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  1. In Ireland, so that the reader is unprepared for the surprise of Swift's, solution ,when he states," A young healthy child well nursed, is,at a year old, a most
  2. Hydrochloric acid with ammonia. Mixing monosodium phosphate (NaH2PO4) with a, solution ,of actinium in hydrochloric acid yields white-colored actinium phosphate
  3. Use of heuristics. * Exact or approximate: While many algorithms reach an exact, solution , approximation algorithms seek an approximation that is close to the true
  4. Acid, and then precipitated as the hydroxide using concentrated aqueous ammonia, solution , The residue was dissolved in perchloric acid. Further separation was carried
  5. Hornet. Additionally, astronauts were rubbed down with a sodium-hydrochloride, solution ,and the command module wiped with Betadine to remove any lunar dust that might
  6. Arabic, Hebrew,and Syriac. The omission of vowels was not a satisfactory, solution ,and some" weak" consonants were used to indicate the vowel quality of a
  7. Each hydrogen ion is less favorable,all the conjugate bases are present in, solution , The fractional concentration, α (alpha),for each species can be calculated.
  8. Or oxymoron, in an over determined system – such as X 2,X=3,which has no, solution ,– see also under determination. Logical ambiguity and self-contradiction is
  9. Can be made of what looks best for the moment. The greedy method extends the, solution ,with the best possible decision (not all feasible decisions) at an
  10. Programming. When a problem shows optimal substructure, meaning the optimal, solution ,to a problem can be constructed from optimal solution s to subproblems, and
  11. Known as the remitting. Generally, an answer is a reply to a question or is a, solution , a retaliation, or a response that is relevant to the said question. In law, an
  12. Is no repetition, memoization does not help; hence dynamic programming is not a, solution ,for all complex problems. By using memorization or maintaining a table of
  13. Average value artificially moving towards the middle of the numerical range. A, solution ,to this problem is to use the optimization formulation (viz, define the mean
  14. Iranian Treasury in Delphi was one of the first Greek buildings utilizing the, solution ,to put the dominating form in the middle and to complete the descending scale
  15. And conquer algorithm, that solves an identical subproblem and uses the, solution ,of this subproblem to solve the bigger problem. Divide and conquer divides the
  16. Continuous functor on a small-complete category which satisfies the appropriate, solution ,set condition has a left-adjoint (the Fred adjoint functor theorem). Weaker
  17. The PKA of the pronated acid. The decreased concentration of H+ in that basic, solution ,shifts the equilibrium towards the conjugate base form (the detonated form
  18. New independence, members of the Continental Congress arrived at a compromise, solution ,dividing sovereignty between the states and the Federal government, with a
  19. But differed from other oxidation states of americium. Heating the Am (IV), solution , to 90 °C did not result in its disproportionate or reduction, however a slow
  20. 239PuNO3) solution was coated on a platinum foil of about 0.5 cm2 area,the, solution ,was evaporated, and the residue was converted into plutonium dioxide (PuO2) by
  21. Heuristic algorithms do not try to find an optimal solution , but an approximate, solution ,where the time or resources are limited. They are not practical to find perfect
  22. Is to find the largest number in an (unsorted) list of numbers. The, solution ,necessarily requires looking at every number in the list, but only once at each
  23. And emergence of new fields. These include technological fields that assume the, solution ,to technological problems lies in better technology, such as integrated pest
  24. The current that would deposit grams of silver per second from a silver nitrate, solution , Later, more accurate measurements revealed that this current is 0.99985 A.
  25. Approach is extended to algorithms, by regarding the algorithm itself as a ", solution ," to a problem. By field of study Every field of science has its own problems
  26. State of americium was first observed in 1951. It is present in aqueous, solution ,in the form of AmO2+ ions (acidic) or AmO3- ions (alkaline) which are
  27. Complex variant of linear programming is called integer programming, where the, solution ,space is restricted to the integers. * Reduction. This technique involves
  28. That the random element will be decreased as the algorithm settles down to a, solution , Approximation algorithms are those heuristic algorithms that additionally
  29. Approximation algorithms seek an approximation that is close to the true, solution , Approximation may use either a deterministic or a random strategy. Such
  30. And zinc is produced by dissolving zinc oxide into sulfuric acid, purifying the, solution ,and electrowinning. In the chemical industry, acids react in neutralization
  31. Thesis:" If you want Utopian plans, I would say: the only, solution ,to the problem is the despotism of the wise and noble members of a genuine
  32. In 15-M NH3F with the americium concentration of 0.01 M. The resulting reddish, solution ,had a characteristic optical absorption spectrum which is similar to that of
  33. In optimization problems, heuristic algorithms do not try to find an optimal, solution , but an approximate solution where the time or resources are limited. They are
  34. Bismuth. The extraction can be performed with thenoyltrifluoroacetone-benzene, solution ,from an aqueous solution of the radiation products, and the selectivity to a
  35. To an acid. It is often wrongly assumed that neutralization should result in a, solution ,with pH 7.0,which is only the case with similar acid and base strengths during
  36. Themselves, not by a new law. So Einstein proposed that the path of a singular, solution , like a black hole, would be determined to be a geodesic from general
  37. More acidic) solution s, there is a high enough H+ concentration in the, solution ,to cause the acid to remain in its pronated form, or to proton ate its
  38. To the oxyfluoride, the oxychloride could well be synthesized by igniting a, solution ,of actinium trichloride in hydrochloric acid with ammonia. Mixing monosodium
  39. Are substances which increase the concentration of hydronium ions (H3O+) in, solution , The Brønsted-Lowry definition is an expansion: an acid is a substance which
  40. It is easily oxidized, it is precipitated in aqueous nitric acid/silver (I), solution , forming an ionic astatine, AgAt. The most important isotope is now
  41. Can be performed with thenoyltrifluoroacetone-benzene solution from an aqueous, solution ,of the radiation products, and the selectivity to a certain element is achieved
  42. Projects that tried to fix population and labor issues with a simple cure-all, solution , A memorable example of these sorts of schemes" involved the idea of running
  43. Be calculated. For example, a generic diuretic acid will generate 3 species in, solution ,: H2A,HA-, and A2-. The fractional concentrations can be calculated as below
  44. Algorithms, a class of heuristic probabilistic algorithms that vary the, solution ,of a problem by a random amount. The name" simulated annealing" alludes to
  45. Virtue of selfishness" in her book of that title, in which she presented her, solution ,to the is-ought problem by describing a meta-ethical theory that based morality
  46. Or defense, a reply to a question or response, or objection, or a correct, solution ,of a problem. In the common law, an answer is the first pleading by a defendant
  47. Or exhaustive search. This is the naïve method of trying every possible, solution ,to see which is best. * Divide and conquer. A divide and conquer algorithm
  48. In a complex,multistep process. First plutonium-239 nitrate (239PuNO3), solution , was coated on a platinum foil of about 0.5 cm2 area, the solution was
  49. Promyelocytic leukemia that is resistant to AURA. It was also used as Fowler's, solution ,in psoriasis. Recently new research has been done in locating tumors using
  50. A wormhole. His motivation was to model elementary particles with charge as a, solution ,of gravitational field equations, in line with the program outlined in the

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