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  1. Zone 9,the northernmost such occur rence in continental Europe. Frosts mainly, occur ,during spells of easterly or northeasterly winds from the inner European
  2. Glottal stop). There are no cases of hiatus within a word (where two vowels, occur ,next to each other, without an intervening consonant). Some words do
  3. And CVCC, are super heavy syllables. Super heavy syllables in Classical Arabic, occur ,in only two places: at the end of the sentence (due to causal pronunciation)
  4. Into situations where countervailing duties are required of him, such as might, occur ,in the event of war. Oath of allegiance The oath of allegiance is an oath of
  5. One side effect as noted on the label is the staining of the teeth will, occur ,for prolong usage. Compounding Custom mouthwashes, called " magic mouthwash "
  6. But not Mongolic; all other combinations between the five branches also, occur ,in the book. It lists 144 items of shared basic vocabulary (most of them
  7. As written, except at the end of an utterance, where the following changes, occur ,: *Final short vowels are not pronounced. (But possibly an exception is made
  8. Of glycine, naturally occur ring amino acids are chiral and almost invariably, occur ,in the, for example, possesses one pronated amine and two detonated
  9. The south tides in the Atlantic Ocean are semi-diurnal; that is, two high tides, occur ,during each 24 lunar hours. In latitudes above 40° North some east-west
  10. Be elicited for instance in crystals, where large crystal-electrical fields may, occur ,at low-symmetry lattice sites. A single carat diamond with a mass of contains
  11. The world is divided into five regions. Some editing of cultural references may, occur ,to better follow the references of the non-Japanese culture. Certain companies
  12. In assisting the child to understand when regularly scheduled events may not, occur , Outcomes In a pilot study, Researchers Lava, Golan,Baron-Cohen, and Myles
  13. Systems. Full Portuguese administrative control of the hinterland did not, occur ,until the beginning of the 20th century. In 1951,the colony was designated as
  14. A Christian context. His views set the stage for the philosophical explosion to, occur , Peter Abelard followed Anselm's work, laying the foundation for acceptance of
  15. Yucca, Dracaena),some of which can exceed 10 m in height. Succulent genera, occur ,in several families (e.g. Aloe). One of the defining characteristics of the
  16. Latitudes and along coasts where large rivers enter. Maximum salinity values, occur ,at about 25° north and south, in subtropical regions with low rainfall and high
  17. And between Mongolic and Tunguska from cognates, and it suggests words that, occur ,in Turkic and Tunguska but not Mongolic; all other combinations between the
  18. Rebellion against accepted notions of what is aesthetically superior need not, occur ,concurrently with a complete abandonment of the pursuit of what is
  19. Is the most common problem, although eating rituals and food refusal also, occur ,; this does not appear to result in malnutrition. Although some children with
  20. Exposure cannot be predicted. Occupational exposure and arsenic poisoning may, occur ,in persons working in industries involving the use of inorganic arsenic and its
  21. Both upper and lower motor neurons to function. The signs described above can, occur ,in any muscle group, including the arms, legs,torso, and Bulgar region. The
  22. Services has increased. Types Induced Approximately 205 million pregnancies, occur ,each year worldwide. Over a third are unintended and about a fifth end in
  23. Antigenic deposits consist of such materials as manganese nodules. They, occur ,where sedimentation proceeds slowly or where currents sort the deposits, such
  24. Cause stimulated emission of a photon with a matching energy level. For this to, occur , the electron must drop to a lower energy state that has an energy difference
  25. While Apollo has a great number of appellations in Greek myth, only a few, occur ,in Latin literature, chief among them Phoebes (; Φοίβος, Phoibos, literally "
  26. Vowels are marked with diacritics and syllable-final consonants, when they, occur , are indicated with ligatures, diacritics,or with a special vowel-canceling
  27. By a suffix, still sound as). *Full endings (including case endings), occur , when a critic object or possessive suffix is added (e.g. " Us/our" ).
  28. Signed in Paris at the end of November 1782; the formal end of the war did not, occur ,until the Treaty of Paris (for the U. S.) and the Treaties of Versailles (
  29. Case and mood endings are never pronounced, and certain other changes, occur ,that echo the corresponding colloquial pronunciations. Specifically: *All the
  30. Distribution of solar energy, range from below. Maximum temperatures, occur ,north of the equator, and minimum values are found in the polar regions. In the
  31. On auditory information. When the child asks when a particular event will, occur , he can easily be referred to the visual calendar. Use of a visual calendar can
  32. As is sometimes common in scientific discoveries, simultaneous developments can, occur , as evidenced by a number of inventors who were at work on the telephone. But
  33. Amphibole, cryolite,soda niter, and zeolite. Potassium does not, occur ,as the free element in nature due to its reactivity but, in compounds, makes up
  34. Muscular atrophy and monomeric amyotrophic. A small subset of familial MND cases, occur ,in children, such as" juvenile ALS ", Madras syndrome, and individuals who
  35. The mares were pregnant, or that are pregnant with twin foals. Femicide can, occur ,in horses and zebras due to male harassment of pregnant mares or forced
  36. Pelargonium, coleus and petunia. One seed-to-seed life cycle for an annual can, occur ,in as little as a month in some species, though most last several months.
  37. With influence from the colloquial varieties). The following changes, occur ,: *Most final short vowels are not pronounced. However, the following short
  38. A combination of tense and aspect. The moods other than the indicative, occur ,only in the non-past, and the future tense is signaled by prefixing or onto the
  39. 24 continuous hours at least once per year. On the Arctic Circle those events, occur , in principle, exactly once per year, at the June and December solstices
  40. An official agreement within the Kingdom for Aruba's Independence, which would, occur ,in a series of steps granting increasing autonomy. In August 1985 Aruba drafted
  41. River blindness) are other diseases carried by insects that also, occur ,in the region. Angola has one of the highest infant mortality rate in the world
  42. The nucleus to emit particles or electromagnetic radiation. Radioactivity can, occur ,when the radius of a nucleus is large compared with the radius of the strong
  43. By locality, such as" Pacific Algae" or" North Sea Algae ". When they, occur ,out of their localities, it is usually possible to hypothesize a transport
  44. Linked to epigenetic changes that are heritable changes in gene expression that, occur ,without changes in DNA sequence and include DNA methylation, histone
  45. A family tree of languages and noting the relative distance of the splits that, occur ,in it. *Observing evidence for contact between languages, which may indicate
  46. Of alkanes on Earth Traces of methane gas (about 0.0001 % or 1 ppm), occur , in the Earth's atmosphere, produced primarily by organisms such as Archaea
  47. World Health Organization estimated in 1992 that 3 million pesticide poisonings, occur ,annually, causing 220,000 deaths. Pesticides select for pesticide resistance in
  48. Number 3. Chiral alkanes are of certain importance in biochemistry, as they, occur ,as side chains in chlorophyll and tocopherol (vitamin E). Chiral alkanes can
  49. The speaker's education level, etc., various grammatical changes may, occur ,in ways that echo the colloquial variants: **Any remaining case endings (e.g.
  50. Situation of a Cartesian product of a family of sets, where a same set can, occur ,more than once as a factor; however, one can focus on elements of such a

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