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  1. Resolve the tensions. Unresolved class conflict, however,made these laws less, effective , There were violent protests, many cases of evasion, and large-scale desertion
  2. That it strongly adheres to surfaces in the mouth and thus remains present in, effective ,concentrations for many hours. Since then commercial interest in mouthwashes
  3. Is what allowed flight. Horizontal and vertical stabilizers In spite of, effective ,control surfaces, many early aircraft were virtually flyable. The horizontal
  4. Maintain, with Turing... that any procedure which could" naturally" be called, effective , can in fact be realized by a (simple) machine. Although this may seem
  5. Failed to reach a consensus. The weakness of the Articles in establishing an, effective ,unifying government was underscored by the threat of internal conflict both
  6. Were framed as attempts to define" effective inoculability" or ", effective ,method "; those formalization included the Gödel–Her brand–Kleenex recursive
  7. 60–100 W): 250–450 MA In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is an, effective ,method expressed as a finite list of well-defined instructions for calculating
  8. Internal rules of operation to handle events inside the brain—but are less, effective ,at empathizing by handling events generated by other agents. An extension, the
  9. Around the Southern ports and cities. Lincoln's naval blockade was 95 %, effective ,at stopping trade goods; as a result, imports and exports to the South declined
  10. The secession of Texas. It was accepted by the War Department on May 6,1861, effective , May 3. On April 28 he moved to Los Angeles where he had family and remained
  11. And defend our common liberties ... The document could not become officially, effective ,until it was ratified by all 13 colonies. The first state to ratify was
  12. Has difficulty in penetrating plaque biofilm, other mouthwashes may be more, effective ,where pre-existing plaque is present. One side effect as noted on the label is
  13. One of the darkest substances. Deeply shadowed cavities can achieve an, effective ,albedo approaching the zero of a black body. When seen from a distance, the
  14. The removal of DRM technology from EMI's catalog in the iTunes Store, effective ,in May. Other record labels followed later that year. In July of the following
  15. However, many studies acknowledge that Chlorhexidine remains the most, effective ,mouthwash when used on an already clean tooth surface or immediately after
  16. Simplest of these to state (due to Post and Turing) says essentially that an, effective ,method of solving certain sets of problems exists if one can build a machine
  17. Know how to take a square root. If they don't then for the algorithm to be, effective ,it must provide a set of rules for extracting a square root. This means that
  18. A Mac' adverts, Apple has been recognized in the past for its efforts towards, effective ,advertising and marketing for its products, though its advertising has been
  19. And the Union built many copies of Monitor. Lacking the technology to build, effective ,warships, the Confederacy attempted to obtain warships from Britain. Northern
  20. Portuguese colony was not established before the end of the 19th century, and ", effective ,occupation ", as required by the Berlin Conference (1884) was achieved in the
  21. Conquest of the present territory of Angola, and especially since its “, effective ,occupation” in the mid-1920s,schooling in Portuguese was slowly developed by
  22. Basically an instance of logic written in software by software developers to be, effective ,for the intended" target" computer (s),in order for the target machines to
  23. Proof that the Entscheidungsproblem was unsolvable, Emil Post's definition of, effective ,inoculability as a worker mindlessly following a list of instructions to move
  24. Attacked the town from behind. The Loyalists were too poorly organized to be, effective , but as late as 1781 senior officials in London, misled by Loyalist exiles
  25. With a high rate of unsafe abortions. In addition, a lack of access to safe and, effective ,contraception contributes to unsafe abortion. It has been estimated that the
  26. A square root. This means that the programmer must know a" language" that is, effective ,relative to the target computing agent (computer/computer). But what model
  27. South blundered in embargoing cotton exports in 1861 before the blockade was, effective ,; by the time they realized the mistake it was too late. " King Cotton" was
  28. Abortion. Medical abortion with mifepristone and bisoprolol is, effective ,through 49 days of gestational age. It has been used in women up to 63 days of
  29. Effect. Thus, a well-planned adobe wall of the appropriate thickness is very, effective ,at controlling inside temperature through the wide daily fluctuations typical
  30. Where large numbers of amateur astronomers with small telescopes are more, effective ,than the relatively small number of large telescopes that are available to
  31. Identical to Post's" formulation ", J. Barkley Rosser's definition of ", effective ,method" in terms of" a machine ". S. C. Kleene's proposal of a precursor to
  32. In 1928,mathematicians first set about to define what was meant by an ", effective ,method" or" effective calculation" or" effective inoculability" ( i.e., a
  33. Crew In early 1969,Bill Andes accepted a job with the National Space Council, effective ,in August 1969 and announced his retirement as an astronaut. At that point Ken
  34. What was meant by an" effective method" or" effective calculation" or ", effective ,inoculability" ( i.e., a calculation that would succeed). In rapid
  35. Allow a pilot to control an aircraft's flight attitude. Development of an, effective ,set of flight controls was a critical advance in the development of aircraft.
  36. Counters (iii) an agent, and (iv) a list of instructions that are, effective ,relative to the capability of the agent. Minsky describes a more congenial
  37. Knowledge of things: authority, reasoning,and experience; only the last is, effective ,and able to bring peace to the intellect. " (Bacon p. 367) " Experimental
  38. Difference in the trial. Another issue suitable for appeal in criminal cases is, effective ,assistance of counsel. If a defendant has been convicted and can prove that his
  39. S approach to emancipation was slow, the Emancipation Proclamation was an, effective ,use of the President's war powers. The Confederate
  40. In the Continental Army, complained that the Articles were too weak for an, effective ,government. There was no president, no executive agencies, no judiciary and no
  41. Of successful oil strategy, and in this base, as the banks were ready to an, effective ,transfer of their financial resources to the strategic goals, development
  42. Hilbert in 1928. Subsequent formalization were framed as attempts to define ", effective ,inoculability" or" effective method "; those formalization included the
  43. The persona of a worthless playboy, by which he is known to the world, as an, effective ,cover. However, he is forced to give up Deign, knowing that she would not be
  44. Ionization energies in their periods of the periodic table because of their low, effective ,nuclear charge and high electropositivity. The second ionization energy of all
  45. Other precautionary measures, the full-body zinc coating has proved to be very, effective ,in preventing rust. The body's resulting durability even surpassed Audi's own
  46. A strong strike or an immobilizing grab) are needed to study correct and, effective ,application of technique. * a control using one hand on the elbow and one hand
  47. In underdevelopment of the strength and conditioning needed for the safe and, effective ,practice of both partners. Another criticism is that after the end of Yeshiva
  48. Proved uncontrollable, often with disastrous results. The development of, effective ,flight controls is what allowed flight. Horizontal and vertical stabilizers In
  49. Or part-time work. Changes in diagnostic practice and increased availability of, effective ,early intervention make it unclear whether these findings can be generalized to
  50. First set about to define what was meant by an" effective method" or ", effective ,calculation" or" effective inoculability" ( i.e., a calculation that would

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