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  1. In many cell ular processes, including biosynthetic reactions, motility,and, cell ,division. One molecule of ATP contains three phosphate groups, and it is
  2. N and \ell given by its row and column indices, respectively. The number in the, cell ,is the subshell's position in the sequence. For a linear listing of the
  3. Stop is usually taken to be the presence of reproductive organs with protective, cell ,layers, a characteristic not found in the other alga groups. Symbiotic algae
  4. Wallace's defense of the Origin on the topic of evolution of the hexagonal bee, cell , * 1863: http://www.wku.edu/~smithch/wallace/S078. Htm On the Physical
  5. SCSI, a lawyer and former Estonian Minister of Education in a Lanka Prison, cell , After completion,Solzhenitsyn's original handwritten script was kept hidden
  6. In some signaling proteins causes the proteins to attach and then detach from, cell ,membranes. Table of standard amino acid abbreviations and properties In
  7. Proteins (enzymes) will desaturate, leading to cell damage, death of the, cell , and eventually death of the organism. * Dirt often consists of fats and oils
  8. Extent, the carbon anode is degraded by the oxygen. The anodes in a reduction, cell ,must therefore be replaced regularly, since they are consumed in the process.
  9. Then a neutral water solution, proteins (enzymes) will desaturate, leading to, cell ,damage, death of the cell , and eventually death of the organism. * Dirt often
  10. With a lysosome to add digestive chemicals. Undigested food is expelled at the, cell ,membrane. Amoebas use pseudopodia to move and feed. They are powered by
  11. As dodo. It is recommended by some doctors for people having low red blood, cell ,count. It is also known among the Valentin as a drought crop (checker). In
  12. The driving force behind early research into integrated circuits. The fuel, cell ,developed for this program was the first practical fuel cell .
  13. In a process known as pickling. They may be used as an electrolyte in a wet, cell ,battery, such as sulfuric acid in a car battery. Strong acids, sulfuric acid in
  14. In simultaneous microsporogenesis, there is no wall formation until all four, cell ,nuclei are present. Lilies all have successive microsporogenesis, which is
  15. One sex. The buildings were detached, small and of the humblest character. Each, cell ,or hut, according to Solomon, contained three monks. They took their chief meal
  16. 24 subshells (e.g.,1s,2p,3d,etc.) is given in the following table. Each, cell ,represents a subshell with n and \ell given by its row and column indices
  17. Completed in 1910 included 698 cell s designed for solitary confinement; each, cell ,measured by with a single ventilation window above the floor. Vijaya Samovar
  18. A major role in the mobility of this system. Environments with high levels of, cell ,adhesion molecules or CAM's create an ideal environment for atonal growth.
  19. Pseudopodia, which are bulges of cytoplasm. Amoebas breathe using their entire, cell ,membrane that is constantly immersed in water. Excess water can cross into the
  20. Proteins or materials are synthesized in the cell and exported just outside the, cell ,membrane. Amoebas seem to have connections with two phyla of the lineage
  21. Voltage-gated sodium channels is much higher here than is found in the adjacent, cell ,body, excepting the axon hillock. Nodes of Rangier Nodes of Rangier are
  22. In pronunciation and as an input method for Chinese characters on computers and, cell ,phones. European alphabets, especially Latin and Cyrillic, have been adapted
  23. In 1942. Literary career During the war Camus joined the French Resistance, cell ,Combat, which published an underground newspaper of the same name. This group
  24. Molecule cyclic AMP. The ratio between ATP and AMP is used as a way for a, cell ,to sense how much energy is available and control the metabolic pathways that
  25. From aqueous solutions, binding them into a metal-phosphate complex at their, cell ,walls. Several studies have been reported on the absorption and
  26. SM),which housed the service propulsion engine and its propellants, the fuel, cell ,power system, four maneuvering thruster quads, a high-gain S-band antenna for
  27. Or custom battery packs, the choice of an easily replaceable/rechargeable, cell ,format gives the user a still unsurpassed runtime and flexibility of power
  28. Lead to death from multi-system organ failure, it is presumed from necrotic, cell ,death, not apoptosis. A postmortem reveals brick-red-coloured mucosa, owing to
  29. Circuits. The fuel cell developed for this program was the first practical fuel, cell , Computer-controlled machining (CNC) was pioneered in fabricating Apollo
  30. Some members of Asparagus from Lilies. Microsporogenesis involves a, cell ,dividing twice (meiotically) to form four daughter cell s. There are two kinds
  31. Cell, or neuron, that conducts electrical impulses away from the neuron's, cell ,body or SOMA. An axon is one of two types of protoplasmic protrusions that
  32. They exhibit a wide range of reproductive strategies, from simple, asexual, cell , division to complex forms of sexual reproduction. Algae lack the various
  33. Radius),length (dendrites are restricted to a small region around the, cell ,body while axons can be much longer),and function (dendrites usually receive
  34. Suggested that the close-out cap on the top of the tank may have hit the fuel, cell ,shelf. The report of the Apollo 13 review board considers the probability of
  35. The bifurcated impulse travels simultaneously to signal more than one other, cell , Initial Segment The axon initial segment (AIS) consists of a specialized
  36. Antimony is slowly cooled, metallic antimony crystallizes in a hexagonal, cell , isomorphic with that of the black allotrope of arsenic. A rare explosive form
  37. Le \ell_0. The above results may be summarized in the following table. Each, cell ,represents a subshell, and lists the values of m_\ell available in that
  38. Contain long hydrocarbon chains and a carboxylic acid group on one end. The, cell ,membrane of nearly all organisms is primarily made up of a phospholipid bilayer
  39. Otherwise attract more pests. An axon is a long, slender projection of a nerve, cell , or neuron, that conducts electrical impulses away from the neuron's cell body
  40. Pictures also showed the antenna damage and possibly an upward tilt to the fuel, cell ,shelf above the oxygen tank compartment. Finally, the crew jettisoned the Lunar
  41. An axon is one of two types of protoplasmic protrusions that extrude from the, cell ,body of a neuron, the other type being dendrites. Axons are distinguished from
  42. Increased pressure beyond its limit and the tank dome failed, filling the fuel, cell ,bay (Sector 4) with rapidly expanding gaseous oxygen and combustion products.
  43. After five to ten years, depending on the current used in the electrolysis,a, cell ,has to be rebuilt because of cathode wear. Aluminum electrolysis with the
  44. Such as cone snails. They are also abundant components of the peptidoglycan, cell ,walls of bacteria, and D-serine may act as a neurotransmitter in the brain. The
  45. A synapse, the membrane of the axon closely adjoins the membrane of the target, cell , and special molecular structures serve to transmit electrical or
  46. Presence of a single circular chromosome, the presence of peptidoglycan in the, cell ,walls, and ribosomes different in size and content from those of the Eukaryotes
  47. Yield-sensing technologies, simulation models of crop growth, in-vitro, cell ,culture techniques) * Transformation of primary products into end-consumer
  48. For writing a book of major importance ... That could mean transforming prison, cell ,into scholar's den. " The prisoners were forbidden to write memoirs, and mail
  49. Are often composed of calcium. The proteins or materials are synthesized in the, cell ,and exported just outside the cell membrane. Amoebas seem to have connections
  50. As of 2008,it is speculated that the attack was carried out by the Al Aida, cell ,within the city. Indigenous terrorist groups have been actively operating in

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