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  1. Of this graphic cluster appearing after the letter s, as though it were a, single ,letter—a lexicographical policy which would be de rigueur in a dictionary of
  2. Differences such as the lack of membrane-bound organelles, the presence of a, single ,circular chromosome, the presence of peptidoglycan in the cell walls, and
  3. From two-year associate degrees to 16 doctoral level programs. The largest, single ,campus is the University of Alabama, located in Tuscaloosa, with 31,747
  4. Minimum. Russian abacus The Russian abacus, the school (счёты),usually has a, single ,slanted deck, with ten beads on each wire (except one wire which has four
  5. Collaboration. Tchaikovsky would spend two days preparing for Yukon to film a, single ,long take, and due to the preparation, usually only a single take was needed.
  6. Which are called uniliterals, to represent syllables that begin with a, single ,consonant of their language, plus a vowel (or no vowel) to be supplied by the
  7. As a diatomic gas consisting of two atoms per molecule. The removal of the, single ,electron of hydrogen requires considerably more energy than removal of the
  8. Xi − X)2 of the residuals. (It follows that the mean is also the best, single ,predictor in the sense of having the lowest root mean squared error. ) *For a
  9. Accidental (such as what" delete" means). Probably the most influential, single ,device on the interpretation of these characters was the Teletype Model 33 ASR
  10. Aristotle: a concentrated action, happening in one place, within the span of a, single ,day. Several of Tarkovsky's films have color or black and white sequences
  11. A semicircle at the intersection of the bottom-most horizontal line and the, single ,vertical line. Below these lines is a wide space with a horizontal crack
  12. Upright, carry whips, and wear clothes. The Seven Commandments are reduced to a, single ,phrase:" All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. "
  13. Is limited in focus, interest,or activity, such as preoccupation with a, single ,television program, toy,or game. *Self-injury includes movements that injure
  14. Society, traditions,and ideological systems. Individualist anarchism is not a, single ,philosophy but refers to a group of individualistic philosophies that sometimes
  15. But accented vowels such as á and é are not. The ll and ch were also considered, single ,letters, but in 1994 the Real Academia Español changed collating order so that
  16. Science with academic departments at most universities and colleges. The, single ,the largest organization of Anthropologists is the American Anthropological
  17. Branch of philosophy and considered the advocacy of reason to be the, single ,most significant aspect of her philosophy, stating," I am not primarily an
  18. Of the resulting free radicals. The fragment resulting from the loss of a, single ,methyl group (M−15) is often absent, and other fragment are often spaced by
  19. Ll-, rr-, th-, xh- and ZH- (all representing phonemes and considered separate, single ,letters) would follow the letters d, e,g, l,n, r,t, x and z respectively.
  20. Per capita. Alabama's 2008 GDP increased 0.7 % from the previous year. The, single ,the largest increase came in the area of information. In 1999,per capita income
  21. BC in Problematic. Aristotle's apparatus contained a dark chamber that had a, single ,small hole, or aperture, to allow for sunlight to enter. Aristotle used the
  22. In partnership with Citation Technologies, AAMI, ASTM,and DIN, created a, single , centralized database for medical device standards on September 9,2009. *In
  23. One,-one, for the hydrocarbons. The first three name hydrocarbons with, single , double and triple bonds;" -one" represents a ketone;" -of" represents an
  24. Organizer Bill Mechanic, was to ensure the elimination of what he termed" the, single ,most hated thing on the show" – overly long and embarrassing displays of
  25. It would be impossible to represent the language in all its variations with a, single ,phonetic alphabet. Some national languages like Finnish, Turkish and Bulgarian
  26. Sand Pebbles For 1967 the two awards in this category were recombined into a, single ,award. * 1967 John Prescott, Edward Carrier, John W. Brown - Camelot ** Mario
  27. Had 54,359,and mainline Protestants had 37,156. After Catholicism, the largest, single ,denominations are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with 30,169
  28. M. Comer, Ray Mayer - The Ten Commandments For 1957 films this award became a, single ,award. ** Hal Pereira, George Davis, Samuel M. Comer, Ray Mayer - Funny Face **
  29. 6 and 7 caused the characters to differ in bit pattern from the upper case by a, single ,bit, which simplified case-insensitive character matching and the construction
  30. May represent a given phoneme with a combination of letters rather than just a, single ,letter. Two-letter combinations are called digraphs and three-letter groups are
  31. Of a language varies greatly from one language to another and even within a, single ,language. Languages may fail to achieve a one-to-one correspondence between
  32. 0° and 360°. This is a consequence of the free rotation about a carbon – carbon, single ,bond. Despite this apparent freedom, only two limiting conformations are
  33. Almost 25 % off the figure for the atomic number in gold (Z 79,A 197),the, single ,element from which Rutherford made his guess). Nevertheless, in spite of
  34. But most of them still need water to lay their eggs. Symbiosis with, single ,celled algae that lives in the jelly-like layer of the eggs has evolved several
  35. Salient. Furthermore, Salientia includes all three recent orders plus a, single ,Triassic proto-frog, Triadobatrachus. Class Amphibian *** Family
  36. Figures hold the center. In the pediment of the temple of Zeus in Olympia,the, single ,figure of Apollo is dominating the scene. These representations rely on
  37. Isomer of an alkane is the one in which the carbon atoms are arranged in a, single ,chain with no branches. This isomer is sometimes called the n-isomer (n for "
  38. Then. Bond lengths and bond angles An alkane molecule has only C – H and C – C, single ,bonds. The former result from the overlap of a SP³-orbital of carbon with the
  39. Until 31 December 1999,when both currencies were replaced by the EU's, single ,currency, the euro. Coins and notes of both the franc and the peseta remained
  40. Cultures. They provided a wealth of details used to attack the theory of a, single ,evolutionary process. Kroemer and Sapir's focus on Native American languages
  41. Proponents of unilateralism, who argued that all societies passed through a, single ,evolutionary process, from the most primitive to the most advanced, and various
  42. Not really develop much further until the advent of cinematography. There is no, single ,person who can be considered the" creator" of film animation, as there were
  43. Distress, and to increase quality of life and functional independence. No, single ,treatment is best and treatment is typically tailored to the child's needs.
  44. That consist only of hydrogen and carbon atoms and are bonded exclusively by, single ,bonds (i.e., they are saturated compounds) without any cycles (or loops; i.
  45. Yukon to film a single long take, and due to the preparation, usually only a, single ,take was needed. Sven Nyquist In his last film, The Sacrifice, Tarkovsky worked
  46. Atomic time scales consisted of quartz clocks with frequencies calibrated by a, single ,atomic clock; the atomic clocks were not operated continuously. The" Greenwich
  47. Optical character recognition (OCR) software, and speech software in a, single ,machine. These function together without a separate PC. * Refreshable Braille
  48. Which the residuals defined this way sum to zero. *If it is required to use a, single ,number X as an estimate for the value of numbers x_1,\lots, x_n, then the
  49. By having poor people sell (to rich people) their right to bear a, single ,child per family. In Tanzania, a popular writer, columnist and satirist M. M.
  50. Mean are balanced by the numbers to the right of the mean. The mean is the only, single ,number for which the residuals defined this way sum to zero. *If it is required

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