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  1. Martinez de Ampíes. A" medulla real" decreed in November 1525 gave Copies, factor ,of Español, the right to repopulate the depopulated islands of Aruba, Curaçao
  2. Then neutral antimatter had ever been trapped before. The biggest limiting, factor ,in the large-scale production of antimatter is the availability of antiprotons.
  3. Went to debt service in the 1780s. The debt crisis became a major enabling, factor ,of the French Revolution as the government could not raise taxes without public
  4. A major role in human history, as agricultural progress has been a crucial, factor ,in worldwide socio-economic change. Division of labor in agricultural societies
  5. For two reasons: *Firstly, angle measurements are only defined up to a, factor ,of 360° (or 2π,if measuring in radians). Thus, one could as easily call these
  6. Analysis – analysis of data involving several variables, such as by, factor ,analysis, regression analysis, or principal component analysis * Principal
  7. Fit the usual criterion for a threat in the animal kingdom where size is a, factor , but nearly all species are venomous, and although rarely dangerous to humans
  8. This process could take anywhere from two weeks to two months. Another, factor ,which limited the early Newton devices' appeal was that desktop connectivity
  9. At Yorktown the sense of urgency to support the military was no longer a, factor , No progress was made in Congress during the winter of 1783 - 84. General Henry
  10. Eta-squared describes the" proportion of total variation attributable to the, factor , partial ling out (excluding) other factor s from the total nonerror variation
  11. Atomic number, the \ell of electrons becomes more and more of a determining, factor ,in their energy, and the principal quantum numbers n of electrons becomes less
  12. Animation Computer animation encompasses a variety of techniques, the unifying, factor ,being that the animation is created digitally on a computer. 2D animation 2D
  13. S electron shells, particularly the outermost valence shell, is the primary, factor ,in determining its chemical bonding behavior. Hence, it is the atomic number
  14. To design a new science museum in the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. A major, factor ,in the award was the concept that visitors would use a Newton device to access
  15. In 2011. The attack is based on bicliques and is faster than brute force by a, factor ,of about four. The key is recovered from AES-128 in 2^ operations. For AES-192
  16. Models are used when the treatments are not fixed. This occurs when the various, factor ,levels are sampled from a larger population. Because the levels themselves are
  17. Oceania has never been Asia, whatever it may have been defined to be. The chief, factor ,in determining what islands of the Malay Archipelago are Asian has been the
  18. Studies, such as those on the PAID cohort, cite aluminum exposure as a risk, factor ,for Alzheimer's disease. Some brain plaques have been found to contain
  19. Polynomial p (x) in FX without roots in F. Let q (x) be some irreducible, factor ,of p (x). Since p (x) has no roots in F, q (x) also has no roots in F.
  20. Such a product that select the same element every time a given set appears as, factor , and such elements correspond to an element of the Cartesian product of all
  21. Generates 64 % of the ammonia emission. Livestock expansion is cited as a key, factor ,driving deforestation, in the Amazon basin 70 % of previously forested area is
  22. Under construction or in the planning stages in northeastern Alberta. Another, factor ,determining the viability of oil extraction from the oil sands is the price of
  23. Of first instance—usually the court that tried the case. The key distinguishing, factor ,between direct and collateral appeals is that the former occurs in state courts
  24. Economic conditions but, with rapid globalization, this is becoming less of a, factor ,for larger international firms. Salaries also vary, depending on experience
  25. Introduction of experimental medicine, clinical trials, neuropsychiatry, risk, factor , analysis,and the idea of a syndrome in the diagnosis of specific diseases, Ibn
  26. Product of a family of sets, where a same set can occur more than once as a, factor ,; however, one can focus on elements of such a product that select the same
  27. Epigenetic modification of DNA. Studies investigating arsenic as an epigenetic, factor ,will help in developing precise biomarkers of exposure and susceptibility. The
  28. 16,compared to 4.76 for acetic acid. Atomic radius and bond strength Another, factor ,that contributes to the ability of an acid to lose a proton is the strength of
  29. And piano type accordions In describing/pricing an accordion, the first, factor ,is size, expressed in number of keys on either side. For a piano type, this
  30. Overrepresented. The UN-FAO report cites land management as the driving, factor ,behind degradation and reports that 1.5 billion people rely upon the degrading
  31. True, in part due to the popularity of Egyptian films and other media). One, factor ,in the differentiation of the dialects is influence from the languages
  32. Should be no question in anyone's mind that Turing's work was the biggest, factor ,in Hut 8's success. In the early days he was the only cryptographer who
  33. High-level language compilers suitable for microcomputer use. A psychological, factor ,may have also played a role: the first generation of microcomputer programmers
  34. Though energy is being added. As a result, the Boltzmann, factor ,for states of systems at negative temperature increases rather than decreases
  35. Of diglossia between spoken and written language is a significant complicating, factor ,: A single written form, significantly different from any of the spoken
  36. Risk of breast cancer, and aluminum has controversially been implicated as a, factor ,in Alzheimer's disease. The Camel ford water pollution incident involved a
  37. Are well documented, this study highlights an additional environmental, factor ,that may result from being raised by parents suffering from chronic anxiety
  38. 5,600 cases are diagnosed in the U. S. every year. By far the greatest risk, factor ,is age, with symptoms typically presenting between the ages of 50-70. Cases
  39. Temperature through the wide daily fluctuations typical of desert climates,a, factor ,which has contributed to its longevity as a building material. In addition, the
  40. S estimate must be significantly too low (according to Kepler, at least by a, factor ,of three) in his Dolphins Tables (1627). Kepler's laws of planetary
  41. Are affected more by differences in elevation than by latitude or any other, factor , Low winter temperatures in the mountains are caused by the continental air
  42. By a rebel South African tour, the loss of Terry Alderman being a particular, factor , England won 3–1. Despite suffering heavy defeats against the West Indies
  43. Diseases, a relatively rapid progression of symptoms is a strong diagnostic, factor , Although an individual's progression may sometimes" plateau ", it will not
  44. Up to that time. He concluded:: Generally, the more carefully the areal, factor ,has been investigated, the smaller the size of the residue open to the genetic
  45. Another example is the formation of housing in the translation initiation, factor ,EIF5A,through modification of a lysine residue. Such modifications can also
  46. Slaves said. " There is simply no motivation to re-group. Money is not a, factor ,and we would like people to remember us as we were. Young, exuberant,full of
  47. To the International Monetary Fund (see below). Economists measure the total, factor ,productivity of agriculture and by this measure agriculture in the United
  48. Also influenced pronunciation or word order; however, a much more significant, factor ,for most dialects is, as among Romance languages, retention (or change of
  49. Measurements in 1635,and found that Ptolemy's value was too low by a, factor ,of at least eleven. A somewhat more accurate estimate can be obtained by
  50. To Arian Christianity in 376),which led to Arianism being a religious, factor ,in various wars in the Roman Empire. In the west, organized Arianism survived

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