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  1. Record intended to serve as a proof of compliance with some administrative, requirement , This is often done in advance of the update of reporting databases and/or the
  2. War were left far more vulnerable to ground fire. This not only created the, requirement ,for the introduction of the cockpit armor plating that eventually came to be
  3. And Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and Industry Canada have not set any, requirement ,for maintaining AMPS service in Canada. Rogers Wireless has dismantled their
  4. The topic of this article) can also appear in the 958 range, but there is no, requirement ,that they reside there. Some carriers (such as Bell Canada) have been known
  5. Then two weeks of frosty nights per year, there is no cost impact. The basic, requirement ,for passive solar heating is that the solar collectors must face the prevailing
  6. Be called the Apostolic Decree () and was that most Mosaic law, including the, requirement ,for circumcision of males, was not obligatory for Gentile converts, possibly in
  7. Publication of their tenders and contracts in Development Business a mandatory, requirement , Members (DMC) graduation stages ADB has 67 members (as of 2 February 2007)
  8. Many coming from affiliated trade unions, although there is no formal, requirement ,for unions to be represented at the National Conference). The National
  9. Generally consist of a university degree in architecture. The experience, requirement ,for degree candidates is usually satisfied by a practicum or internship (
  10. Heat production. Athlon XP-M CPUs also have a higher-rated heat tolerance,a, requirement ,of the tight conditions within a notebook PC. The Athlon XP-M replaced the
  11. Governments expressed doubts about the aircraft. Another problem was the, requirement ,for a new engine to be developed by Rolls-Royce, the RB207. In December 1968
  12. Arises from sensation, but judging something to be" beautiful" has a third, requirement ,: sensation must give rise to pleasure by engaging our capacities of reflective
  13. Oscar's statuettes Since 1950,the statuettes have been legally encumbered by the, requirement ,that neither winners nor their heirs may sell the statuettes without first
  14. The USA PATRIOT Act, the ACLU withdrew from the Combined Federal Campaign. The, requirement ,was that ACLU employees must be checked against a federal anti-terrorism watch
  15. Died, they had not yet attained full sanctification and moral perfection,a, requirement ,for entrance into Heaven. This sanctification is carried out posthumously in
  16. However, this plebiscite has not been held on either side, since the legal, requirement ,for the holding of a plebiscite was the withdrawal of the Indian and Pakistani
  17. Fish that have accumulated omega-3 fatty acids from microalgae. To satisfy this, requirement , more than 50 percent of the world fish oil production is fed to farmed salmon.
  18. Bishops, there are two other orders of ordained ministry: deacon and priest. No, requirement ,is made for clerical celibacy, though many Anglo-Catholic priests have
  19. May say private Masses. As in the Roman Catholic Church, it is a canonical, requirement ,to use fermented wine for the Communion; unlike in mainstream Roman Catholicism
  20. Considerations (the computer running the software had an 80 % maximum workload, requirement ,into orbit. On 16 November 2005,the third Ariane 5 ECA launch (the second
  21. Would only need a lung volume of about 600 liters compared to a mammalian, requirement ,of 2,950 liters, which would exceed the available space. The overall thoracic
  22. Must be under 10. There is a dispute concerning Napoleon's age because of this, requirement ,; the emperor is known to have altered the civic records at Ajaccio concerning
  23. Either the letter or the spirit of the U. S. Bill of Rights. In response to a, requirement ,of the USA PATRIOT Act, the ACLU withdrew from the Combined Federal Campaign.
  24. And the line approaches zero as they tend to infinity. Some sources include the, requirement ,that the curve may not cross the line infinitely often, but this is unusual for
  25. United States Supreme Court in Tornado v. Watkins (1961),held that a similar, requirement ,in Maryland was unenforceable because violated the First and Fourteenth
  26. Quantities are not equally probable, but they take on values restricted by the, requirement ,that there exist sites where carbon-based life can evolve and by the
  27. Its current position in the input list. Therefore, it is said to have a space, requirement ,of O (1),if the space required to store the input numbers is not counted, or
  28. Voltage of the RF amplifier is modulated with the audio signal. The audio power, requirement ,is 50 % of the RF carrier power. * Having (Constant-Current) Modulation. The
  29. In the USSR, and later the Soviet Bloc countries, were highly shaped by the, requirement ,to conform to Marxist theories of social evolution. Countries Britain E. B.
  30. By the ability of each individual to reproduce indefinitely without an absolute, requirement ,for its neighbors. Neurobiology Jorge Moll and Jordan Grammar, neuroscientists
  31. Answers (estimates); for example, the sorting algorithm above has a time, requirement ,of O (n),using the big O notation with n as the length of the list. At all
  32. Democrats wanted to prevent their alliance. In 1891 state legislators passed a, requirement ,for a literacy test, knowing that many blacks and whites would be excluded, at
  33. To Nuremberg in 1495,Durer opened his own workshop (being married was a, requirement ,for this). Over the next five years his style increasingly integrated Italian
  34. College professors. The latter fund evolved into TIAA-CREF. One critical, requirement ,was that church-related schools had to sever their religious connections to get
  35. And Rothbard who see an ideological commonality of ethics and morality as a, requirement , David Friedman proposes that" the systems of law will be produced for profit
  36. The 7.62x41mm cartridge predated the current 7.62x39mm M1943). A particular, requirement ,of the competition was the reliability of the firearm in the muddy, wet,and
  37. Protected monopolies. He believed the most dangerous state intervention was the, requirement ,that individuals obtain charters in order to operate banks and what he believed
  38. Popular with desktop overclocked, as well as underclothes. The lower voltage, requirement ,and higher heat rating resulted in CPUs that were basically" cherry-picked "
  39. The team of the perils and mercilessness of their endeavor, and stated the new, requirement ,that every member of every team in mission control be" tough and competent "
  40. And facilitated tracking of the satellite velocity to high precision. A basic, requirement ,was that the satellite acquire fields and particle data everywhere on the orbit
  41. States Marine Corps (USMC). It was canceled before production, however its, requirement ,was later met by the Maverick E. *Maverick D replaced the electro-optical
  42. Is entered into evidence, and a confession by the defendant does not remove the, requirement ,that the prosecution present a full case. This allows for plea bargaining in
  43. Club redrafted its rules following the input of several other clubs. The, requirement ,to bounce the ball while running was introduced in a significant redraft of the
  44. Also defines power states that APM-aware hardware can implement. There is no, requirement ,that an APM-aware device implement all states. The four states are: * Device
  45. Link to accommodate external PCI Express peripherals, thereby eliminating the, requirement ,of a north bridge chip completely from the motherboard. The initiative will see
  46. Of the individual, so it is hard to make general statements about the dietary, requirement ,for some amino acids. (Non-protein functions In humans, non-protein amino
  47. p. 24) uses a generalized definition of algorithms that relaxes the common, requirement ,that the output of the algorithm that computes a function must be determined
  48. Keypad). An Enhanced Die with 128 KB of RAM can be considered the minimum, requirement ,for running most Apple II software released after about 1988. Two and a half
  49. For procedures now used in soil testing laboratories to determine the" lime, requirement ," of soils. Wheat's adaptation to allow aluminum tolerance is such that the
  50. Visualization since it is safer than UV (eye-protection is not such a critical, requirement ,) and passes through transparent plastic and glass. This means that the

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