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  1. As a minimum of 40 minutes, except for short subject awards, and it must, exist ,either on a 35 mm or 70 mm film print or in 24 frame/s or 48 frame/s
  2. Acid-base reactions but the free hydrogen nucleus, a proton, does not, exist ,alone in water, it exist s as the hydronium ion,H3O+. Brønsted-Lowry acids
  3. Laos (67%–98 %) and Mongolia (50 %). Large Buddhist populations also, exist ,in Singapore (42.5 %),Taiwan (35.1%–93 %),South Korea (23.2 %)
  4. School, compared to just one in five 40 years ago. Though small communities, exist ,in other countries, such as the Been Israel in India. In the Philippines and
  5. Be predicated to an object that exist s at some period of time, then it does not, exist , In addition, Aristotle disagreed with Plato about the location of universals.
  6. A subset of the real numbers that is not Lebesgue measurable can be proven to, exist ,using the axiom of choice, but it is consistent that no such set is definable.
  7. Or prototypes, and that the remainder of things only resemble them, and, exist , as their copies. ) Criticism of Hegel Schopenhauer expressed his dislike for
  8. That in beads the vowel sound is implied by phonology, and where vowel marks, exist ,for the system, such as Nikki for Hebrew and Arafat for Arabic, their use is
  9. Sachs, China will have the largest economy in the world. Several trade blocs, exist , with the most developed being the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Asia
  10. Significant, but impossible to be estimated. " Traditional African" religions, exist ,only residual, in the main confined to some remote rural areas. In a study
  11. Instance human white blood cells, which consume pathogens. Many protists also, exist ,as individual amoebic cells, or take such a form at some point in their
  12. Or theatrically, as well as online. Both hand-drawn and computer-animated anime, exist , It is used in television series, films,video, video games, commercials,and
  13. Showed that Brownian movement can be construed as firm evidence that molecules, exist , His research in 1903 and 1904 was mainly concerned with the effect of finite
  14. The formal paradigm of nouns and verbs. The following levels of pronunciation, exist ,: Full pronunciation with Paula This is the most formal level
  15. To construct, in an explicit and canonical manner, anything that is proven to, exist , This foundation rejects the full axiom of choice because it asserts the
  16. Different atomic mass, are known as isotopes. Most naturally occurring elements, exist ,as a mixture of isotopes, and the average atomic mass of this mixture
  17. For the player characters. Non-player character groups of adventurers can also, exist , and can be an interesting encounter for the players. List of adventurers
  18. The word Ocala in the Spanish language and Ocala in the Portuguese language, exist ,today, borrowed from Arabic (Arabic: إن شاء الله). This word literally means
  19. Star Observers and http://cbastro.org Center for Backyard Astrophysics, exist ,to help coordinate these contributions. Amateur astronomers often contribute
  20. H2O (l) H3O+ (a) + OH (a) In pure water the majority of molecules, exist ,as H2O,but a few molecules are constantly dissociating and
  21. Of microsporogenesis: successive and simultaneous (although intermediates, exist ,). In successive microsporogenesis, walls are laid down separating the daughter
  22. Where all universal forms subsist, Aristotle maintained that universals, exist ,within each thing on which each universal is predicated. So, according to
  23. Very rare). * A language may spell some words with pronounced letters that, exist ,for historical or other reasons. For example, the spelling of the Thai word for
  24. Of different kinds of sports. In association football, long partnerships, exist ,between Audi and various clubs like Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich, Real
  25. But some have named it Arabic Chat Alphabet. Other systems of transliteration, exist , such as using dots or capitalization to represent the" emphatic "
  26. Classification can be based on their treatment of tone, though names do not yet, exist ,to distinguish the various types. Some alphabets disregard tone entirely
  27. The world of that film," Cause and effect is the only law. Freedom does not, exist , " And Prince claims that its events" are inscribed in a cycle of time that
  28. Blueprint or plan that one has before making or causing a human made object to, exist , *The efficient cause is" the primary source ", or that from which the change
  29. Time and so gave rise to the myth of the Anaconda of Ceylon. Various theories, exist ,regarding the origin of the name itself. One suggests that it was derived from
  30. Middle Eastern studies, and religious studies courses. Arabic language schools, exist ,to assist students in learning Arabic outside the academic world. Many
  31. Model animation refers to stop-motion animation created to interact with and, exist ,as a part of a live-action world. Intercutting, matte effects, and split
  32. Art itself, nor art in relationship to the whole, nor even the right of art to, exist , " Relativism was accepted as an unavoidable truth, which led to the period of
  33. MSA has borrowed or coined many terms for concepts that did not, exist ,in Quranic times (and in fact continues to evolve). Some words have been
  34. The axiom of choice produces these intangibles (objects that are proven to, exist ,by a nonconstructive proof, but cannot be explicitly constructed),which may
  35. Party, stated that" without Ayn Rand, the libertarian movement would not, exist , " In his history of the libertarian movement, journalist Brian Doherty
  36. As the guiding moral principle. She said the individual should ", exist ,for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others
  37. Away and started to look" across the tracks" only in late 1960s. Now there, exist ,many works focusing on peoples and topics very close to the author's" home ".
  38. Rather than like a machine, and as a collection of parts none of which can, exist ,without the others. Aristotle's conception of the city is organic, and he is
  39. From and more conservative than all the spoken varieties, and the two, exist ,in a state known as diglossia, used side-by-side for different societal
  40. To Sterner, rights were spooks in the mind, and he held that society does not, exist ,but" the individuals are its reality ". Sterner advocated self-assertion and
  41. Shorter as atomic number increases, though an" island of stability" may, exist ,for undiscovered isotopes with certain numbers of protons and neutrons. Anatomy
  42. Up of Anthropologists from around the globe. Hundreds of other organizations, exist ,in the various subfields of anthropology, sometimes divided up by nation or
  43. The sole deity, God " (, ho thees monks). Cognates of the name" Allah ", exist ,in other Semitic languages, including Hebrew and Aramaic. Biblical Hebrew
  44. Computable by an algorithm: For a given function multiple algorithms may, exist , This will be true, even without expanding the available instruction set
  45. Media used often influence the form. For example, the form of a sculpture must, exist ,in space in three dimensions, and respond to gravity. The constraints and
  46. Surreys, Sivananda notes that karma is insentient and short-lived, and ceases to, exist ,as soon as a deed is executed. Hence, karma cannot bestow the fruits of actions
  47. Is revealed: it is a code of stagnation. The goal of this code is to not, exist , to not move forward, to become a zero. Haggard struggles to remain unaware
  48. Similia, ad strum similitude consistency. (Plato teaches that the Ideas, exist ,in nature, so to speak, as patterns or prototypes, and that the remainder of
  49. Atlantic Ocean appears to be the second youngest of the five oceans. It did not, exist ,prior to 130 million years ago, when the continents that formed from the
  50. Reasons, many eventually becoming American citizens. No reliable statistics, exist ,for the number of casualties among other groups, including Loyalists, British

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