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  1. So either a center left coalition of the Christian democrats and social, democrats ,was ruling or a center right coalition of Christian democrats and liberals. In
  2. By three families of political parties: the strongest family were the Christian, democrats , currently represented by the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA),second were
  3. Radar led an attack against the anti-Soviet revolutionaries. 21,600 mavericks (, democrats , liberals, and reformist communists) were imprisoned,13,000 interned, and 400
  4. Of Finland was after the revolution. The parliament, controlled by social, democrats , passed the so-called Power Law, which would give the highest authority to the
  5. International held in The Hague in 1872 – competed successfully against social, democrats ,and communists alike for the loyalty of anticapitalist activists
  6. Various internationalist anti-war positions, while Plekhanov and other social, democrats ,(both Bolsheviks and Mensheviks) supported the Russian government to some
  7. The official platform of all Czech political parties (except for social, democrats ,) until 1918. Twentieth century After World War I, Bohemia (as the biggest and
  8. Or municipal. One could assume the new term was coined and adopted by Athenian, democrats , The word is attested in Herodotus, who wrote some of the first surviving Greek
  9. And social democrats was ruling or a center right coalition of Christian, democrats ,and liberals. In the 1970s,the party system became more volatile: the
  10. League In 461 BC, Cimon was ostracized and was succeeded in his influence by, democrats ,such as Euphrates and Pericles. This signaled a complete change in Athenian
  11. Not only by communists but also (in many countries) by socialists or social, democrats , The Chinese version was also a rallying song of the students and workers at
  12. Linguists, Philadelphes, English trade unionists, socialists and social, democrats , Due to its links to active workers' movements, the International became a
  13. French marched in. On 18 March 1793,the Jacobins of Mainz, with other German, democrats ,from about 130 towns in the Rhenish Palatinate, proclaimed the ‘ Republic of
  14. Refer to positions that are more radical. The center-left includes social, democrats , social liberals, progressives and also some democratic socialists and greens (
  15. Where their opponents have traditionally been secularist socialists and social, democrats , Christian democratic parties are moderately conservative, whereas in other
  16. These groups would not value freedom as greatly as more conventional social, democrats , democratic socialists and capitalists would, and he wrote that" the two value
  17. And declared himself Emperor Napoleon III of France. This coup upset many, democrats ,in England as well as in France. Some English government officials felt that
  18. Or" Storm Detachment" used acts of violence against leftists, communists, democrats , Jews and other opposition or minority groups. The SA" storm troopers "
  19. The political spectrum, from communist and anarchist organizations to liberal, democrats ,and Catalan or Basque separatists, were either suppressed or tightly controlled
  20. In his sympathies, he offended his own party and was distrusted by the, democrats , Decides was no professional orator; his style is simple and lively, natural
  21. To revolution sat on the right-hand side of the Assembly. The" Royalist, democrats ," or monarchies inclined toward organizing France along lines similar to the
  22. And intellectuals were purged from 1948 to 1956. Many freethinkers and, democrats ,were secretly arrested and taken to inland or foreign concentration camps
  23. Associations in German politics, although prior to 1919 or 1933,many social, democrats ,and liberals favored centralization in principle. In Britain, federalism has
  24. These parties cooperated in coalition cabinets in which the Christian, democrats ,had always been a partner: so either a center left coalition of the Christian
  25. Party went for the general elections in alliance with the labor and social, democrats , They won a comfortable majority and the MSM stayed to power until 1995. This
  26. The party, which had been decimated by arrests in 1898 and 1899. Some social, democrats ,known as" economists" argued that the party should focus on helping
  27. Have included: socialists, anarchists,communists, national socialists, social, democrats , technocrats, some types of conservatives, Luddites,Parodies, Shakers and
  28. Is based on the notion that democracy is government by discussion. Deliberative, democrats ,contend that laws and policies should be based upon reasons that all citizens
  29. Of state socialism with Marxist-Leninists at the revolutionary end and social, democrats ,at the reformist end. Defined in this way, libertarian socialism in the
  30. The Provisional Government dissolved the parliament by force, which the social, democrats ,considered illegal, since the right to do so was stripped from the Russians by
  31. And exchange as a strategy for implementing socialism; while social, democrats ,advocate public control of capital within the framework of a market economy.
  32. Europe In France, Germany,and other European countries, socialist parties and, democrats ,played a prominent role in forming and building up trade unions, especially
  33. Athens surrendered in 404 BC, and its allies soon surrendered as well. The, democrats ,at Amos, loyal to the bitter last, held on slightly longer, and were allowed
  34. Wolff and the capitalistic FDP. The opposition thus consists of the social, democrats ,(SPD),the liberal" Green Party" and the leftist Socialists. The states of
  35. For the expellees especially under Kurt Schumacher and Erich Oppenheimer, social, democrats , in more recent decades have traditionally been less supportive — and it was
  36. Did the Communist Party remain a significant force. The ex-communist social, democrats ,gained increasing popularity when the transition to capitalism began to cause
  37. Cape live in fear of sexual assault. Political views discrimination Liberal and, democrats ,are significantly overrepresented in higher education in the United States with
  38. Leading up to the Nullification Crisis, the resolutions divided Jeffersonian, democrats , with states' rights proponents such as John C. Calhoun supporting the
  39. To destroy the land outside the walls. A good example of the contempt the first, democrats ,felt for those who did not participate in politics can be found in the modern
  40. Represented by the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA),second were the social, democrats , of which the Labour Party (PDA),and third were the liberals, of which the
  41. Rally as many people to it as possible, saying fascists can be" aristocrats or, democrats , revolutionaries and reactionaries, proletarians and anti-proletarians
  42. Were conducted, in which right wing parties won a slim majority. Some social, democrats ,refused to accept the result and still claimed that the dissolution of the
  43. Member of the World Trade Organization. The last Czech government led by social, democrats ,had expressed a desire to adopt the euro in 2010,but the current center-right
  44. With the Bolshevik position, but did not join them right away. Russian social, democrats ,were split into at least six groups and the Bolsheviks were waiting for the
  45. Main issue, but rather, at least in the 4th century BC, whether they were loyal, democrats ,or had oligarchic tendencies. After leaving office they were subject to a
  46. Had always been a partner: so either a center left coalition of the Christian, democrats ,and social democrats was ruling or a center right coalition of Christian
  47. Soviet democracy) are some examples. Many democratic socialists and social, democrats ,believe in a form of participatory democracy and workplace democracy combined
  48. Community. Reform versus revolution Reformists, such as classical social, democrats , believe that a socialist system can be achieved by reforming capitalism.
  49. A long peace ". Some members of parliament opposed the idea, such social, democrats ,and Swedish-speaking party people, and argument that 1939 frontier would be
  50. This party sat on the right-hand side of the Assembly). The" Royalist, democrats ," or monarchies, allied with Becker, inclined toward organizing France along

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