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  1. Confiscation Act, which set up court procedures that could free the slaves of, anyone ,convicted of aiding the rebellion. Although Lincoln believed it was not within
  2. Needed for their planned community. In a letter, Lane wrote," I do not see, anyone ,to act the money part but myself. " In May 1843,he purchased a farm in Harvard
  3. Reserved for professional space travelers, the terms are sometimes applied to, anyone ,who travels into space, including scientists, politicians,journalists, and
  4. 1999,making manufacture of the newest Kalashnikov rifles, such as AK-100s by, anyone ,other than themselves illegal. However, older variants, such as AK and AKM are
  5. Continued his actions and never been officially convicted since he never killed, anyone ,in the eyes of the law. It is revealed at the end of Curtain that he fakes his
  6. Dedicated to the memory of the late Messaging. She also eliminated or removed, anyone ,who she considered was a potential threat to her position and the future of her
  7. Dramatist with a wide range of targets, not just political or religious ones —, anyone ,known to the audience could be mocked for any reason, such as diseases
  8. She informed him that the book was incomprehensible, and it was unlikely that, anyone ,would ever buy a copy. In a fit of temper Arthur Schopenhauer told her that his
  9. To eliminate. The 'murderer' he was hunting had never expressly killed, anyone ,himself, but subtly and psychologically, he had manipulated others to kill for
  10. Back. He's here for free ", claiming that Agassi had more natural talent than, anyone ,else he had seen. Agassi dropped out of school in the ninth grade.
  11. And duty. Altruism is a motivation to provide a value to a party who must be, anyone ,but the self, while duty focuses on a moral obligation towards a specific
  12. Forward a claim or form some ambition, and Allah and the believers refuse, anyone ,other than Abu Bakr. " From Sahib Muslim Jubal in But'I'm reported that a
  13. Moreover, after his wife's death in 1349,Peter refused the idea of marrying, anyone ,other than Ines herself. The situation became worse as the years passed and the
  14. Charon and the other dangers of the route. She was to not lend a hand to, anyone ,in need. She baked two barley cakes for Cerberus, and took two coins for Charon
  15. It is always difficult to say that anyone is absolutely indispensable but if, anyone ,was indispensable to Hut 8 it was Turing. The pioneer's work always tends to
  16. So the people came to Abu Bakr and left Umar. Abu Bakr said," To proceed, if, anyone , amongst you used to worship Muhammad, then Muhammad has passed away, but if (
  17. 20 of the Census law, according to which a $1,000 fine will be imposed on, anyone ,who will declare an ethnicity other than what was written down on his or her
  18. Hands of a privileged few which he called the" banking monopoly. " He believed, anyone ,should be able to engage in banking that wished, without requiring state
  19. Beyond low Earth orbit. They have, therefore,been farther from the Earth than, anyone ,else. They are also the only people to have directly viewed the far side of the
  20. Literary work this is a signal that the creator of the work does not consent to, anyone ,to using it unless they agree not to copy it, hence if it is used this
  21. Priority to the wiping out of illiteracy. Strict regulations were introduced, anyone ,between the ages of 12 and 40 who could not read or write was mandated to
  22. Pay commutation money. Many eligible spooled their money to cover the cost of, anyone ,drafted. Families used the substitute provision to select which man should go
  23. The Albanian government has furthermore additionally stated that it will jail, anyone ,who does not participate in the census or refuse to declare his or her
  24. Abu Huerta reported that the Islamic prophet Muhammad said," There is not, anyone ,who may have been kind to us, or helped us without my returning to him (his
  25. Claudius' children with Valeria Messaging. Agrippina removed or eliminated, anyone ,from the palace or the imperial court who she thought was loyal and dedicated
  26. Earth from beyond low Earth orbit, and have traveled farther from Earth than, anyone ,else to date. The program succeeded in accomplishing one of President Kennedy
  27. Major bodily functions. " Required doctor visits are not to be held against, anyone ,with a disability. Political pressure The ADA (1990) is unusual because more
  28. And no transcendent God. The plague comes unannounced and may strike down, anyone ,at any time. It is arbitrary and capricious, and it leaves humans in a state of
  29. Critics. In a sermon that he preached on 6 January 1905,before he had told, anyone ,of his plans to dedicate the rest of his life to work as a doctor in Africa, he
  30. He offered to sell for thirteen talents. The horse refused to be mounted by, anyone , and Philip ordered it to be taken away. Alexander, however,detected the horse
  31. Wrote as follows about his contribution: There should be no question in, anyone ,'s mind that Turing's work was the biggest factor in Hut 8's success. In the
  32. Chief credit for the invention of the Bombe. It is always difficult to say that, anyone ,is absolutely indispensable but if anyone was indispensable to Hut 8 it was
  33. Attacks on Randall would be developed someday," I do not believe that, anyone ,will ever discover an attack that will allow someone to read Randall traffic.
  34. Of esoteric knowledge considered too profound or too sacred to be disclosed to, anyone ,other than the initiated. For example, it is used in this sense to describe A
  35. Alexander wins so many battles that he loses the war ". It is used to address, anyone ,who is good at winning but never takes advantage of those wins. Historiography
  36. Any ships; I shall maintain troops only for defense, and won't make war on, anyone ,; I shall be content with the old domains. In winter, I shall live in Moscow, and
  37. Equivalent to about £ in present day terms) in a magazine advertisement to, anyone ,who could demonstrate a convex curvature in a body of water such as a river
  38. To Corinth. Athens sued for peace and Alexander received the envoy and pardoned, anyone ,involved with the uprising. At Corinth, where occurred the famous encounter
  39. Cadenza which absolutely astounded me, for it is hardly possible that, anyone ,has ever played, or ever will play, in such a fashion. " Vivaldi was only 25
  40. Trade, or any other pretense whatever. " # Establishes freedom of movement –, anyone ,could pass freely between the states, excluding " paupers, vagabonds,and
  41. Captain going down with his ship. It is unclear whether the strikers or, anyone ,else will return to save him. *Ellis Wyatt is the head of Wyatt Oil. He has
  42. England, under the control of Oliver Cromwell, had banished" makers ", or, anyone , else demonstrating" knacks" ( an ability to perform seemingly supernatural
  43. Be closely fought proved well-founded, as the series was more competitive than, anyone ,had predicted and was still undecided as the closing session of the final Test
  44. Amongst you used to worship Muhammad, then Muhammad has passed away, but if (, anyone ,of) you used to worship Allah, then Allah is Alive and shall never die. Allah
  45. And without pain. After a crash of thunder and light, the baby arrives without, anyone ,'s assistance. Death After the death of Amphitryon, Alcmene married
  46. Be even more damaging. Specialized companies would list aggressors so that, anyone ,wishing to do business with a man could first check his record. The bank robber
  47. Subsequent meeting of the Entomological Society, Wallace asked for any evidence, anyone ,might have on the topic. In 1869,Weir published data from experiments and
  48. Liked the profession, calling it" one of the most rewarding professions that, anyone ,can follow ". She later worked at a hospital pharmacy, a job that influenced
  49. Telescope facilities to partake in research and deep sky imaging. This enables, anyone ,to control a telescope a large distance away in a dark location. The observers
  50. New wife. He dismounted and entered the Prophet's Mosque, but did not speak to, anyone ,until he entered upon 'AA'OSHA. He went straight to Muhammad who was covered

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