judaism to be redeemable by education or religious, conversion , Religious antisemitism is also known as anti-Judaism.
  29. Racial or ethnic grounds. " The dividing line was the possibility of effective, conversion ,... a Jew ceased to be a Jew upon baptism. " However, with racial antisemitism
  30. His relationship with" The One" and soon left his second concubine. Christian, conversion ,In the summer of 386,after having heard a story of Placings about he and
  31. Is the square meter, which is considered an SI derived unit. Conversions The, conversion ,between two square units is the square of the conversion between the
  32. Early scholars regarded Ashoka as a primarily Buddhist monarch who underwent a, conversion ,to Buddhism and was actively engaged in sponsoring and supporting the Buddhist
  33. Stop if Jews stopped practicing or changed their public faith, especially by, conversion ,to the official or right religion, and sometimes, liturgical exclusion of
  34. And coal deposits contain significant amounts of Pass, arising from chemical, conversion ,of natural product molecules, such as steroids, to aromatic hydrocarbons. They
  35. Directly to SIMS mnemonics, but nevertheless result in a one-to-one assembly, conversion ,specific for the given vector processor. * extreme optimization is required, e.
  36. Bar‎ accepted Islam, and Abu Bakr separated from his son Abdul'l-Rahman. His, conversion ,brought the most benefit to Islam. Abu Bakr's brought many people to Islam. He
  37. Of Tobias. The war of Clovis with the Alemannic forms the setting for the, conversion ,of Clovis, briefly treated by Gregory of Tours (
  38. As seen above. The of solvation of pronated amines changes upon their, conversion ,to ammonium compounds. Typically, salts of ammonium compounds exhibit the
  39. By Manichean and afterward by the Neo-Platonism of Platinum. After his, conversion ,to Christianity and baptism (AD 387),Augustine developed his own approach to
  40. Unit. Conversions The conversion between two square units is the square of the, conversion ,between the corresponding length units. For example, since :1 foot = 12 inches
  41. V) and arsenide H3AsO3; As (III) ”. The ability of arsenic to undergo redox, conversion ,between As (III) and As (V) makes its availability in the environment more
  42. Call out to God for mercy, a moment that marked the beginning of his spiritual, conversion , His career in slave trading lasted a few years more until he quit going to sea
  43. The family of Muhammad to openly become a Muslim. He was instrumental in the, conversion ,of many people to the Islamic faith and early in 623,Abu Bakr's daughter
  44. Analog-to-digital converter/Digital-to-analog converter, seen as ADA or A/DA,a, conversion ,occurring in some electronic devices, often musical * Association of Drainage
  45. The inactivation of only two genes in one species of annual plant leads to the, conversion ,into a perennial plant. Researchers deactivated the SOC1 and FULL genes in
  46. Reducing yields of wheat in the southern part of the country, leading to the, conversion ,to more salt-tolerant barley growing. Urban populations there had peaked
  47. Yeast and temperature of less than 37 °C to produce ethanol, for instance,the, conversion ,of inverse to glucose and fructose or the conversion of glucose to lyase and
  48. A Christian celebration can be understood in the context of Alboin's recent, conversion ,to Arian Christianity, as attested by the presence of Arian Gothic missionaries
  49. Grounds. Nichols writes," The dividing line was the possibility of effective, conversion ,... a Jew ceased to be a Jew upon baptism. " From the perspective of racial
  50. Effect,0.25 is a medium effect and 0.4 is a large effect). He also offers a, conversion ,table (see Cohen,1988,p. 283) for eta squared (η2) where 0.0099

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