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  1. A basis for criticism. At the simplest level, a way to determine whether the, impact ,of the object on the senses meets the criteria to be considered art is whether
  2. Structural possibilities. In Britain, anthropology had a great intellectual, impact , it" contributed to the erosion of Christianity, the growth of cultural
  3. Sword remains popular with the American public, Mead and Benedict never had the, impact ,on the discipline of anthropology that some expected. Boas had planned for Ruth
  4. Deliberately refuses to print more newspaper copies in order to minimize the, impact ,of unfavorable press coverage of the government) # Civil aviation, held by
  5. A paid clerk. Since the 1960s,people have been trying to make sense out of the, impact ,of new technologies and social change. Löffler’s writings have been influential
  6. These invasions, but Egypt eventually lost control of Syria and Palestine. The, impact ,of external threats was exacerbated by internal problems such as corruption
  7. Of the century. Australia's record between 1989 and 2005 had a significant, impact ,on the statistics between the two sides. Before the 1989 series began, the
  8. Scandinavia and even Iceland, India,Southeast Asia and North America. The, impact ,of these attacks was devastating – France, England,and Spain each lost
  9. And ethologists. While ideas about altruism from one field can have an, impact ,on the other fields, the different methods and focuses of these fields lead to
  10. Of Aubergine, Bishop of Paris and Albert us Magnus, while his metaphysics had an, impact ,on the thought of Thomas Aquinas. Metaphysical doctrine Early Islamic
  11. Having difficulty regulating the quarto four-wheel drive system, and the, impact ,it had on the competitors, would eventually ban all four-wheel drive cars from
  12. 400 cities in the country suffer water shortages, which have had a significant, impact ,on GDP. Asia's resource problems are exacerbated by inadequate infrastructure.
  13. Desertification, terracing,landfill, and urban sprawl. Researchers study the, impact ,of these changes on food production. The most productive portion of arable land
  14. Based on the film’s popularity over time, historical significance and cultural, impact , Citizen Kane was voted the greatest American film twice. AFI Film Festivals
  15. As the oldest and largest human intervention in nature, the environmental, impact ,of agriculture in general and more recently intensive agriculture, industrial
  16. Anarchism being primarily a literary phenomenon which nevertheless did have an, impact ,on the bigger currents and individualists also participated in large anarchist
  17. When in captivity. Interaction with humans Agriculture may create a negative, impact ,on their population due to use of poisons by farmers. They
  18. Whites than blacks had been disfranchised: 600,000 to 520,000,although the, impact ,was greater on the African-American community, as almost all of its citizens
  19. Subject, in his Passages from the Life of a Philosopher (1864). The level of, impact ,of Lovelace on Babbage's engines is difficult to resolve from Babbage's
  20. Used for pumps. *The ANSI for eye protection is Z87.1,which gives a specific, impact ,resistance rating to the eyewear. This standard is commonly used for shop
  21. Bridge east of the Rockies, located just south of Vacaville. A -wide meteorite, impact ,crater is located in Elmore County, just north of Montgomery. This is the
  22. To sustainably produce higher-quality products with a reduced environmental, impact , Intensive scientific research and robust investment in modern agriculture
  23. Editor of Fortune magazine, his early work focused on technology and its, impact ,(through effects like information overload). Then he moved to examining the
  24. Andes produce principally tin although historically silver mining had a huge, impact ,on the economy of 17th century Europe. There is a long history of mining in the
  25. As a traveling salesman. Worried about how the itinerant life might negatively, impact ,his soul, he turned to teaching. His innovative methods, however,were
  26. In which commercial and regulatory interests are co-mingled limit the, impact ,of these reforms. The government has largely completed privatization of
  27. During 1960–1978,several airlines ceased to operate in Albania due to the, impact ,of the politics, resulting in a decrease of influx of flights and passengers.
  28. In 1841. Grey slashed public expenditure against heavy opposition, although its, impact ,was negligible at this point: silver was discovered in Glen Ormond that year
  29. Dutch Republic. This transformation in the armies of Europe had great social, impact , The defense of the state now rested on the commoners, not on the aristocrats.
  30. First Asian Nobel laureate. He won his Nobel Prize in Literature for notable, impact ,his prose works and poetic thought had on English, French,and other national
  31. Communities, and hermetic philosophers. The subject has also made an ongoing, impact ,on literature and the arts. Despite the modern split, numerous sources stress
  32. Of the Titan," Atlas" Science Astronomy * Atlas (crater),a prominent, impact ,crater on the Moon * Atlas (star),a triple star system in the Pleiades
  33. Between two other points, and as a threat to life on Earth by potential, impact , Generally, to allocate in law means" to speak out formally. " In the field of
  34. Argued that the costs of the ADA would be“ enormous” and have“ a disastrous, impact ,on many small businesses struggling to survive ”. The National Federation of
  35. Published evidence and established the site as an internationally recognized, impact ,crater. Public lands Alabama includes several types of
  36. Who abuses his power solely for the purpose of self-indulgence. " Worldwide, impact ,Reputation among filmmakers Many celebrated directors have been influenced by
  37. Years, researchers have shown that exposure to sign language has a positive, impact ,on the socialization of hearing children. When infants are taught to sign
  38. For Australia and fast bowlers Glenn McGrath and Jason Gillespie made a serious, impact , especially the former. The wicketkeeper-batsman position was held by Ian Healy
  39. Created the scientific foundation for plant breeding that led to its explosive, impact ,over the past 150 years. With the rapid rise of mechanization in the late 19th
  40. Nevertheless, the Confederation Congress did take two actions with long lasting, impact , The Land Ordinance of 1785 and Northwest Ordinance created territorial
  41. The availability, affordability and dangers of illegal abortions. The emotional, impact ,of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy alone is the focus of Things You Can Tell
  42. Of pesticides, and the 2004 review relied on a 1992 estimate of the total, impact ,of pesticides. In 2010,the International Resource Panel of the United Nations
  43. With surface features that are unlikely to be due to simple craters and, impact ,basins, but details will not be known until Dawn arrives in 2015.
  44. Published evidence and established the site as an internationally recognized, impact ,crater. The average annual temperature is 64 °F (18 °C). Temperatures tend to
  45. Of bladder cancer alone. This represents a clear underestimate of the overall, impact , since it does not include lung or skin cancer, and explicitly underestimates
  46. Theory of the business cycle. Krugman also points out that recessions, impact ,productive workers as well, and notes that spending declines in almost all
  47. Outside France The Annals school systematically reached out to create an, impact ,on other countries. Its success varied widely. The Annals approach was
  48. The slogan Think Different in advertising campaigns. The slogan had a lasting, impact ,on their image and revived their popularity with the media and customers.
  49. Influence on anti-colonialism movements in France and helped re-evaluate the, impact ,of colonialism. Russia During the 1930s,he briefly became a communist, or more
  50. Were successfully defeated due to large food company pressure. Environmental, impact ,Agriculture imposes external costs upon society through pesticides, nutrient

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