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  1. Room (there were two identical control rooms in Houston on the second and, third ,floor, only one of which was used during a mission). The conference
  2. The two main" walking" themes in the" Allegretto grains" and develops a, third ,theme in the" Suit con trio ". The style of this A section is written in the
  3. Communities, mainly by the resultant tsunamis and landslides. It was the, third ,most powerful earthquake in the recorded history of the world, with a moment
  4. Hydroelectric potential, and rich agricultural land, Angola remains poor, and a, third ,of the population relies on subsistence agriculture. Since 2002,when the
  5. Vocal patterns that are not synchronized with the caregiver. In the second and, third ,years, autistic children have less frequent and less diverse babbling
  6. Whitish programs of internal improvements and the protective tariff. On the, third ,ballot Pennsylvania put him over the top. Pennsylvania iron interests were
  7. S northwest has a surface which can vary between and 530 km2,out of which one, third ,belongs to Albania and rest to Montenegro. The Albanian shoreline of the lake
  8. Retired from professional tennis on September 3,2006,after losing in the, third ,round of the US Open. He is the founder of the Andre Agassi Charitable
  9. Described it as a 'meat parade ', saying 'I don't want any part of it. " The, third ,winner, Marlon Brando, refused his award (Best Actor in 1972 for The Godfather
  10. Walt Disney rejected it on the grounds that" he could only understand every, third ,word ". Huxley's leisurely development of ideas, it seemed, was not suitable
  11. The third verse first, after which he sings the usual first verse. In the, third ,verse (see above),the author scolds the materialistic and self-serving
  12. For the rapid eclipse of the Peripatetic school after the middle of the, third ,century, and for the absence of widespread knowledge of the specialized
  13. Court season, playing a tune-up and then Wimbledon. He was defeated in the, third ,round by World No. 2 (and eventual runner-up) Rafael Nadal 7–6 (5),6–2
  14. Also made him the first (of only three, the second being Roger Federer and the, third ,being Rafael Nadal) male player in history to have won all four Grand Slam
  15. Invested USD $4 billion in Angola's petroleum sector. Diamonds Angola is the, third ,the largest producer of diamonds in Africa and has only explored 40 % of the
  16. To parties, may affect the quality of life more deeply. Communication About a, third ,to a half of individuals with autism do not develop enough natural speech to
  17. Lincoln's friends promised and manipulated and won the nomination on the, third ,ballot, beating candidates such as William H. Seward and Salmon P. Chase. A
  18. Appearance at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The country's entry gained the, third ,place in 2009 and fifth the following year. Ell and Nikki won the first place
  19. Days of Greek philosophy to address the subject of male homosexuality. In the, third , expanded edition of The World as Will and Representation (1856)
  20. Meant severe limitations on its distribution, allowing it to be shown only in, third ,class cinemas and workers' clubs. Few prints were made and the filmmakers
  21. To them, but with the semicircle at the top of the intersection; the, third , sixth and ninth of these lines are marked with a cross where they intersect
  22. And birds for the pet trade are some ornamental products. In 2007,one, third ,of the world's workers were employed in agriculture. The services sector has
  23. Between the regions. This is best illustrated by the fact that about one, third ,of the economic activities is concentrated in Luanda and the neighboring Bingo
  24. Form two of her greatest influences and counter-influences, respectively. A, third ,figure whose philosophical works she studied heavily was Friedrich Nietzsche.
  25. Both Edmonton and Calgary have historic Chinatowns, and Calgary has Canada's, third ,the largest Chinese community. The Chinese presence began with workers employed in
  26. As having two Macedonian princes from the region of Lancets killed, while a, third , Alexander Lancaster, was spared. Olympias had Cleopatra Eurydice and her
  27. And Beja to Chadic-Berber-Egyptian and tentatively proposed Angola as a new, third ,branch of Eritrean. He thus divided Afroasiatic into two major branches
  28. S corruption perceptions index 2010 results, Afghanistan was ranked as the, third ,most-corrupt country in the world. A number of government ministries are
  29. Between the British and Russian empires. On August 19, 1919,following the, third ,Anglo-Afghan war and the signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi, the nation
  30. Early life Aldous Huxley was born in Gaming, Surrey,UK, in 1894. He was the, third ,son of the writer and schoolmaster Leonard Huxley and his first wife, Julia
  31. Oscillation during its first stage, two second stage engine failures, and a, third ,stage that failed to reignite in orbit. Without assurances that these problems
  32. Calgary, Airdrie,Can more, and Ban ff having Scottish origins. Alberta is the, third ,most diverse province in terms of visible minorities after British Columbia and
  33. Last Super Bowl played before the September 11 terrorist attacks. He places the, third ,verse first, after which he sings the usual first verse. In the third verse (
  34. Collectivist forms of anarchism. Proudhon first characterized his goal as a ", third ,form of society, the synthesis of communism and property. " Individualist
  35. Had 20,000 men, with two- third s enlisted in the Continental Army and the other, third ,in the various state militias. At the end of the American Revolution in 1783
  36. Lost those sets,3–6,3-6,declined the 10K wager, and offered to play the, third ,for $500,which he also lost. At age 13,Andre was sent to Nick Bollettieri's
  37. Alaskan Independence Party labeled as one of" the most significant state-level, third ,parties operating in the 20th century ". Six Republicans and four Democrats
  38. Surface. Launched only three days before the Apollo 11 mission, this was the, third ,Soviet attempt to return lunar soil back to Earth. The Russian craft crashed on
  39. Induced Approximately 205 million pregnancies occur each year worldwide. Over a, third ,are unintended and about a fifth end in induced abortion. Most abortions result
  40. Species, approximately 30 % of the entire flora species found in Europe. Over a, third ,of the territory of Albania – about 10,000 square kilometers (2.5 million
  41. Sleeve, and Aldrin tossed the bag down; Armstrong then jumped to the ladder's, third ,rung and climbed into the LM. After transferring to LM life support, the
  42. And its perceived elitist nature. Russian authorities placed the film in the ", third ,category" which meant severe limitations on its distribution, allowing it to
  43. That he was suffering from space adaptation syndrome, which affects about a, third ,of astronauts during their first day in space as their vestibular system adapts
  44. Island, Florida on July 16,Apollo 11 was the fifth manned mission, and the, third ,lunar mission, of NASA's Apollo program. The crew consisted of Armstrong as
  45. Facilities reach full production capacity, Alabama is expected to become the, third ,the largest steel producing state in the country behind Indiana and Pennsylvania.
  46. The use of bitumen for waterproofing and as an adhesive dates at least to the, third ,millennium BCE in the early Indus community of Merger where it was used to
  47. The high casualty figures of the Union alarmed the North; Grant had lost a, third ,of his army, and Lincoln asked what Grant's plans were, to which the general
  48. According to the definition by IUPAC, the former two are alkanes, whereas the, third ,group is called cycloalkanes. Saturated hydrocarbons can also combine any of
  49. Can be equal so their subtraction yields 0). Euclid's original proof adds a, third ,: the two lengths are not prime to one another. Euclid stipulated this so that
  50. And a new Federal income tax. In 1861,Lincoln signed the second and, third ,Morrill Tariff, the first having become law under James Buchanan. In 1861

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