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  1. An applet can also be a text area only, providing,for instance, a cross, platform ,command-line interface to some remote system. If needed, an applet can leave
  2. Democratic republic, whereby the President is the head of government, and of a, platform ,multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative
  3. Vendors like Sun Microsystems. The Macintosh would need to be replaced by a new, platform , or reworked to run on more powerful hardware. In 1994,Apple allied with IBM
  4. IBM and Motorola in the AIM alliance. The goal was to create a new computing, platform ,(the PowerPC Reference Platform),which would use IBM and Motorola hardware
  5. Lunar landing being Kennedy's legacy. The MESA failed to provide a stable work, platform ,and was in shadow, slowing work somewhat. As they worked, the moon walkers
  6. 2011,the company opened their Mac App Store, a digital software distribution, platform , similar to the existing iOS App Store. Apple was featured in the documentary
  7. Software that defines the AI features of the platform , but rather the actual, platform ,itself that affects the AI that results, i. e., we need to be working out AI
  8. Its applets through several features: * Applets execute only on the" client ", platform ,environment of a system, as contrasted from" servlet ". As such, an applet
  9. Territories into slave and free, contrary to the Republican Party's free-soil, platform , Lincoln rejected the idea, saying," I will suffer death before I consent ...
  10. Then on the fireplace's right side (called" Harris" ). The house had a, platform ,for valuables called" Yorkie" behind the this. The Ainu placed" Shinto "
  11. Alternative to other online services such as CompuServe. The Macintosh, platform ,was itself becoming outdated because it was not built for multitasking, and
  12. Attack requires the attacker to be able to run programs on the same system or, platform ,that is performing AES. In December 2009 an attack on some hardware
  13. Drive and interface, the Disk II. The Apple II was chosen to be the desktop, platform ,for the first" killer app" of the business world—the Musical spreadsheet
  14. Tractarian formulation of the theory of the via media was essentially a party, platform , and not acceptable to Anglicans outside the confines of the Oxford Movement.
  15. To have alternative views aired in parliaments and media. The party has a, platform ,of participatory democracy, with policies supporting proportional
  16. Series of personal digital assistant devices developed by Apple for the Newton, platform ,in 1993. Some electronic engineering and the manufacture of Apple's Messaged
  17. By more than 3,000 ISO technical bodies will be made available on the citation, platform , arming subscribers with powerful search tools and collaboration, notification
  18. The S2 was discontinued. The Audi Cabriolet continued on (based on the Audi 80, platform , ) until 1999,gaining the engine upgrades along the way. A new A3 hatchback
  19. PC during the 1990s until the Internet replaced BBSes as the main communication, platform , Until then," block ASCIIs" dominated the PC Text Art Scene. The first art
  20. User interface (GUI). Because the Yearbook was conceived as an educational, platform , Kay is considered to be one of the first researchers into mobile learning, and
  21. Behavior, data-mining,driverless cars, robot soccer and games. Platforms A, platform ,(or" computing platform " ) is defined as" some sort of hardware
  22. Minded, and rejected any notion of splitting the Union. The Republican national, platform ,of 1860 warned that disunion was treason and would not be tolerated:: we
  23. To connect with gamers in an unexpected way, and we made sure to push the, platform ,to its limits with the new Audi Space. " Audi TDI As part of Audi's attempt to
  24. Step. If the resulting four kilobyte table size is too large for a given target, platform , the table lookup operation can be performed with a single 256-entry 32-bit (
  25. White-space: no wrap;" >28 feet) high model of the Murchison oil production, platform ,and a nineteenth century assembly taken from Rattrap Head lighthouse. Provost
  26. The broader labor movement. Thus, at the first federal election 1901 Labor's, platform ,called for a White Australia (a view held by all federal MPs at the time bar
  27. Interpreter). This is essentially what microcode achieves when a hardware, platform ,changes internally. For example, many things in LBC depend on the preprocessor
  28. Net, plus limited integration with the Microsoft Visual Studio development, platform , IBM offers a version of IBM APL2 for IBM AIX, Linux,Sun Polaris and Windows
  29. Microsoft Automation interface, as well as native namespaces. For the Windows, platform , Dialog APL offers tight integration with Microsoft. Net, plus limited
  30. Just the artificial intelligence software that defines the AI features of the, platform , but rather the actual platform itself that affects the AI that results, i. e.
  31. There were thousands of Republican speakers who focused first on the party, platform , and second on Lincoln's life story, emphasizing his childhood poverty. The
  32. Slot for the Apple Die Card to migrate Apple II users to the Macintosh, platform , Apple relied on high profit margins and never developed a clear response.
  33. Can continue to work towards the election of a federal Labor Government. " The, platform ,gives a general indication of the policy direction which a future Labor
  34. His cabinet, but asked them to sign the sealed envelope. While the Democratic, platform ,followed the Peace wing of the party and called the war a" failure ", their
  35. Existed. The Republicans strongly advocated nationalism, and in their 1860, platform , they denounced threats of disunion as avowals of treason. After a Republican
  36. Literature, agnostic often has a meaning close to" independent"—for example,", platform ,agnostic" or" hardware-agnostic. " Qualifying agnosticism Scottish
  37. Along the way. A new A3 hatchback model (sharing the Volkswagen Golf Mk4's, platform ,) was introduced to the range in 1996,and the radical Audi TT coupé and
  38. Original e-tron concept shown at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show is based on the, platform ,of the R8 and has been scheduled for limited production. Power is provided by
  39. Awareness of the security of applets. Open Platform Applets in an open, platform ,environment should provide secure interactions between different applications.
  40. Concept have been adopted in the design of the One Laptop Per Child educational, platform , with which Kay is actively involved. After 10 years at Xerox PARC, Kay became
  41. Interconnect port. However, the development of the Newton hardware/software, platform ,was canceled by Steve Jobs on February 27, 1998,so the Interconnect port
  42. Candidate, General George B. McClellan, supported the war and repudiated the, platform , Lincoln provided Grant with more troops and mobilized his party to renew its
  43. Applications. A compositional approach can be used to provide security for open, platform ,applets. Advanced compositional verification methods have been developed for
  44. Centrist, particularly neo-Keynesian economics and a progressive environmental, platform , The original agenda included interventionist economic policies, commitment to
  45. Electronic documents. Arguably, one of Adobe's few missteps on the Macintosh, platform ,was their failure to develop their own desktop publishing (DTP) program.
  46. Driverless cars, robot soccer and games. Platforms A platform (or" computing, platform ,") is defined as" some sort of hardware architecture or software framework (
  47. July 1948 and October 1948 editions of Popular Mechanics. " 0verkill" is a 2D, platform , multiplayer shooter game designed entirely in color ASCII art. MPlayer and VLC
  48. With Citation Technologies to deliver all ISO Standards on a web-based, platform , Through the ANSI-Citation partnership,17,765 International Standards
  49. Then construct abstractions using different assembly language on each hardware, platform , The system's portable code can then use these processor-specific components
  50. The Democrats and McClellan, he also defeated the Copperheads and their peace, platform , Name "/IN"> mcpherson76"/> Also important were Lincoln's eloquence in

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