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  1. There have also been found very old Nepohualtzintzin attributed to the Olmec, culture , and even some bracelets of Mayan origin, as well as a diversity of forms and
  2. Of human material culture , including both artifacts (older pieces of human, culture ,) carefully gathered in situ, museum pieces and modern garbage. Archaeologists
  3. Which may refer to clearing of land for cultivation The agrarian Mississippian, culture ,covered most of the state from AD 1000 to 1600,with one of its major centers
  4. Times - in Luanda since its foundation in the With century. In this urban, culture , the Portuguese heritage has become more and more dominant. An African
  5. Including some former FBI students and Branden himself, have described the, culture ,of FBI as one of intellectual conformity and excessive reverence for Rand, with
  6. To popular belief, the SECT appears to have no direct links to Mesoamerican, culture , but developed independently. The Ceremonial Complex represents a major
  7. Area, with many literature and philosophy departments dismissing her as a pop, culture ,phenomenon rather than a subject for serious study. Academics with an interest
  8. Roman Catholic Christianity). Of course, the " substrate" of Angolan, culture ,is African, mostly Bantu, while Portuguese culture has been imported. The
  9. A Thousand Faces. Campbell proposed that the heroic mythological stories from, culture ,to culture followed a similar underlying pattern, starting with the" call to
  10. In modern life, and the replacement of, all of which are central to modern, culture , " Later in the 1960s and 1970s,Edmund Leach and his students Mary Douglas and
  11. In good anthropology, of one culture being better or worse than another, culture , Ethical commitments in anthropology include noticing and documenting genocide
  12. And that" jibes at Rand as cold and inhuman, run through the popular, culture , " Two movies have been made about Rand's life. A 1997 documentary film, Ayn
  13. Herder and later Wilhelm Filthy, whose work formed the basis for the ", culture ,concept," which is central to the discipline. Institutionally, anthropology
  14. Bronze Age, which are further subdivided according to artifact traditions and, culture ,region, such as the Moldovan or the Gravitation. In this way, archaeologists
  15. USS Austin (1839),a sloop-of-war (originally in the Texas Navy) Pop, culture ,*Austin, a kangaroo Beanie Baby produced by Ty, Inc.
  16. Space, the social uses of language, and the relationship between language and, culture , It is the branch of anthropology that brings linguistic methods to bear on
  17. Descended; ethnolinguistics, the study of the relationship between language and, culture , and sociolinguistics, the study of the social functions of language.
  18. Academia. In the 1990s and 2000s,calls for clarification of what constitutes a, culture , of how an observer knows where his or her own culture ends and another begins
  19. Policy; economic, social and political pressures; and the philosophy and, culture ,of the farmer. Shifting cultivation (or slash and burn) is a system in which
  20. The Egyptians and Hindus whom he saw as equal): The highest civilization and, culture , apart from the ancient Hindus and Egyptians, are found exclusively among the
  21. The cities, where slightly more than half of the population now lives, a mixed, culture ,has been emerging since colonial times - in Luanda since its foundation in the
  22. Law and conflict resolution, patterns of consumption and exchange, material, culture , technology, infrastructure,gender relations, ethnicity,childbearing and
  23. The Mongols. His report was unusual in its detailed depiction of a non-European, culture ,Marco Polo's systematic observations of nature, anthropology,and geography
  24. Police. Tolstoy established a conceptual difference between education and, culture , Summer hill is often cited as an example of anarchism in practice. However
  25. Though born in Tunis, wrote the Muqaddima while staying in Algeria. Algerian, culture ,has been strongly influenced by Islam, the main religion. The works of the
  26. Formulated one of the early and influential anthropological conceptions of, culture ,as" that complex whole, which includes knowledge, belief,art, morals,law
  27. Currents made canoe travel to other Caribbean islands difficult, thus Aquatic, culture ,remained closer to that of mainland South America. Europeans first learned of
  28. Of the Iroquois. His comparative analyses of religion, government,material, culture , and especially kinship patterns proved to be influential contributions to the
  29. Of what constitutes a culture , of how an observer knows where his or her own, culture ,ends and another begins, and other crucial topics in writing anthropology were
  30. Clifford Hertz, and Marshall Sailing developed a more fleshed-out concept of, culture ,as a web of meaning or signification, which proved very popular within and
  31. And was also responsible for showcasing and preserving aspects of Inuit, culture ,on film. The 1983 Disney movie Never Cry Wolf was at least partially shot in
  32. S norms for behaviors like eye contact may be inappropriate for a different, culture , Although genetic screening for autism is generally still impractical, it can
  33. Newspapers. Culture The official and historic language is Catalan. Thus, the, culture ,is Catalan, with its own specificity. Andorra is home to folk dances like the
  34. And about four-fifths notice by age 24 months. Screening tools designed for one, culture ,'s norms for behaviors like eye contact may be inappropriate for a different
  35. And that could be observed empirically. In some ways, studying the language, culture , physiology, and artifacts of European colonies was not unlike studying the
  36. The evolutionary past of Homo sapiens influenced its social organization and, culture , " And so forth. In the United States, contemporary anthropology is typically
  37. It is possible to view all human culture s as part of one large, evolving global, culture , These dynamic relationships, between what can be observed on the ground, as
  38. French, though it has no official status, is still widely used in government, culture , media (newspapers) and education (taught from primary school),due to
  39. On differentiating among local ethnolinguistic groups, documenting local folk, culture , and representing the prehistory of what has become a nation through various
  40. Sources mention the use of an abacus called a nepohualtzintzin in ancient Mayan, culture , This Mesoamerican abacus used a 5-digit base-20 system. The word
  41. To be deeply influenced by the Asian tradition, especially its emphasis on, culture , Boas used his positions at Columbia University and the American Museum of
  42. Faces. Campbell proposed that the heroic mythological stories from culture to, culture ,followed a similar underlying pattern, starting with the" call to adventure "
  43. Yield-sensing technologies, simulation models of crop growth, in-vitro cell, culture ,techniques) * Transformation of primary products into end-consumer products (
  44. Study in linguistic anthropology). Archaeology is the study of human material, culture , including both artifacts (older pieces of human culture ) carefully gathered
  45. Himself with describing and mapping the distribution of particular elements of, culture , rather than with the larger function, and generally seemed to assume a
  46. Blocs; other organizational tactics pioneered in this time include security, culture , affinity groups and the use of decentralized technologies such as the internet
  47. To each other. There should be no notions, in good anthropology, of one, culture ,being better or worse than another culture . Ethical commitments in anthropology
  48. The" substrate" of Angolan culture is African, mostly Bantu, while Portuguese, culture ,has been imported. The diverse ethnic communities - the Ovimbundu, Ambundu
  49. By how much or how little" civilization" they had. He believed that each, culture ,has to be studied in its particularity, and argued that cross-cultural
  50. This is the notion that particular culture s should not be judged by one, culture ,'s values or viewpoints, but that all culture s should be viewed as relative to

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