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  1. Hair and large eyes ", and is a writer. Salt says she" wouldn't be published, outside , She believes that when one deals with words, one deals with the mind. "
  2. In his book The Languages of Africa (1963). It is the only one that extends, outside ,of Africa, via the Semitic branch. There are no generally accepted relations
  3. An involuntary counter, caused the computer alarms. When Armstrong again looked, outside , he saw that the computer's landing target was in a boulder-strewn area just
  4. The slogan" propaganda of the deed" had begun to be used both within and, outside ,of the anarchist movement to refer to individual bombings, regicides and
  5. Individuals with autism also have abnormal brain activation in many circuits, outside ,the MNS and the MNS theory does not explain the normal performance of autistic
  6. She deliberately annoyed him by raising her voice while standing right, outside ,his door. Marque alleged that the philosopher had assaulted and battered her
  7. In Angola: Highways: country comparison to the world: 79 Travel on highways, outside ,of towns and cities in Angola (and in some cases within) is often not best
  8. The proteins or materials are synthesized in the cell and exported just, outside ,the cell membrane. Amoebas seem to have connections with two phyla of the
  9. Withdrawal of the patient to his fantasies, against which any influence from, outside ,becomes an intolerable disturbance ". The word autism first took its modern
  10. Coast but are on tape delay in the West Coast and might not air on the same day, outside ,North America (if the awards are even televised). The Academy has for several
  11. Married to the actress Kay Ludo; their relationship is kept hidden from the, outside ,world, which only knows of Ludo as a film star who retired and dropped out of
  12. That does not originate from Earth * Any introduced species, a species living, outside ,its native distributional range Fiction Film ** Aliens (film),1986 sequel
  13. Area of and is densely populated with its estimated 103,000 people. It lies, outside ,the hurricane belt. History Aruba's first inhabitants are thought to have been
  14. And judicial interpretation of Islam issuing edicts forbidding women to work, outside ,the home, attend school, or to leave their homes unless accompanied by a male
  15. And thorough improvement of the human race might be reached not so much from, outside ,as from within, not so much by theory and instruction as rather by the path of
  16. If it were a clear abuse of discretion. This is usually defined as a decision, outside ,the bounds of reasonableness. On the other hand, the appellate court normally
  17. Of the country that is mountainous is rugged and often inaccessible from the, outside , The highest mountain is Koran situated in the district of Fiber, reaching up
  18. The etymology of the term may be from the Akkadian word, which means 'to go, outside ,' or 'to ascend ', referring to the direction of the sun at sunrise in the
  19. All beings" includes the individual, love and compassion in Buddhism are, outside ,the opposition between self and other. It is even said that the very
  20. Work at visible wavelengths, but a small minority experiment with wavelengths, outside ,the visible spectrum. An early pioneer of radio astronomy was Wrote Refer, an
  21. Saying is that we participate in the reality of an otherwise unachievable world, outside ,the mind through will. We cannot prove that our mental picture of an outside
  22. The term," Ideas on Liberty," May 1955. Its use as a synonym is still common, outside ,the United States. Accordingly," libertarian socialism" is sometimes used as
  23. Is only their appearance, with androids being made to look like humans on the, outside ,but with robot-like internal mechanics. In other stories, authors have used the
  24. Edmonton LRT, which is underground in the downtown core and on the surface, outside ,of it, was the first of the modern generation of light rail systems to be built
  25. Representing 30-40 million pastoralists. Landless systems rely upon feed from, outside ,the farm, representing the declining of crop and livestock production found
  26. Efforts to diversify the economy by attracting foreign and domestic investment, outside ,the energy sector have had little success in reducing high unemployment and
  27. Was his belief that Platonic universals did not have a separate existence, outside ,of man's consciousness. Abelard also systematized the analysis of
  28. Of the Chesapeake, cutting off Cornwallis' escape. When Washington arrived, outside ,Yorktown, the combined Franco-American force of 18,900 men began besieging
  29. Point. Uniforms and ranking Aikido practitioners (commonly called aikido, outside ,of Japan) generally progress by promotion through a series of" grades" ( KYU
  30. With extensions for characters outside the English alphabet and symbols used, outside ,the United States, such as the symbol for the United Kingdom's pound sterling
  31. Is one of the few food items that is often cheaper within the state than, outside ,it. Many Alaskans take advantage of salmon seasons to harvest portions of their
  32. Investment programs. Most if not all the principal is invested conservatively, outside ,Alaska. This has led to frequent calls by Alaskan politicians for the Fund to
  33. Commander-in-chief. In July 1775,newly appointed General Washington arrived, outside ,Boston to take charge of the colonial forces and to organize the Continental
  34. Argument by an attorney, admitting or excluding evidence improperly, acting, outside , the court's jurisdiction, injecting bias into the proceeding or appearing to
  35. Subgroup of Nostratic, with Afroasiatic, Dravidian,and Cartesian in Nostratic, outside ,of Eurasiatic. An even larger Korean group would contain Nostratic as well as
  36. And the most affected by the war, appeared in great numbers in urban areas, outside ,their areas, especially in Luanda and surroundings. At the same time, a
  37. Outside the mind through will. We cannot prove that our mental picture of an, outside ,world corresponds with a reality by reasoning; through will, we know – without
  38. That are identical or nearly identical to ASCII, with extensions for characters, outside ,the English alphabet and symbols used outside the United States, such as the
  39. Fit The term" wiki" does not readily appear in the Japanese language, outside ,the scope of Bud. This has led to many possible interpretations of the word.
  40. Wounded, and over 400 Americans taken prisoner. The remaining Americans held on, outside ,Quebec City until the spring of 1776,suffering from poor camp conditions and
  41. Separate railway systems totaling 2,761 km (1,715 mi) Travel on highways, outside ,of towns and cities in Angola (and in some cases within) is often not best
  42. II, when a wave of Anglo-American anthropologists introduced a science" of the, outside ,". In Italy, the development of ethnology and related studies did not receive
  43. Customary obligation of a son to give his father all earnings from work done, outside ,the home until age 21. In later years, Lincoln occasionally loaned his father
  44. To leave his doorway. Her companion testified that she saw Marque prostrate, outside ,his apartment. Because Marque won the lawsuit, he made payments to her for the
  45. The greatest and most developed Portuguese cities in the vast Portuguese Empire, outside ,Mainland Portugal, full of trading companies, exporting (together with
  46. So Lee's army shrank with every battle, forcing it back to trench, outside ,Petersburg, Virginia,where Grant began a siege. Lincoln then made an extended
  47. Infuriated by this interruption and destroyed most of the film. Film career, outside ,the Soviet Union During the summer of 1979,Tchaikovsky traveled to Italy, where
  48. Nearly all were members of the clergy. This was simply because few people, outside ,the parochial schools had the education to examine the Arabic-derived works.
  49. To have made Tchaikovsky play with the idea of going abroad and producing a film, outside ,the Soviet film industry. During 1975,Tchaikovsky also worked on the screenplay
  50. As they hit the thin outer atmosphere they noticed it was becoming hazy, outside ,as glowing plasma formed around the spacecraft. The spacecraft started slowing

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